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Farewell HNZ
Topic Started: Jul 10 2018, 03:59 AM (141 Views)
Nadia Kaster
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Daily Prophet Journalist | Moonchild

[justify]Hey guys,

I almost wish this isn't what I was posting and I wish that the title was a joke, but I'm afraid it's not.

Hnz has been some of the best years of my life. It's been nearly ten years for me. A long and strange ten years that changed my life. I've loved every second of getting to know all of you. The good times and the bad times have taught me many things about friendship and love, about life in general and who not to go to for cooking advice. I got to see so many of you grow up and change, live your lives and express yourselves in a way we all love. This amazing community has been there for me when I've needed it and helped me to make the right decisions in some pretty trying times. Many of you know secrets about me, things I've never revealed to others. And I've never been afraid to tell you these things because you mean so much to me and your friendships will remain with me always.

Each and every one of you holds a very special piece of my heart and I hope you will treat it well. There are many things that I regret in my life and there will be many more to come, but I can honestly say that this decision breaks my heart and I will regret it for ever. Unfortunately there comes a time when everyone will move in eventually and for me, that time is now. I've struggled with myself for months about this decision and I've looked for ways to make this a different conversation, but it's only made it clear that I have no other choice. HNZ simply has no place in my life right now and I think it's better to leave now then to hold on to the grains of sand until they run out.

I will miss everyone. There are people I've met here that will forever remain an anecdote of my life (that time I had a mini meet up at my house) or the time I asked someone for advice on dating or even that time someone talked me through a particularly traumatic experience. I will always be thankful to everyone for those times, for the love, for the fun, for the family. Truly, you have been like family to me and it's hard to say goodbye to family, but I'm going to try.

When I first joined HNZ I was a 15 year old nobody. I knew nothing and no one. I joined because Zach and Melissa nagged me and I never thought I was going to enjoy it. The very thought of others having a say in my role plays was crazy and the whole concept itself was crazy. Fast forward ten years and I honestly couldn't imagine having it any other way. To me, HNZ is such a wonderful, beautiful experience and I am a better person for it. I love and will miss all the unique and diverse cultures on HNZ, all the characters, the friends, the site itself, the people. I'll miss all of it and I will remember you all forever. I wish I could accurately describe what HNZ means to me, but there just aren't enough words in my language to do so.

My life has become increasingly more complicated as the years have progressed and though HNZ used to be able to pull me out of it for a while, I have to face reality, I have to stop hiding and prepare myself for my future. I can't be that fifteen year old girl with no commitments anymore. I have a life, family outside these walls that need me. I admire all of you who have found a way to balance your lives with this amazing place, and I wish I could too, but I just don't have time for HNZ anymore. This chapter of my life is coming to a close and it takes a piece of my heart and soul with it.

If I may, I would like to leave these parting words behind; the world seems like such a big and scary place, but sometimes it only takes a small community to realise that the world is smaller than you think and not as scary as it seems.

Thank you so much HNZ for teaching me how to be an adult. Thank you for teaching me that it's okay to leave and that's it's okay to hurt. I will continue to love you from afar and I look forward to hearing of the many adventures you will continue on without me.

You take my love with you.

I will love and miss you all.

Treat each other with compassion and love. Be a family. Be a community. Be HNZ and for the love of all that is HNZ, be an amazing influence on each other.

Should anyone wish to contact me, I can be reached on social media.

Good bye.

Good luck.

Good fortune.

Teigan out.

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Charlotte Owens
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former slytherin | class of 2046 | holyhead harpies chaser | dan ♡

Teigan :( :console:

I'm not really sure where to start, but I just want you to know that I am so proud of you for making this decision and for finding the courage to leave this chapter of your life behind. Real life always comes first, and I'm sorry that it has become so hectic that you have to leave. You were one of my closest friends on the site when I first joined and you've helped me through so much simply by sticking by me, and I really want to thank you for that.

Whatever you end up doing with your life, I want to wish you the best because you really deserve it. I will miss talking to you and roleplaying with you, and I'll forever cherish those moments, especially when you and Tenile took me to see Fantastic Beasts at the movies! The both of you are such kind-hearted individuals and I really hope life treats you well.

Good luck in the future Teigan, I will miss you :hugs:
-Kaye :wub:
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*Professor Monty Pendleton
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Inventor Potions Professor 1-4 Adoptive Father Deputy Head

Teigan :cry:

This is obviously incredibly sad. You and Tenile and KR were my first real friends and RP buddies on here, and without you I would never have stayed as long as I have. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you over the years and you can be darned sure I'll still come and chat to you on social media!!! Like Kaye said, you should be proud of yourself for being able to make the right decision for yourself, even if it hurts a bit (or a lot). I know that wherever you go and whatever you do, you will do amazing things, because you are a beautiful and selfless and intelligent and all-around lovely person. I wish only the very best for you!!!!

Thank you so much for making me feel included here when I had no friends, for making me smile, for stunning me with your amazing writing and characters, for being an inspiration and for being my friend. I know you will be crazy missed by everybody, and if ever you decide to pop back in it'll be amazing to see you. If not, that's OK too. I will come pester you ^_^

You turned me mushy with your goodbye message, oops. D: Seriously, though, good luck with everything and go slay!! You're amazing!! I love you!

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