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Can't Concentrate; *Closed*
Topic Started: Jul 6 2018, 02:08 PM (62 Views)
Cole Dragonov
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[justify]It was odd to think that Cordelia and Elia were in different houses. It was easy to tell them apart since Elia was the only blonde that their parents had. Elia was in Slytherin, like him. Cordelia found her way into Gryffindor, which he thought it was cause of their father. It was horrible that they were divorced but that happened. It was common for couples that married early. Well, they were about to be divorced, had some counselling, and seemed like they were going to make up but his dad died too soon. Cole might have been the firstborn, but he saw more of the bad than the good from the marriage. The only good thing that came from his parents were his siblings and himself of course. Still, it was hard for him to comfort his mother while she grieved when his dad died. Cole made his way into the trophy room, wearing his uniform without the robes. The only way anyone could tell that he was a Slytherin was the tie that wrapped around his neck. It was not tied either, it was just handing loosely down his chest. He walked along the wall, his purple eyes that matched his motherís glanced down at the trophies. He wondered if there were any that had his motherís name on them. He doubted it. She might have been a prefect and a captain, she was not the most lovable captain.
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Alexis Sage Kramer
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[justify]Alexis just got back from the owlery where she had sent her reply to her brothers. Achim was staying over for Christmas. This meant that Adam Jr. and Louise would be in the house and she would not get surrounded by her brothers all the time. She was smiling to herself as she was looking forward to the holidays. She was in the hallway when her eyes caught sight of the trophy room. She had never been there, for reasons unknown. Figured it would be nice to get a glimpse of the room and its contents, she made her way there and pushed the door open. Her eyes roamed around its interior, the Ravenclaw amazed when she saw that she was not alone there. "Oh, hello.", she greeted quietly. The boy looked familiar, him being in the same year as her.
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credit to Pheeb!7
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