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Fourth Years, Lesson Three
Topic Started: Jun 2 2018, 02:08 PM (69 Views)
Professor Misha Haden
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[justify]"Morning everyone. Today, we'll be dealing with two charms. The Amplifying Charm and the Quietening Charm," Misha announced as soon as everyone had arrived, like with his other years, he'd ushered them in greeting them each as they walked in, and now he got their attention so he could get started, "They are complete opposites, and is actually quite effective in countering the other. When you use the Amplifying Charm, you can use the Quietening one to even the effects instead of using Finite and vice versa," the professor explained brightly, if they'd done the reading, this would be a cake walk, "Shouting and using the Amplifying Charm doesn't make much of a difference when it comes to stress to the vocal chords really, because as it when it come to shouting, when you use the charm for long periods, your voice will be quite hoarse," Misha explained in a very straight forward tone, an almost reminder to not overuse it, "The Quietening Charm is comparable to that of a whisper that you'd have to strain to hear the one who is under its effects, that doesn't mean I want you lot using this second charm in my class so that I don't hear you," he told them with a vague amount of sternness.

"Okay, I don't need to teach you wand movements since they are fairly simple. Just point it at the target," he said with a shrug, "However, let's see whose done the reading... Incantations?" he said with a small grin before he pointed to a random student who already had their hand up, "The incantation for the Amplifying Charm?" he asked, nodding firmly when the student had gotten the answer right. "Very good. How about for the Quietening Charm? Anyone?" he asked and waited for more people to raise their hands and then he pointed to one student. Justin smiled and agreed that said student was right, "Correct. I assume everybody heard that? But for the sake of those who prefer to listen to their classmate more than me, then I will repeat it," he said with a small chuckle. "Sonorus is for the Amplifying Charm. 'soh-NOHR-us'. And Quietus is for the Quietening Charm. 'KWIY-uh-tus'. Now, I don't want anyone of you getting pronunciations wrong," Misha said with a grin and brought out his own wand.

"Now, I want all of you to partner up and use those charms. Don't worry, the room is soundproof and you're welcome to approach me if you're in lack of a partner or need my help," the professor told them warmly and readied himself for one heck of a noisy lesson. After a while, he had deemed practice enough and dismissed them with a smile after making sure that all of them had their normal voice volumes back, "Remember to do the reading for next week!" he added as they left

Roleplay the lesson and practicing the charm. Be creative.
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Geovanna Volt
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[justify]This week had been tense for anyone that was a fan of Quidditch. After watching her friends battle it out in Ravenclaw and Slytherin, Geo had been pleased to see the blue house had won but multiple casualites had been taken on both sides. At the end of the week she'd be facing Gryffindor herself and she could only hope that she was going to leave the pitch in a better shape than her friends had. As ever things were a little up in the air too with Austin, and she trusted that if a bludger was to head in her direction, that he'd be able to intervene before it got her.

She looked around for Elly before realising she was the first, and taking a seat by herself she waited for her friend to join her. Of course even though she was trying not to get too stressed out reading between her classes, it was hard not to read about Charms as it was her favourite subject. "Sonorus?" she called out as Misha asked them about the first incantation. Of course she'd seen it already and it wasn't too tricky to remember. Pairing up with one of her best friends, she took in it turns to fire both the amplification and quieting incantations, laughing a little as their voices changed dramatically. She wondered when something like this would come in handy, and whether she could use it on herself. Perhaps Misha was right and if they played their cards right they might be able to get away with talking in class, though obviously not this one. With so many students practising the spells in the room it all got a bit chaotic for the Hufflepuff, who was quite glad when this particular lesson came to an end and the volume in the room returned to normal. Packing away her belongings she left the room with the others, the reminder of Quidditch once more on her mind.
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Elizabeth Chatwin
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Last match against Slytherin had been brutal and Elly seemed to be the bludger magnet of the game. Alongside with the Slytherin seeker who also got hit twice. Elly couldn't stay in her injury a lot longer since she had lessons to go to. Getting hurt in Quidditch wasn't an excuse to forget about the lessons you were needed to do. Although Elly didn't want to get delayed with homework and classes she couldn't deny her injuries. That Slytherin beater had some skill and although Elly wasn't much of a wuss it still hurt like hell. Elly walked into the classroom and seated herself next to Geo.

Charms wasn't her favourite class, but is wasn't bad either. The first question about the spells was answered by Geo and Elly hoped she could answer the second one. When the second question was asked Elly rose up her hand and got picked. ''Is it Quietus, Professor?'' Elly asked and she was right. Then the practical part of the lesson was here and she paired up with Geo. It was fun to use the incantations on each other. The volume in the class went up and down and it was even funnier if the incantation was done mid sentence. Elly had a lot of fun and her ribs hurt from the laughing she did. Bludgers weren't nice and that was something she now felt. When the lesson was done Elly left the classroom.
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Perry Wyatt
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The year was halfway through and Perry had it pretty easy so far. He had dropped quiet a few of classes and only took care of the magical creatures as an elective. Which was only given next period and that made his schedule only more empty. Today Perry was happy and he didn't know why. Maybe it was because Halloween was coming up or the badminton game had done with April. Perry had already picked his costume and couldn't wait to join the feast. Each year a lot of lovely food appeared on the table and Perry wasn't one to deny good food. He played enough sports to burn the calories off.

Charms was on his schedule today and Perry was ready. Although he wasn't very good at it, he managed to do okay this year. He entered the classroom and sat down. He didn't even know the answers to the questions so he just let them be. They were answered by the usual bunch and Perry just wrote down what he needed to know. He pronounced the spells so he knew how to say them correctly and then the practical part started. He was ready and partnered up with someone. It was funny to alter volumes and when the spells worked his smile grew bigger and bigger. When he was done with the spells and the class ended Perry left. He was going to play some soccer outside.
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Phoebe Holland
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Phoebe was eager to see what they would be learning today in Charms. It was definitely one of her favorite subjects, only surpassed by potions. In her ideal world, she would be able to take both subjects in both semesters. It seemed logical to the Ravenclaw, the two were clearly the cornerstones of magic. But unfortunately, it wasn't the case. Phoebe found her seat in the classroom, happy to have done the reading on today's spells. She took a few notes on the Professor's lecture, interested to hear the Amplifying Charm caused stress to the vocal chords. When the professor started asking questions about incantations, Phoebe's hand shot into the air. But she wasn't picked for either question, and lowered it in disappointment. Since third year, competition in the classroom had been a lot higher considering how all houses were now together. More often than not, Geo or Elly intercepted questions before she could get to answer them. In this case, both of them. Phoebe partnered up with another person and practiced the spells with them. It was a lot of fun, and her mood had lightened considerably when the lesson was over. It was hard to stay angry about missing the chance to show off knowledge when you were practicing spells, after all. She left the classroom with a smile on her face.
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April Ward
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April had enjoyed watching her stepsister play Quidditch for Ravenclaw, and it made her very excited about her own match. With the old seeker gone, she had no doubt they could beat Gryffindor for sure. She was now the more experienced seeker, and though she was sure Tomas would do well, she knew she could do better. It made her both nervous and excited, but she wasn't all that worried. She was confident the badgers would win this one.

It was hard to focus on classes when her mind was so preoccupied with Quidditch, but at least Charms made her feel a little better. April always enjoyed Charms, and she smiled at Professor Haden before taking her seat. They were learning two spells today, and while April had neglected to do the reading, she was glad they seemed very simple to understand. She listened as Geo and Elly answered the questions, wondering how they knew the pronunciation if they had only read it in the book. Once the lesson moved on to practicing with other people, April paired up with a friend and had fun trying out the two different spells. These would definitely be fun to play around with. She wondered how October would react to her shouting her awake with the Amplifying Charm. Her reaction wouldn't be good, but perhaps it would be worth it.
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Kauri Tipene
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Doing the reading ahead, Kauri had for once found himself dreading Charms class. More and more recently his voice had been making strange squeaking and cracking sounds while he was trying to speak, and though he knew it was normal, it made even normal talking a bit embarrassing. He didn't really want to hear what his awful cracky voice would sound like amplified. He wasn't going to miss the class though, he had felt horrible about the Astronomy lessons he missed last year, and he knew he would feel horrible if he missed this lesson just because his voice was breaking. He took a seat further back than his usual though, hoping that if there was a demonstration he wouldn't be chosen. As the lesson started he listened to Professor Haden, taking notes as he listened to the Professor. The spells sounded like they would be pretty useful at any other time, but right now Kauri just wanted to sink into the floor. He was relieved when Professor Haden had a lot to say about the charms, listening and taking notes quietly,

Unfortunately, the safety of the lecture couldn't last forever, and Kauri's heart sank as they were told to pair up. Partnering with the person next to him, Kauri smiled hopefully. “You can try the quieting one on me first.” He said quickly, letting the other person practice for a while. He practiced both spells on the other person, relieved when he was able to make them both work after a couple of tries. Unfortunately, Kauri wasn't able to sneak out of what he had so desperately hoped to avoid. He didn't really want to talk once the person had cast the amplifying charm on him, but he knew he had to, desperately hoping that his voice would behave itself. “Did it work?” Kauri asked, cringing when his very loud voice cracked horribly mid-sentence. Covering his mouth, it was a relief when the person reversed the spell and class was over. Kauri packed up his things and slipped out quickly, still horribly embarrassed.
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