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Fifth Years: Lesson Two; *Archived*
Topic Started: May 27 2018, 06:05 PM (51 Views)
Professor Kahurangi Josephs
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Ancient Runes 5-7 | Driven | Focused | Refreshed

Ancient Runes,5,2"Kia ora*, everyone." Kahurangi said cheerfully, once her fifth years were all at their desks. "I hope you've all had a good first week back. Today we're going to be looking at a more complex rune spread, so it's going to be another long one." She smiled apologetically before waving her wand, a diagram appearing on the board behind her.

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"This is what the casting called Thor's Cross looks like. This cast uses five stones laid out in the form of a simple cross. When using this cast, place the first stone in the south position, which represents the general influences affecting the situation or question. The second is placed in the west, indicating the obstacles faced. The third rune drawn goes to the north of the cross and signifies favorable influences. The fourth rune is placed in the east part and indicates the likely outcome and finally the fifth rune is placed in the center and indicates the presiding influence over the entire situation and give an indication of the long-term significance of the situation or the nature of the lesson to be learned." Kahurangi paused, waiting for the students to finish their notes. After a few moments, she picked up her rune bag and gave it a good shake.

"What question should we ask today?" Kahurangi looked around, smiling encouragingly when a student raised their hand. "Should I ask someone to the Yule Ball?" The student asked nervously. "Okay," said Kahurangi, "Lets find out." She gave her bag a good shake and began to draw the runes, carefully laying them out in the proper order. "The first rune you see is Gebo, which primarily represents a gift, but is also very symbolic of a romantic relationship. The second or western rune is Isa, the ice rune, which can indicate a freeze in your plans. Having Isa in the west means that delays may be your most pressing obstacle."

"The third or northern rune, you can see is Sowelo, which represents a higher form of joy and love, so love is on your side!" Kahurangi gave the student an encouraging smile. "The fourth stone I pulled, or the eastern stone, you can see is Nauthiz, which once again speaks of delays and a need for patience. The eastern position represents the likely outcome though, and although it does speak of delays, Nauthiz also symbolises that those delays can be overcome with patience and endurance. Now the central rune that I pulled is Inguz, which is associated with the start of a new season. It indicates growth, but also that loose ends need to be tied up before a new beginning. I would say that overall the reading shows promise, but indicates that your intended may need some time, and you need to be certain that everything is in the right place before committing."

Kahurangi smiled, looking around the room. "Of course, that's only how I interpret the reading. Part of the beauty of runes is that they can have slightly different significance to different people in different circumstances. I could be wrong, though in this particular situation I doubt it." Kahurangi gathered up her runes again and put them away in their bag, setting it aside for now. "Well, that'll be enough for today, next week we'll move on and begin looking into doing your own readings." She flicked her wand again, and the diagram on the board rearranged itself into the week's homework assignment. "Here's this week's homework, if your brains aren't already full to bursting. Have a good week!"

*Kia ora - Hello

In the Nordic tradition, the four arms of Thor's Cross are named for the four dwarfs that support the vault of heaven. The dwarfs are Sudri, Westri, Nordi, and Austri. Roleplay the lesson and if you wish, for bonus marks write a short essay on these dwarves (100-200 words will do, remember to cite sources.)
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Tristan Collins
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Fifth Year | Ambitious | Charismatic | Calculating | Flirty | Scrivenshaft Shop Assistant | Brotherhood Vice President

Tristan Collins was on top of the world. Not only was he now a prefect, but he had also earned himself the position of Vice President of the brotherhood. Somehow, Ares had decided he was worthy of that title. Tristan had still been angry at the older Hufflepuff for rejecting him last year, but as soon as the boy offered this to him, that was mostly forgotten. Tristan was happy he was finally making his mark on the school the way he had wanted to from the start. Now, if he could only manage to get most points one year too and get his name into the trophy room. But there was still plenty of time for that.

Tristan wasn't very interested in Ancient Runes, and he knew he had to be more subtle about that fact. If he argued with teachers too much, he knew his reputation would take a hit. He found his seat, vowing to stay silent for this lesson. The professor showed them a new rune spread, and Tristan took some notes on Thor's Cross. It just sounded like a more complex way to predict nonsense, but he dutifully wrote down what each rune position meant. The professor did a reading for a student, though Tristan held himself back this time so he wouldn't be the one to get a reading again. He knew if he did, he wouldn't be able to keep his comments to himself. Once the professor was done, Tristan was glad the lesson was over. He packed up his things after writing down the homework, then left the classroom quickly.
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October Alcott
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Finally Free | Finding Herself | Ballerina | Violinist | Fifth Year | Seeker

After last week, October's expectations for this year of Ancient Runes couldn't be lower, but cutting down on classes didn't mean she would be slacking off on the classes she was taking. So she took a seat near the front and got ready to take notes, hoping this week wouldn't be more nonsense. The Professor's explanation to Tristan last week had reminded her of her discussions about Arithmancy with Professor Hartley, and although it had eased her relationship with the subject, she still had been glad to drop it, and had a feeling that she wouldn't be sticking with this one much longer either. Listening to the Professor speak she did her best to pay attention, scratching vague notes as the lesson went on, and trying hard not to roll her eyes at the demonstration. It still felt like nonsense, but she would keep her mouth shut for now. She took note of the homework, relieved that it actually seemed reasonable, though the prospect of doing their own readings next week wasn't especially exciting. Relieved that class was over, October packed her things up and headed out of the classroom.
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Jerara Tapsell
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Questioning Everything | Honeydukes Assistant | fifth year

[justify]The workload Jerara had in this semester was certainly a lot higher than he had expected. Clearly they were ramping up the work so that they would all be ready for what the exams at the end of the year. He had to adjust a few things on his day to day but he knew it would just take him another week to get full control over the schedule, that was what came when you had as many classes as he did. It was inevitable. But he just needed to take it in his stride and work hard at all of them, well apart from muggle studies because that was just as easy as it had been been in previous years. The teen was also still managing to balance the newer duties he had with the older things he did, which was getting lost in a sea of books on one specific tangent he had lost himself on. It was a rather easy thing for him to do though he was now trying his best to do that less. The teen was in fact reading a book then as he got ready for the day, it sat open on his desk and he read the occasionally line from it as he got himself together to face the day leaving with the book once he had everything.

Jerara sat down in the ancient runes classroom and took a seat within the class. He was looking forward to what they would be doing within the class. He knew that the class probably wasn't for everyone. The teen took out his books and began listening as the professor told them about how to do a thor's cross. He wondered how universal it's name had been and when the rune reading community had decided to settle on thor as the name of it. The professor whom he knew from her maori greetings was likely not the one that decided the nordic name. He would have to ask his father if it existed or had exist when muggles had practice runes far more. He took notes about what each position was and where it was and he decided to ask a question, it was a mundance question he had, and to which the answer was yes, "Should I ask someone to the yuleball?" he asked when he was called upon, he would be asking someone, but he wanted to see what the runes would say about the matter. The runes revealed not entirely what Jerara had inspected and wondered if when he did his own readings if he would've read it different. iN any case the answer to him was still yes. With that done, the professor gave them some homework and dismissed them.
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Austin Branning
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Austin hadn't been all that impressed with the first ancient runes lesson but he was willing to keep giving the subject a chance and was determined to at least see out the year and maybe what they learned would get more interesting as the weeks went by. Austin made his way into the classroom and took his seat ready for another lesson. He listened as Professor Josephs began the lesson with a somewhat sympathetic tone in her voice as she informed them that they would be going through a complicated rune reading so it would be a long lesson. Austin watched the professor go through the rune spread and he took notes as she did so. He didn't find it all that interesting and certainly didn't want to ask a question, he didn't want to know about his future, he much preferred to figure it out on his own. He didn't want a rune spread to tell him if things would work out with Geo, he wanted to enjoy the adventure. When the lesson was finally over Austin packed away his notes and made his way out of the classroom.
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