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To A Mentor; *closed* Archie
Topic Started: Apr 16 2018, 06:50 AM (139 Views)
Lizzie Taylor
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sports addict | self-confident | pure ball of energy | mum friend | gryffindor beater

Dear Archie

Hi! How are things? I miss having you back at school, I bet all those first years you taught are gonna be the best Quidditch players ever when we get them on the team. How is work at the ice cream shop? Is it.... cool? :p

Things here have been great! Gryffindor won the cup again, we're going to play Beauxbatons (and this time we're gonna crush them!) I'm a bit nervous because I soooort of had a bit of a thing with their seeker over the last holidays, but we're just friends now, no going easy on each other.

I DO have some exciting dating news though, I met this really cool Slytherin girl, her name's Hayley, and we're gonna go out! I'm really excited. :woot: I still haven't told my sister but she never talks to me so I guess it doesn't matter. I really like Hayley though, she's so nice. I can't wait for our date.

Write me back soon! Tell me all your cool ice cream stories and I'll tell you about the Beauxbatons game

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Archie Renner
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Former Gryffindor Ice Cream Scooper


I am so so soooo sorry I did not send you a letter back until now!!!! I lost it under the bed and found it just this morning :o
I'm glad Gryffindor won the cup! Did any of the first years I taught actually make the team???

Did you go out with that Hayley girl!? Tell me everything!!

Every day has a cool ice cream story, I wouldn't know where to start! Just tell me how the beauxbatons game went and all about this Hayley and I promise I won't loose the letter this time ;)

Love Archie xoxoxoxo
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