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Slipping Away; *Closed*
Topic Started: Apr 15 2018, 09:34 PM (36 Views)
Clementine Pratt
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[justify]As her OWLs were quickly approaching, Clementine was spending more and more of her time studying trying to prepare for them. But she quickly found that the library was getting too crowded and noisy for her liking, so she decided to study in the student lounge that day for a change of scenery. She was quietly reading over her Herbology textbook and wished she had some company as she'd been pretty alone lately. It wasn't something new to her, but after dating Anthony she'd gotten used to his presence, only for him to have been pretty distant the entire year. She had hoped after Quidditch season was over for Hufflepuff he would come around more, but that didn't seem to matter as he hadn't been able to play during the final game either way. Clementine realized she had been reading the same page for three minutes already so she shook her head and tried to read it again for another time and actually absorb the information this time.
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Solomon Mordaunt
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[justify]It was no secret that Solomon didn't like Anthony's girlfriend. While he hadn't at any point outright stated his dislike for her, nor had he ever been asked, it was safe to say it was implied. The obviously faux-niceties, the change in his demeanor whenever she interrupted the group, it all went without saying that he wasn't a fan. Since Clementine had come into the picture, everything had changed. The whole dynamic between himself, Merrill and Anthony was different, and Sol couldn't stand it. He didn't have many friends, nor did he actively seek them, but he'd been happy with just the two. They were his friends first, no one elses, and they had all had a good thing going for a while, until one day in came Clementine like a bundimun infestation, just eating away at the foundation of their friendships. Like any infestation, she needed to be removed before everything collapsed.

It had taken a while to figure out how to get rid of her. A hundred different potion recipes had gone through Solomon's mind, looking for a way to break the two apart so Anthony could go back to focusing on his real friends, not whatever fake relationship he had with Clementine. Couldn't they see it just wasn't working out? Or how it was impacting their own friends? Solomon wasn't blind. He'd seen the way that Teddy kid pined for Clem like a stray dog begging for scraps. Anthony could do better, and Clementine was better off with the rest of the trash.

Eventually, the Slytherin had come to the obvious conclusion of simply using his natural talents to get what he wanted what was best for his friends. So, with Anthony preoccupied for the evening in the other side of the castle, Solomon wore his face for the evening, and wandered the corridors looking for his bubbly girlfriend. With OWLs around the corner, it didn't take many guesses to figure out where she was. "Hey, Clem." Solthony said as he approached the girl, doing his best to look serious and shuffling around like he had something important to say, but just didn't quite know how to say it. As much as he wanted to walk in, tell her she was dumped and walk back out again, it needed to seem real.
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