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First Years: Lesson 6; Gryffindor & Ravenclaw
Topic Started: Apr 15 2018, 06:15 PM (31 Views)
Professor Patricia Styx
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History of Magic Professor: Yrs 1 -4 | Former Puff & Head Girl: Class of 2027 | Ex-St Mungo's Healer

History of Magic,1,6Professor Styx entered the classroom, finding a full room of students already waiting. "Hello everyone! Sorry I'm late! Last minute business."

Patricia walked between the desks and smiled at each of them while she spoke. "Okay! Today is going to be easier than last week! All I'd like for you to do is study. You may do this with a friend or by yourself. You may go to the library or stay here. Whatever you choose I just want you to study for your exam. For those of you who want to go to the library, you may go now. Everyone else, please get started." Patricia sat down again behind her desk and pulled a pile of unmarked homework towards her and started marking, ready for anyone if they had any questions.
Homework Assignment:

Full Marks: RP
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Gerry FitzWallace
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Gerry walked into History of Magic, her notes already in hand. She took her seat and waited for the professor to release them to study hall. Gerry patted her notes thoughtfully when the professor offered them the chance to go to the library to study. But she didn't have any friends to meet and doubted that she'd get much focused studying if she left. She resorted her notes as some of her classmates left.
Most of Gerry's notes were annotated drawings. She spent the rest of class copying them onto new pieces of parchment. They were less sketchy this time and the annotations were longer. When class ended, she packed up and went to find another place to study.
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Jacob Kingsley
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The end of the semester couldn't come fast enough for the young Gryffindor. It had been a difficult part of the year, managing all of his classes and building (and destroying relationships) all while dealing with the loss of his beloved aunt. And his mother had already warned him that it would be a busy break. The family had all sorts of responsibilities with it being their dad's final year in office. Jacob didn't understand why they cared about his participation but it wasn't like he had much choice in the matter. So, Jacob was happy to have a study day. The young boy looked like he hadn't slept well but it had nothing to do with putting in hours of studying. Opening up his notes, Jacob set to making flash cards again. He found them surprisingly useful just as Tristan had told him.
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Mazikeen Roe
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[justify]Mazikeen was sad that her first year at hogwarts was ending, she had had so much at school over the last year, and the girl couldnít believe it had gone by so quickly. She just couldnít wait to finish up this year and start the next. The gryffindor was so hopeful of doing well during this semester and she was mostly looking forward to all the other things they would cover in second year. The gryffindor was getting ready for her final week of classes, she had begun gathering up all her homework and putting it into her bag. She had to make sure she had everything, she didnít want to do badly in her classes. Maze grabbed the last few things and then headed out of the dorm room. She couldnít wait for the classes to be over, it was fun to be at them, but being free would absolutely free up all of her time. Mazikeen walked into the history of magic class and took her usual spot in the room. She found herself staring at the board as the professor told them they'd just be studying and stifling a groan, goodness, how boring was that! She took out her books and did a little revision but after about ten minutes, Maze was just doodling on her page. She couldn't understand how anyone could be happy with just doing studying all the time, but people were different. She thanked merlin the moment the professor allowed them to leave. Stuffing all of her books into her bag and darting quickly out the room.
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Jacob Finley
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Today was the last lesson of History of Magic and Jacob felt a bit sad. He liked the lectures this subject provided, it wasn't as good as astronomy though. Astronomy was really his favourite subject and he hoped his parents would allow to add some astronomy books to the collection at home. They weren't very magical so that should be allowed right. He entered the classroom and seated next to Kira. He smiled at her and he looked over his notes. He didn't like going to the library so he stayed at the classroom. When Jacob was done with his notes and the recap he made of the visit he was satisfied. He was done with all the things he had to do now only the exams were left. He looked around and saw some people doodling on their notes which wasn't very smart. When everyone was done with their notes they all left and Jacob wanted to get some last looks at his notes so he was sure that he was going to do well in the exam.
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Kira Wolf
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Kira was early for class even though she knew it would just be a review. She smiled at Jacob as he sat next to her. Usually, she might head off to the library to study deeper into the subject, but she decided to stay in class and review her extensive notes instead. It was slightly counter-productive, though, as she spent more time organizing her notes into a neater system than actually reviewing them. Class ended quicker than she expected. Jacob startled her when he stood. She glanced around to see that everyone else was leaving to.

Blushing a bit, Kira gathered her things and followed the other students out of class.
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