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Bi-Weekly Update; 2018/4/8
Topic Started: Apr 8 2018, 12:26 AM (296 Views)
Rama Mowry
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tinker + 5th year violence prone

Hello everyone! It's that time again, so sit back and read! :wub: Ha ha ha ha.
7th Years/ Aurors/ Scitorari
7th Years: Check your account for an important PM. Also, as a reminder to Aurors, Scitorari, reporters and such, you should be checking your account regularly.
Minister for Magic!
Whoohoo! After some waiting and many applications, there are several candidates for Minister for Magic! The candidates are Carter Kaster, Dymetris Kozlov, Alexander Cade, Ioan Finch, Cat Tennon, Claudia Holland, and Metrophanes Matthias. There will be three debates, and I have attached the timeline and topic for each debate below. In the meantime, you are able to submit questions to the Ballot Box!

Debate 1 - Focus: Crime & safety of the NZ community and the wizarding world at large -Date: IC June, April 30th
Debate 2 - Focus: Education in the NZ community - Date: IC October, week of May 29th
Debate 3 - Focus: Economy, The world's impact on NZ - Date: IC January so the week of July 23rd

Quidditch Game
The Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff rematch game is up! Those who have characters should get ready to play an exciting game. The link to the game is right here!
Candidates Are On the Radio
Leander Hayes is hosting all the candidates on the Radio! Check it out here!!
Week 6 Coming Right Up
Week 6 is coming right up! Also, Brightstone is closing this weekend , so make sure to get all of those student topics and last minute shopping all tied up and wrapped in a pretty bow.
Dueling Competition
The Dueling Competition is in it 2nd round. Check it out in the Dueling Chamber!

Netiquette Reminder
This is just a reminder that people should be patient when they are waiting for replies to topics, PMs, and applications.
Easter Egg Hunt!
Thank you so much to all the people who participated in the Egg Hunt! It took a lot of time to get those eggs hidden secretly. Ha ha. Our first place winner were Tiberius Hall and Jesse! Our second place winners were Annaleise and Pheeb! To see what their prizes were, click [Hidden Content: Login/Register to View]
Domain Issue
There was recently an issue where our domain expired suddenly without notifying us. However, since then, the issue has been fixed, and if you want to check out the actual announcement by Nick, [Hidden Content: Login/Register to View].
Character Spotlight
Jasmine's Hayley Eldridge is our current character spotlight. Congratulations, Jasmine! Site Staff is always on the lookout for characters that are well developed and roleplayers that put a lot of time into their characters. If you haven't already, check out her [Hidden Content: Login/Register to View] to see her questionnaire.
Get Your Application In!
Applications will be closing before exams, so that gives you a week or so to get any applications you want to submit in!

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  • Hufflepuff winning the game!
  • Birthday stuff?
  • Ravenclaw losing points
Thanks for sticking this far! I enjoyed writing this! Love :lovi:
(On behalf of the HNZ Site Staff)
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Website Tracker (thanks teigs!!)
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Dymetris Kozlov
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part veela healer papa

[justify]Thanks for the update! ^_^[/justify]
biography & relationship & new theme
Posted Image Posted Image
thanks claire and sammy ♡
vote for dymetris ^_^
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~Professor Jonathon Phillips
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Muggle Studies 5-7 Movie and Video game buff Awkward

Thanks for the update! :D

Everything is so exciting :woot:
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biography relationships aesthetic Claire made the amazing sig!!
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Cat Tannon
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HS HG Ravenclaw | Eidetic Memory | Cats!

Such a big update! Thanks for the update Lovi ^_^
Posted Image
Thank you Pheeb!
Posted Image
Thank you Claire!
Vote Cat Tannon!

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Stefan Archer
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Monochromat | Kate ♥ | Happy | Head Librarian (HNZ) | Father

Thanks for the update Lovi!
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Development | Biography | Relationships | Spotlight | Awards| Thanks Phoebe!
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Gabriel Rosenberg
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Swedish | Sporty | Competitive | Hotheaded | Alternate Chaser

Rama Mowry
Apr 8 2018, 12:26 AM

  • Hufflepuff winning the game!

Thanks for the update Lovi!! but:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Character Development | Biography | Aesthetic | Thanks Steph!

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Grace Holland
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Quibberon Quafflepunchers Chaser | Energetic | Caring | Beauxbatons Graduate 2045

Thanks for the update!! :)
Posted Image Posted Image|Aesthetic | | Biography|
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Sam Mackintosh
Member Avatar
Overachiever | Tomboy | Hates stereotypes and cliches | Hogwarts Monthly Intern

Week 6?! :o

Thanks so much for the update Lovi! :)
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Professor Olive Layton
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Maverick 5-7 Cauldron Professor Former Seeker The Big Sister True Friendship is 🍿🍿🍿

[justify]Thanks for the update!! :D

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Thank you to Claire for the amazing graphics!!

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Professor Sarah Harrington
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Mother of Two Girls | Astronomy Professor | HS Graduate Ravenclaw

[justify]Awesome update!
Professor of Astronomy
Years 1-7

Posted Image
Thanks to Daphne!

Banner by Arle!
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Professor Cyndi Kingsley
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HNZ Class of 2023/ Gryffindor HoH/Mom of 3

Thank you for posting Lovi!

Gooooo Gryffindor! :party:
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Thanks Annaleise!
Spoiler: click to toggle
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*Professor Monty Pendleton
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Inventor Potions Professor 1-4 Adoptive Father Deputy Head

Thank you for the update, Lovi!! :woot:
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B I O G R A P H Y  💡  C H A R A C T E R . D E V E L O P M E N T  💡  P A T R O N U S 
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Marisol Woods
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latina chaser affectionate dramatic quality quidditch supplies assistant

Thanks for the update! So many exciting things!!! :frantics:
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biography theme song! aesthetic thank you phoebe!
WAM = Masaiah + Third Wheeling Wyatt
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