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Second Years, Lesson Five; *Archived* Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw
Topic Started: Apr 7 2018, 07:02 AM (96 Views)
Professor Landon Carter
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The Herbology Professor was looking at his second year's mandrakes, checking if any one of them managed to kill one. Apparently, someone not long ago had done that and so Landon was very weary about it, despite him trusting his second years very much. Landon heard voices from outside and smiled as his second years began entering the room. "Hello guys! Take a seat with your mandrakes and we'll begin." Once all of his students were inside, Landon walked to the front and faced them all. "Good morning!" he exclaimed before continuing. "Take out your quill and parchment ..." Landon flicked his fingers and words appeared the black board.



Pubescence: Leaves thicken and take on a waxy texture, all this is due to the oil they secrete, which causes them to have acne. Childish mannerisms are gone, replaced by moodiness. They become more secretive.


-Males tend to have more acne and make rude gestures towards the other Mandrakes. They also make cat calls out to the females. If you are wearing the earmuffs, then most likely, you won't hear them. Though lip reading is common since they like to pop their heads out of the soil and grab their food.

-Females have less acne, and tend to whisper and gossip incessantly. They are more laid-back than males. They like to primp in this stage, as they will pop their heads out of the soil as well. They also like to flirt.

"You can summarise if you like, but basically the Mandrake goes through many different stages. The first stage is infancy to toddler, next is childhood, and now they have all progressed into pubescence. In your journal you will note down their changes such as their leaves which are now taking on a waxy texture." Landon waited until everyone had finished writing their notes before talking again. "Now, you will be able to check to see if your Mandrakes' genders, and you might have to change their names." He waved his hand and the board went back to the corner from where it had come from. "Observe your Mandrakes and their behaviors. Record this in your journal and give them a bit more water and food than you did in their last stage."

"Now, please put on your earmuffs. If you forgot yours, there are some in the box beside the door."
Landon put on his, and waited for the others to put theirs on. He gave his Mandrake, which turned out to be a female, some food. She popped her head out and grabbed the food, after glancing up at Landon before retreating into the soil. Landon gestured for them to begin as he watered her.

Landon didn't speak again until they were done. "Come here tonight and bring your journals as we will observe a Mandrake party. Put your earmuffs in the box next to the door. If they spotted us, they would stop." He smirked. "Class dismissed."

[ Night time ]
Landon waited outside the castle doors for the students. He had his hood on to keep the cold from aggravating him. After all were present, he led the students toward the greenhouses. He passed out the earmuffs, "Just watch." Everyone put on their earmuffs, including Landon. He hand his hand raised for silence among the students. A male Mandrake, popped up, looked around, making sure the coast was clear. It jumped out and knocked on the other pots. Landon watched in amazement as they all sprang from their pots and the party began. He was already tired of watching them strike up the music, dancing and pelting each other with the food from the bowl he left out on the table for them. They were in for one interesting night.

Homework: Okay guys, there they are! So here we all are, sitting on a hill and you guys can write whatever you want about what's going on at the party. Keep it clean! They love music, dancing and having a fun time.

Just RP the lesson and write an entry in your journals. You'll record the stage they're in, their genders (new names, if they're a different gender than you thought), food/water you gave them. You'll also record the raucous party they threw. Make sure you RP coming back to watch the party.Herbology,2,5
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Simon Vanity
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[justify]Simon was eager to get started on this week, he had found that the duelling room was free to practice whenever he wanted to, and the teen knew that he was going to have to start using that to practice. Maybe after all his classes were done for the day he would do so. There was nothing wrong with practicing spells, in fact he would definitely think it was a good use of his time. He wanted to be good at all aspects and that meant spell casting and though they did learn some in class, there was just wasn’t enough time in any of them to really get good at it and be able to master spells, he knew that it just meant he needed to do it in his own time, which was what he was planning on doing. Simon would get good at duelling and spell casting if it was the last thing that he did end up doing. It was also a break from all the reading and studying that he had to do, so he welcomed it quite a lot. It was the first time really that Simon was really getting involved within the school and he was keen to continue and do better in it with each passing year. With that thought SImon headed to class.

Simon was excited about what the next stage of the mandrakes were. he knew they were at the childhood stage, maybe now getting a little older. The ravenclaw walked into the greenhouse and took a seat in the room. He looked up at the professor as he pulled his notes towards him. He wrote down all of what was written on the board behind the man. He took his time to write it all out so that everything was perfect. The Ravenclaw then looked at the professor as the man explained what stage they were at and the differences with the genders of the creature. Simon put on his ear muffs and went to his mandrake. He check his mandrakes gender and saw that given the amount of acne that it had it was likely a male one. The boy wrote in his journal all about the different things about his Rae that had been written. The boy was then surprised that the lesson was ended there and they were to come back in the evening. Which Simon did. He was sitting upon the hill with the rest of the class and the professor watching the mandrakes have a party. It was a really odd thing to see. It was so lifelike and amazing. He spotted his Rae, who certainly was having some fun. The whole evening was just great. Simon enjoyed every moment of it, and he was sure to add little bits about this before he left the area. Dealing with mandrakes had been everything he could've hoped for and more.
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Theodore Westwick
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Unlike most other students he saw, Theodore wasn't really all that interested in the exams or nervous about them. They were coming up, but he knew the professors wouldn't ask anything too important or difficult. So far, it had all been easy for him. Easy, but boring. Herbology was no exception. He found the deadly qualities of the mandrake fascinating, but resented the menial task of taking care of it.

He took a seat with his mandrake as instructed, though he soon wondered why they needed the mandrake if they were getting a lecture. He took notes of the information on the board, particularly writing down he different stages as that seemed to be something the professor wanted them to know. Then he listened with a bored expression as the professor went on to tell them their own mandrakes had progressed into pubescence. He looked at his mandrake in distaste at the news. As he checked his mandrake, he figured Lugosi was a boy. He didn't care too much, as it was just a plant and this was arbitrary at best. He put on his earmuffs when the professor told them to and gave his mandrake some food. When they were done, the professor added that they would be back here tonight. Wasn't it bad enough that class time was being wasted on these things? Now free time too?

Being up and awake at night was always nice, but he had no interest in the party the mandrakes were throwing. Theodore wouldn't have had much interest in a real, human party either. He watched wiht a bored expression, then took a few notes in his journal for the sake of appearing to be interested. When they were done, the twins headed back to the castle. But they didn't go straight to their room.

Week 5
It appears that Lugosi is a boy, he is in pubescent stage now. I gave him some food as instructed. At the party, the mandrakes appeared to dance and listen to music. Lugosi as well, which I'm disappointed in. He should have known this wasn't good music, nor danced so openly. But I suppose he is a plant who doesn't know better.
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Patrick Vernier
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Patrick was looking forward to seeing Velvet again. It was a quiet mandrake, much like Patrick himself, and Patrick figured he had made a friend out of it, even despite its lack of personality. He made his way to the Herbology Greenhouse and quickly found Velvet in amongst all of the other mandrakes. It was one of the smaller ones and its leaves still felt like velvet, with a bit of a waxy texture. The boy sat down near his mandrake to write down some notes that were written on the board. He much preferred to write notes from the board than sit and listen to the professor talk as this meant he had every single bit of important information that he needed and he didn't miss anything. When instructed, Patrick headed back over to his mandrake and gave it some more food and water. He mad sure to give it a bit more than last time as it was getting older before observing what sort of gender it could be. It did not have as much acne as some of the other mandrakes and so he figured that it could be a girl as that was the only signal it was giving off. It was not gossiping however and the thought of this confused him. Not wanting to ask for help, Patrick simply stated in his journal that it was a girl before heading out of the classroom at the end of the lesson.

When night time finally came around, Patrick made sure to promptly make his way back to the greenhouse with the rest of his class as the professor had instructed. It was cold and so Patrick made sure he wore a wooly jumper to keep him warm as he huddled around with the class to observe the mandrake party going on in the greenhouse. He found it funny how the mandrakes had a party during the night and wondered whether or not it would eventually tire them to the point where they didn't want to party anymore. At first it was hard to spot Velvet in amongst all of the other mandrakes but eventually Patrick found her in the corner, moving slightly to the music by herself. He giggled as she poked her head out of the soil, happy to see that she was enjoying herself, even if she wasn't the life of the party. That night, Patrick added to his journal, satisfied with the lesson.

Patrick Vernier
Herbology, Lesson #5
Journal Entry #4

I think Velvet is a girl. She does not have as much acne and sometimes she will poke her head out of the soil like some of the other girls. Also, she's a bit smaller than the others so I think she's a girl. We saw a mandrake party during the night and I think she was having fun. It was interesting to see all of them dancing.

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Thanks Rowan!
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