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Fifth Years: Lesson Five; *Archived*
Topic Started: Apr 6 2018, 08:18 PM (92 Views)
Professor Bella Matthias
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Professor Bella Matthias watched the fifth years as they entered the classroom, wondering if any of them had anything to say about Pendleton. If her glare was anything to go by, they'd know to leave well enough alone.
"Have any of you felt a habit or a repeated pattern emerge in your life that was hard to identify? That despite your best efforts to stop it, that it continued to occur?" She paused for a moment and waited for their responses, a few nodding heads, some confused faces - just another day in Arithmancy. "The Habit Challenge may shed some light on this subject. The Habit Challenge is just what is sounds like; a habit we feel challenged by which is usually negative. Because all numbers have a polarity as well as a balanced state, the Habit Challenge is usually experienced in one of the extremes rather than a balanced vibration. Our challenge is to bring it into balance, thus allowing the habit to become a positive and empowering force in our lives, otherwise we may find ourselves distracted by stress, confusion, and insecurity." She paused, allowing them to catch up on their note taking, thinking of how well this lesson suited the on goings of the school at the moment. "The Habit Challenge is found by adding up the number of letters in your given names. For example, my full name is Isabella Matthias-" With a wave of her wand, she brought forward the board with some chalk, writing.

Isabella Matthias
8 letters + 8 letters = 16 letters
1 + 6 = 7

"Now, after your calculations, be sure to add them together like you have every other time. My full name gives me the Habit Challenge of Seven."
7 Habit Challenge - Individuality:

Under-balanced - disregarded, superficial, undeveloped
Over-balanced - resentful, hypercritical, secretive

If responding in an under-balanced expression, it can act in over-analytical and critical ways and can even become cut off from its own deep feelings. An over-balanced response can become very detached, shut people out, and hold onto resentments.

The problem with teaching Arithmancy was having to share information about her own life; something she wasn't very comfortable doing, as shown by her Habit Number. "You can see that not achieving balance in the area of your Habit Challenge may lead to difficulties in many aspects of your life. For today, I would simply like you to determine what your Habit Challenge. Please refer to the text for additional information. You are dismissed."

RP the lesson, and determine your Habit Challenge for extra credit.

Habit Challenges
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Thanks Steph!
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Flavio Morales
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Duckling Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain & Chaser 6th year Gambol & Jape's Assistant

[justify]Flavio had heard about professor Pendleton's collapse in the entrance hall and he could not help but feel concerned for the man. In potions classes he always seemed so welcoming, accepting and cheerful and hearing that something bad happened to him was terrible news. He arrived to his arithmancy lesson, thinking it would be best to go on with classes as per normal, and not worry too much about what was happening around the school. It was still his owl year and Flavio could not afford to be distracted when he took every subject that was available to him. He sat down at his regular desk near the front of the room and got out everything he needed to take notes. The professor began to ask about patterns in life that were difficult to identify but continued to repeat, and Flavio nodded his head to show he was listening when she paused her words.

After that she introduced the concept of a habit challenge and that was when Flavio began to take notes properly, not recognizing the term from any of his previous lessons. It was an interesting thing to learn about the polarities and how the habit challenges could be turned around into something positive. He watched as the professor added her name together to figure out her number in the same way he was taught in previous years of arithmancy, so when the professor allowed the class to calculate their own numbers he was able to follow the task quickly. When he reached the number four and looked up the meaning, he was a little confused as the description did not match him very well, other than the comment about being caught up in details. He tried not to let it bother him too much as the lesson was dismissed and he left the classroom. Surely there might be something in the library that would allow him to figure it out in his spare time.[/justify]

Flavio Morales
6 + 7 = 13
1 + 3 = 4

4 Habit Challenge - Form:

Under-balanced - disorganized, narrow, uncertain
Over-balanced - headstrong, limited, antagonistic

A 4, as an under-balanced response can expect a lot of others and fail to commit itself. When over-balanced, it can become too serious and careful, often creating opposition. In addition, it could become so attached to methods that it forgets to see the big picture, getting caught up in details.

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