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Third Years, Lesson One; All Houses
Topic Started: Mar 13 2018, 07:41 AM (68 Views)
Professor Misha Haden
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[justify]"Good Morning third years, I hope you all good break!" he grinned as he looked over to each of the students, trying to acquaint himself with their faces to get to know them. "On the board behind me are the spells you'll be learning in the coming weeks, some of them are a little difficult so I expect you to do the reading before you come here each week," he explained to them, as he motioned to the board behind him, which had the spells they'd be learning. He didn't know how much the students knew about the charms already though he assumed it wasn't that much.[/justify]

Lesson Plan
Cheering Charm
Locomotion Charm
Engorgement Charm
Shrinking Charm
Fire-Making Spell
Wand-Writing Spell

[justify]"Well, that's mostly all you need to know really, for now, this is a short lesson I'm afraid," Misha said with a shrug as he looked over to the board and scanned it as if thinking whether the third years needed anything more to learn other than what he had on the board. Misha glanced at the time and then shrugged, he had no reason to keep these students here any longer, "Yeah, that's basically it for today. You can remain in the classroom for the remainder of this period or you can leave, just don't go causing havoc if you leave, I'll be able to answer any questions you might have about the lessons," the man said brightly as he motioned towards the door, "Be sure to do the reading for the next class. The Cheering Charm and Locomotion Charm can be tricky if you know nothing about them. " he grinned before waving his hand and letting the door swing open to allow the students to leave as they pleased.

Just RP the lesson for full marks!
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Elizabeth Chatwin
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Elly her holiday had been enjoyable, but she was glad to be back at the school. Hogwarts felt so special and magical, there was nothing like that in the muggle world. Elly had charms today and thus she was on her way to the classroom. She was ready for some new spells. Her arsenal was still kind of bare and Elly definitely could use some additions. Elly walked into the classroom and took a seat next to Minerva. Elly smiled and grabbed her stuff.

She knew this lesson wouldn't require a lot of wand waving and silly incantations. The first charms lesson was always a general outline of the year. She was right as soon as the Professor started talking. The lesson plan sounded like fun and she definitely wanted in on the wand writing spell. Her hand ached at some classes and writing with her wand would make it easier. She didn't have any questions so it was a pretty short lesson. Elly left to go to the library to read up on the two charms. She already knew a thing or two about it, but more information was always good.
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Perry Wyatt
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Perry had wished for a longer holiday. He liked the school, but the school work ate his time. Sports were still his number one and at school there wasn't a lot of time for it. He had dropped a lot of subjects and had no elective this period. Which gave him a lot of time, he did keep charms and now the first lesson of the period was starting. Charms wasn't easy for Perry, but it was manageable.

Perry took a seat in the classroom and waited for the Professor to start the class. It started with a general outline and the charms sounded like fun. He definitely wanted to learn the fire making spell. He loved adventure and creating fires with magic would be super cool. Not that he was allowed to do magic while still being at Hogwarts. Perry smiled, since the Professor said the lesson ended after the outline. He left the classroom and decided to go play some ball.
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Sara Benivieni
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Sara had been really happy with the outcome of her grades last semester and for the first time her parents had been, too. She had managed to make them pleased about something about Hogwarts. She knew she needed to keep it up this semester though, as her mother was still watching her like a hawk even when she wasn't home - not literally, of course. Somehow, her mom always found out about how Sara was doing and she knew that eventually she would have to confront her brother about it and ask him downright, despite her trusting him with her life. She also had a feeling that just because she got perfect grades last semester it didn't mean she would be able to rest. If anything, she would have to be even more on top of things, now that she had more electives.

She arrived to Charms and took a seat, only noticing Elly and Minerva after she had sat down. She waved to them before she turned her attention back to Professor Haden, who began the lesson shortly after everyone had arrived. This first lesson was an introductory lesson - logically - and even though there wasn't much need to, the brunette took down the syllabus for the semester because she wanted to be prepared before every lesson and there was also the fact that she didn't want to feel pressured about catching up and not knowing what the next chapter was going to be. Some spells, as the prof mentioned, were more difficult. It gave Sara more of a reason to read ahead. The Slytherin packed up and made her way out of the classroom once they were dismissed.
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Kauri Tipene
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Of all his classes, Charms made Kauri feel the most like he was really doing real magic. He had been looking forward to it all of the first semester, and it was the only subject other than Divination that he had been excited by enough to read ahead in his textbooks before class had even started. He quickly took a seat near the front, excited even though he knew it was likely they wouldn't be casting any actual spells this week.

Listening to Professor Hadan, Kauri took quick notes of all the charms he had said they would be learning this year, though he had already read about them a little bit in his book. They all sounded exciting, though the concept of being able to make fire could be.... either cool, or really scary. Kauri supposed he would just have to wait and see what the class was like. He wasn't surprised when the list of charms was the only thing they covered this week, and once Professor Hadan said they could go he started packing up his things. He nodded when they were told to do the reading, quietly relieved that his was already done, and he could just relax. Cheerfully waving goodbye to the professor, Kauri headed out, pleased to have some unexpected free time. Maybe Tristan was around somewhere to hang out with...
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Geovanna Volt
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[justify]Not only was Charms her favourite subject, and Professor Haden her favourite teacher, but this lesson was one that brought the Hufflepuff comfort and familiarity when she was experiencing so many new lessons with the electives this year. She'd been looking forward to starting up the classes again since leaving them in her second year, and taking a seat excitedly she even forgot for a moment that she was angry at Elly, and flashed her a small smile, even if she decided to sit with another Hufflepuff that lesson. Geo was really getting fed up at this point with some of the students, and at herself as she had no idea how to fix the situation, but if nothing else she was learning to appreciate those that were there for her, and with enough on her plate without adding in drama with friends too she tried to focus on her work.

She noted down the spells that they'd be doing, as though she didn't already know. She'd already read the textbook front to back twice over the holidays in preparation, and just couldn't wait to get started on practising them for the first time. She peered around the room as a few of the others began to read about the spells, wondering if she could help any of them too if they didn't understand something. Once the lesson came to an end, she packed up her belongings and headed back to the dorms, hoping for a nap before her next class began.
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Phoebe Holland
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Even though Phoebe had had a fun time over the holidays, she was glad to be back at school. Hogwarts was a very magical environment and there was always something interesting to do or discover. She still wanted to go back into the forest at some point, but would first have to figure out some way not to get caught. But lessons were a part of school too, and Phoebe enjoyed that as well. She liked getting new information.

Phoebe enjoyed Charms very much, it was her favorite subject after Potions. She headed into the classroom and took her seat, grinning happily. The first lesson was rarely spectacular, but just being in this classroom again made her excited. She took over the lesson plan in her notes, then the lesson was over already. She felt disappointed that it had been such a short lesson, so decided to stay in the classroom like the professor suggested to read up on the charms for next week. When the hour was up, she left with her things.
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April Ward
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The holidays had been fun for the most part, though there was definitely a lot more tension now that she and her dad had moved in with Kyle and October. It was a lot easier to avoid the older girl at Hogwarts, where they were in different houses. April had her own friends and never had trouble enjoying herself at Hogwarts. Though she didn't enjoy every class she was in a lot.

Charms was one of the classes she did enjoy, quite a bit in fact. So she practically skipped into the classroom, waving at the professor before finding a seat. The board behind the professor showed the spells they would learn this year, and April wrote them down in her notebook. She wasn't sure if she would be able to always do the reading like she was supposed to, but she knew she would try her best. The lesson was over very quickly, though she did take a moment to write down the two spells they would need for next week. Then, she left quickly. As much as she liked Charms, she liked being outside in the summer sun a lot more.
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Norton Gillespie
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kiwi | fascinated by magic | usually excitable | Hufflepuff Beater

[justify]Norton found himself a little busier than he would’ve wanted. The boy had to manage his classes and his desire for quidditch, aka the best sport ever. The teen wasn’t very good at working hard in classes, he got easily distracted and just didn’t focus for long enough. He’d been managing to pull relatively good grades but it was a struggle for him. He liked some classes more than others and found it difficult to keep his attention on a professor during a lecture. No matter how much he’d been working to be better and working to do better just in general, and there had been some improvements there certainly hadn’t been enough improvements.However, he wouldn’t be sad about it, Norton loved learning everything he could about this magical world, and ever lesson he got to learn a little more about it could be amazing. There were just little things he didn’t like. The boy was getting himself ready for the day. He was bouncing around the room, grabbing everything that he wanted and would need for the day, his books, his wand, his quidditch gear, all of it. Only then when he was finally ready did the boy leave the dorm.

Norton walked into the charms classroom and took a seat in the room. He looked up at the professor as the man began telling them what they would be doing over the semester. It seemed like they would be doing some great spells. Norton couldn't wait to try all of them! He was so excited about the new magic, which he always was at the beginning of any semester. However after going over what they would learn that was the end of the class. Norton didn't mind that the lecture was short because he knew that he could begin to do the reading for the specific spells that they would be doing next week. Norton did love the magic aspects of this class and the school. The teen packed up his things and left the classroom.
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