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Transfiguration 2:1
Topic Started: Mar 10 2018, 04:43 AM (41 Views)
Professor Aeon Summers
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Professor Summers greeted his students from behind his desk as they entered the classroom, gesturing for them to take their seats. "Good morning, and welcome back to Transfiguration. For those new students who have transferred over, or the old ones who are simply just forgetful, I'm Professor Aeon Summers. Now, let's get started. As I'm sure you all remember, first year was centered around Inanimate to Inanimate Transfiguration. We're completely done with that branch. This year we're moving on to something more complex; Animate to Inanimate. It's a lot more challenging than what we've done so far, but I'm confident that most of you won't have too much trouble." The wizard glanced around the classroom, happy that the majority of them had seemed somewhat capable from the previous year. They were a few who were rather disappointing, but he couldn't have a perfect class.

"If you all remember back to first year, we went over Transfiguration terms and their meanings in your first lesson. If you can't properly recall, Animate to Inanimate transfigures something living into something that is not. For example, a hamster into a rock, or a flamingo into a lawn flamingo. Of course, as always Transfigurations are permanent, and transfiguring an animal into something else indefinitely is usually against Ministry regulations, with some exemptions. You will be learning how to perform Animate to Inanimate Transfigurations, but it is for educational purposes, and all of them will be reversed. Anyway, as with Inanimate to Inanimate Transfiguration, you're still using the three-tap method, so nothing changes there."

He stopped to make sure everyone was following along, continuing when he was sure at least most eyes were on him. "A few people have some difficulty understanding how Animate to Inanimate transfiguration works. We don't take the life away from the animals, it's more like we suspend it. They still have some small degree of awareness and thought, but are incapable of movement, speech, seeing or hearing. If you were to turn a person into a couch, they essentially are a couch for that period of time. They're aware if you were to sit on them, yet aren't able to do anything but provide you with comfort."

Summers got to his feet and walked around to the front of his desk as he spoke, suddenly feeling uncomfortable to be sitting in his own seat. The reality of it was that anything had the potential of being something else. A book thrown into a fire may very well have once been a human, transfigured into an object as a punishment or prank. Which brought him to his next step of the lesson. "There was once a time where Transfiguration was used to punish dark wizards and other rule-breakers. Before Azkaban, wizarding authorities had few places to hold wizards and witches. As such, they resorted to changing them into a stationary figure. Their bodies were turned to stone and became their prisons." His face was far more serious as he spoke. There were depictions of this punishment in old books around the library, and it wasn't pleasant. "Wizardkind has always had questionable methods of punishment. This method has not been used in a long time, but it wasn't that long ago that we still had Dementors roaming Azkaban. Thankfully now we have a less cruel system in place. Which brings us to your homework." Summers waved his wand toward the board, the chalk quickly scrawling their task onto its surface before they were dismissed.
Essay: In your opinion, does transfiguration make a good punishment? Why or why not? (Just a paragraph or two showing your character's opinion)

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Patrick Vernier
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Patrick's time at Hogwarts was definitely going by quickly. Even though he was only in his second year, it felt like yesterday that Patrick had just stepped his foot inside the castle. Before he knew it he would be doing his OWL exams followed by his NEWTs and the whole thought of this overwhelmed him. Despite this, he knew he had to make the most of it before then and attend his classes like he was supposed to. Hopefully once he graduates he would take on a good career just like his sister was doing. Seeing her get a job in the Ministry was very exciting and he hoped to follow in her footsteps one day.

Patrick entered the Transfiguration classroom and took his usual seat in the room. He managed to do well in the subject last year and hoped that he could repeat that this year. He found it interesting how you could turn objects into other objects and was curious to see what more there was to learn. The boy waited patiently for the lesson to begin, and when it did Patrick wrote down what they would be learning. Animate to Inanimate seemed hard and that was mainly because Patrick didn't know if he would be good at it, especially considering what they were to Transfigure was going to move around a lot. However, they were definitely not going to try that this lesson and Patrick was glad for that. He continued to listen, making note of how Transfiguration was used as a punishment. It seemed like such a petty excuse to turn someone into a statue but Patrick wrote it down nonetheless, as well as the homework that they had to do. When the lesson ended the boy headed out of the classroom, following his housemates to his next class.

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Gabriella Tillington
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The Christmas Holidays had been alright, in Gabriella's opinion. Her dad had been busy as usual, but he had made some time for her. But even though she appreciated that and enjoyed spending time with him, she now felt the missing parts of her family more than ever. Now that she knew Frankie and knew a bit more about their mother, she couldn't help but think about them a lot. Especially during times like Christmas.

For the most part, Gabriella preferred more theoretical subjects to more practical ones. But for some reason, Transfiguration was a bit of an exception. Perhaps it was the fact that it was a more balanced subject than most, combining practical spellwork with theoretical knowledge in a pleasant way. Even though she still didn't like having to perform spells in front of others, as she hated not doing it perfectly the first time, she felt like in Transfiguration there was somehow less pressure than in Charms. Perhaps because the spells were less flashy.

She took her seat in the classroom and turned her gaze to the front of the class where Professor Summers was waiting. He introduced himself, though it wasn't necessary for Gabriella, and then talked about what they were going to learn this year. Animate to Inanimate transfiguration sounded interesting, though complex. The professor gave a short reminder of what they had learned in the previous year before moving on to what they were doing now. He explained how Animate to Inanimate transfiguration worked, and told them they weren't taking away life when they did it. Gabriella took notes the entire time, trying her best to keep them neat. The lecture wasn't very long, but it was definitely very interesting. She found the idea of using transfiguration as a punishment distasteful, which she decided to put in her essay.

Gabriella Tillington
Hufflepuff Second Year

In my opinion, transfiguration is not a good punishment. It 'suspends' the life of a criminal, which essentially gives them no agency in what happens to them. A criminal did something wrong, but there should always be room to improve. Suspending someone in a different state does nothing but get them out of the way, which is a lazy solution in my opinion. You should help people, not turn them into statues so they are no longer a bother. I'm glad this inhuman method is no longer in use, and I hope it stays that way forever.
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Theodore Westwick
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Theodore Westwick had mixed feelings about returning to Hogwarts, as he usually did. His curious nature enjoyed exploring the castle and its grounds, but he hated being around so many other people. The fun in exploring was decreasing slowly too, as over the past two years he and Edmund had already spent a lot of time looking around, which meant they had explored most of the obvious places to find.

Due to their interest in most things magical, the Westwick twins had always enjoyed Transfiguration quite a bit. Though, they were unlikely to show that in ther expression.He entered the classroom and took the same seat as he had the previous year, of course sitting with his brother. He shot a glare at Zoe Tsuji as he passed her with Edmund. He sure to sit far away from her. He still hadn't forgiven her for stealing his spider.

Animate to Inanimate transfiguration sounded fascinating to Theodore, and he hoped they would get some in-depth information about the process. He was excited to try it for himself, though he wasn't sure how many interesting spells they would be allowed to try as young students. Theodore took a few notes on the lecture, though he really was more excited for the practical part. In their habit of reading of books they probably weren't supposed to be reading, the twins had stumbled across this concept before so it wasn't all that new to him. Transfiguration as a punishment was interesting, and he felt like it was a shame it was never used anymore. When the lesson was over, he gathered his things and left with his brother.
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Stella Wright
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Stella had enjoyed Transfiguration last year; though the lack of theoretical backing for the practical magic had dissatisfied her, it was always thrilling to perform spells that had such palpable effects. She hoped (without much expectation of that hope coming to anything) that they would get more explanation of how the spells worked this year.

The thought of turning animate beings into inanimate objects seemed chilling to Stella, and she felt a palpable surge of relief when Professor Summers said they would all be reversed. How would they practice, though? How would they revise for exams, if only the professor could reverse the spells? Anyway, the whole thing sounded horribly inhumane. Also, if these spells were against Ministry regulations, why were they even being taught in school in the first place? Ah, yes, we're going to teach a bunch of twelve-year-olds how to do something illegal. There's no way this could possibly go wrong. Stella glanced over to the Westwick twins as she thought this, remembering their threats in first year and thinking they looked rather too eager for this class.

At this moment, Stella couldn't think of anything worse than being aware but unable to do anything. She almost physically shuddered when the professor began to talk about that being used as a punishment on humans. People could do some truly awful things to each other with magic, and it was horrible to think that so many of them had been legal in the past.


Stella Wright
Ravenclaw Second Year
Transfiguration Lesson 1

I think transfiguration makes a terrible punishment. It is cruel and inhumane, and forcibly takes away all of a criminal's human rights. I imagine it would amount more to a form of torture than an imprisonment. Not even the worst criminals deserve that, and if such treatment was emplaced by the government it makes them no better than the criminals they're supposed to be punishing.
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Simon Vanity
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[justify]Simon was very excited about the new semester, mostly he was just keen to do well, he needed to do well, he had to be the best, and he was sure that he was doing the best in his year group, but definitely not within the entire school. That was more difficult it meant not just being good at classes, you had to be good at everything, you had to get points from other places too which Simon hadnít been good at getting. The boy was keen for the second semester anyway, he figured it would be more fun that the first semester. Not that it hadnít been fun, but all the distractions which had existed in the first semester would certainly not exist within this semester. He liked the second semester because it was a little calmer. However he was also looking forward to what this semesterís classes would bring for him. The ravenclaw was getting himself ready for the day, he ran a hand through his hair as he got himself ready for the day, getting all the little bits and pieces together. Before getting his uniform on and leaving for the class. This would be a good day.

Simon walked into the transfiguration classroom and took his seat within the room, he was excited about what they might end up learning within this class. It would be good to learn more spells that they likely would be doing within this class. That and Simon did also really enjoy the theory lectures that they did often get in this class, or had gotten in the last few lessons. The ravenclaw had his notes out and was glad when it seemed that they would be focusing on a lecture in this lesson. He didn't think that what the man was talking about was bad, if people deserved to be punished then why shouldn't they be punished? He didn't think it was a particularly fair treatment but that was what happened. Simon took notes of what the man was saying, writing down the little information and every so often adding his own little thoughts about it, which turned out to be quite useful since the homework was to write an essay about the matter. He took a note of it, to be sure he would remember it and then left the classroom, heading straight to the library to do the essay.
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