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Second Years, Lesson One; *Archived* Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw
Topic Started: Mar 9 2018, 06:43 PM (32 Views)
Professor Landon Carter
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Landon stood at the door to the Herbology greenhouse with a box of earmuffs in his arms. It would be his first lesson today teaching the second years and he was very excited. He was so excited that he could barely sleep the night before and he hoped his students felt the same way. "Please, take a pair." Landon told the second years, passing them each a pair of earmuffs as they entered the room. The professor didn't want his students to pass out during their first lesson and would make it his duty to look after each and every one of them. The man was very prepared for today's lesson and decorated his classroom with still pictures of muggle plants to add some colour to the room and make it feel like his old home back in America. He also hoped that it would make his students feel comfortable which were his number one priority.

When he was sure that everyone had arrived and took a pair of earmuffs, Landon put down the box and walked to the front of his classroom, ready to begin. "Welcome to your second year of Herbology! I'm Professor Carter and will be your professor until the end of your fourth year." Landon paused and smiled around the classroom at all the familiar faces from the year before. "Your second year is a rather exciting year and involves a lot of hands-on work with Mandrakes. Can anyone tell me what a mandrake is?" The man looked around the room and pointed to a student sitting at the front of the room. "A mandrake is an ugly plant that you can chop up and use in potions." they said confidently, making the professor laugh. He already loved his class and they weren't even halfway through the lesson yet. "Yes, a mandrake is pretty ugly indeed! 5 Points to your house for making me laugh.

"Mandrake, or Mandragora, are not in fact plants but are roots. They have special magical healing properties and are used a lot in hospitals like St. Mungos."
Landon tapped the board behind him with his wand and a piece of chalk began to draw a detailed picture of a mandrake. "They look a bit like a mutated baby, and are definitely not the prettiest to look at, but we'll be dealing with them a lot this year, hence the earmuffs I have handed you all. The mandrake's cry is fatal to anyone that hears it and without the earmuffs you'll all be passing out one by one. You will be bringing these earmuffs to every lesson. If ever you forget them, it's alright because I'll always have spares." The man looked around at his students, some of which were getting quite bored with the lecture. Looking at his wristwatch, he noticed it was almost time for them to leave. "That will be all for today." he said, hoping his students had enjoyed his first lesson with them. "Next lesson we will be doing a lot more than sitting around and listening to me talk. You may all go. Don't forget the earmuffs."

Assignment: An attendance post is all that is needed. First poster, please answer the question. Please also take some time to check out the Herbology Classroom Policy.Herbology,2,1
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Patrick Vernier
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Patrick's time at Hogwarts was definitely going by quickly. Even though he was only in his second year, it felt like yesterday that Patrick had just stepped his foot inside the castle. Before he knew it he would be doing his OWL exams followed by his NEWTs and the whole thought of this overwhelmed him. Despite this, he knew he had to make the most of it before then and attend his classes like he was supposed to. Hopefully once he graduates he would take on a good career just like his sister was doing. Seeing her get a job in the Ministry was very exciting and he hoped to follow in her footsteps one day.

As Patrick entered the Herbology greenhouse he smiled slightly at the professor before taking one of the earmuffs that were offered to him at the door. He enjoyed the subject last year and was looking forward to what this year would bring as he then took a seat, wondering why the professor was giving them earmuffs during the first lesson. He wondered if it was because they were going to be doing a practical lesson which would have been to no surprise to him, but the professor began by lecturing them, introducing them to what they would be learning about. Even though Patrick knew the answer to the question asked, his shyness got the better of him and he kept his hand down, chuckling slightly at the description another student used. Mandrakes were definitely a dangerous plant, especially considering their cry was fatal, and Patrick tried not to let this worry him as he put the earmuffs into his bag and headed out of the classroom.

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Gabriella Tillington
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The Christmas Holidays had been alright, in Gabriella's opinion. Her dad had been busy as usual, but he had made some time for her. But even though she appreciated that and enjoyed spending time with him, she now felt the missing parts of her family more than ever. Now that she knew Frankie and knew a bit more about their mother, she couldn't help but think about them a lot. Especially during times like Christmas.

Last year, Gabriella hadn't really enjoyed Herbology too much. She was more suited to theoretical subjects than practical ones, so Herbology wasn't one of her favorites. After taking a pair of earmuffs, she took a seat next to Patrick and gave him a smile. It had been a while since she had talked to him. But now was not the time for that. She looked to the front of the class where Professor Carter talked to them about what they would be doing this year. Her mouth turned downward when the professor mentioned mandrakes, and when she raised her hand and answered the question she couldn't really filter her thoughts. "A mandrake is an ugly plant that you can chop up and use in potions." She said, hardly hiding her distaste. The professor went on to explain about the mandrakes, showing them a picture of the ugly thing. It also horrified her that their cry was fatal. Why bother working with creatures like that? She placed her earmuffs in her bag when the lesson was over, decidedly not looking forward to this subject for the rest of the semester.
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Theodore Westwick
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Theodore Westwick had mixed feelings about returning to Hogwarts, as he usually did. His curious nature enjoyed exploring the castle and its grounds, but he hated being around so many other people. The fun in exploring was decreasing slowly too, as over the past two years he and Edmund had already spent a lot of time looking around, which meant they had explored most of the obvious places to find.

Due to their interest in nature and exploring, the Westwick twins had always enjoyed Herbology quite a bit. Though, in their opinion, it was a bit basic. Hopefully this would change now that they were in the second year, but Theodore didn't have much hope. He entered the greenhouse and took the same seat as he had the previous year, of course sitting with his brother. The fact that they would study mandrakes this year piqued his interest. He found them interesting, especially the fatal nature of their cry. He hadn't expected a plant like that in their second year, and sat up a bit straighter. Some Hufflepuff gave an answer to a question, but he didn't really pay attention to her. He wondered if they were going to get some in depth information , but was soon disappointed. When the lesson was over, he left with Edmund.
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Stella Wright
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Stella liked Herbology. Though the thought never would have ocurred to most of the class, she thought it was one of their more scientific subjects. Learning about plants - magical plants, even more excitingly - and how to take care of them wasn't something she would have thought to be interested in before coming to Hogwarts, but now Stella rather enjoyed it. She smiled at Professor Carter as she entered the greenhouse, thinking that he looked rather more exciteable than usual, and took her customary place near the front of the room.

Stella didn't know much about mandrakes, but she was pretty sure that being roots didn't make them not plants. A root was just a part of a plant, wasn't it? What he meant must be that the root was the part they would use - or that they were root vegetables like carrots or potatoes. Judging by the drawing on the board, both of these things were the case. Stella was alarmed to hear that the mandrake's cry was fatal: was that the sort of thing they should be exposing twelve-year-olds to? There must be something missing from that explanation, though, because next he said they'd be passing out without earmuffs. This didn't make much sense to Stella, but she supposed she could expect the first lesson of the term to be a bit garbled. She took a pair of earmuffs and put them in her bag, decidedly determined not to ever forget them.
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