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Future seems bright; *Closed*
Topic Started: Mar 3 2018, 11:32 AM (76 Views)
Professor Bryce Chamberlin
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Professional Photographer - Seer - Part-Veela - Divination Professor (Y5-Y7)

[justify]Bryce Chamberlin had his son with his mother, and it wasn't hard leaving him right now since Bryce was so busy. He checked up on his siblings before he strolled down the cobblestone walkway. Bryce was on cloud nine right now. He loved being a professional photographer, but there was something he dreamed he would love more. And that was none other than being a professor in his favorite subject. Divination. It also would help him train future seers to hone their abilities. Bryce could not wait until his first day, and in a bag, he had a bunch of items that would help him. He didn't have all the parchment, ink and quills that he needed. Bryce just didn't realize that the plastic bag had a rip. As he was walking, the seer's arm no longer felt the weight of all of his items. Bryce looked down to see that the bag was ripped, and his items were everywhere. Bottles of ink smashed and ruined many sheets of parchment. Bryce frowned and slammed his palm into his forehead. He bent down and started to gather his things back up, hating that he didn't see this before. Sometimes, seeing the future didn't pay off. He took out his wand and cleaned up the ink spill. Just a tiny bit of bad luck.
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Tabitha Theirin
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(British) Auror In Training

[justify]When Tabitha had come back to New Zealand to buy a new wand she hadn't expected to stay in the country quite so long. In fact a week had passed already, but after having the chance to catch up with her mother in person the young woman had decided to request some vacation time, and make the trip a little longer. Today she was visiting Brightstone, and it was bringing back so many memories of her old school. How could it not with the castle looming over the village the way it did? She was walking down the main cobbled street when she noticed a few pieces of paper fluttering about. At first she brushed it off as litter, but then she saw smashed bottle of ink, and then another. Looking up into the distance she saw a man realize his bag was broken, and begin collecting his items. Tabitha quickly dived down, and began scooping up paper, and quills. She ran to catch up with the man, and handed him the supplies. "Here you are. Really sucks about the ink." she said with an apologetic smile. [/justify]
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Thanks Madz!
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