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Other Schools At Dances
Topic Started: Mar 2 2018, 08:35 PM (352 Views)
Wynne Andoujenero
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Hi! I'm always unsure if anything I post here has been answered, but I'm super curious about if there is a possibility to allow other students from other schools at a Dance such as the Yule Ball? I know that in Michigan (where I live) usually it just has to fit specifications like they can't have graduated, and they have to have a slip signed by someone from the school and their parents to allow them to dance at another school. I'm sure that there is a way to get them to the school, because it's magic. I figure it would be similar to the owlry where they could not post starter topics, but could post in the topics started by HNZ students?

I was just wondering and figured I'd post it here! Thank you!
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thank you tenilee!
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Professor Cyndi Kingsley
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HNZ Class of 2023/ Gryffindor HoH/Mom of 3

Hi Cole,

Sorry for the delay in replying. To say that life has been incredibly busy for all of us is a huge understatement.

Next, thank you for the suggestion. We have allowed students from outside schools to attend the Yule Ball (and perhaps other dances) in the past, but that was always in conjunction with a Triwizard tournament which is when canon shows schools interacting, and we do allow individuals to attend the graduation event at the school, and Beauxbatons students to interact a bit surrounding their game. OOC, this request is a little too much work for us at the moment (permissions wise and in determining how many students, which school, and who would be allowed when) for an event that lasts only about five days. Grad lasts a fair amount longer and even that has proven to be more work on our end as few outsiders reply in the forum.

IC, we presume that other schools host their own dances that their students would attend. So, for those reasons and several more, this is a no though we'll certainly revisit if we ever do feel like it would make more sense for the site than it currently seems to. For now, if you want the chance to RP as a non-HNZ student in HNZ, your best bets will be getting an invite to graduation or joining the Beauxbatons team. :)

Thanks again!
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Aminia Macksimov
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In Love ll Almost Free ll Secret Keeper

I totally understand and respect that you guys are busy! Thank you so much for taking the time to answering! I'm very glad to hear the reason behind it and I totally understand! Again thank you for the answer, and who knows maybe it'll grow popular eventually!

Thank you
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Thank you Pheeb!
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