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Transfiguration 2:6; *Archived*
Topic Started: Feb 4 2018, 02:22 AM (79 Views)
Professor Aeon Summers
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As his students sat down, Professor Summers wordlessly withdrew a large box from under the desk. after removing on top, and on closer inspection, it was revealed to actually be a chess set. The marble pieces stood still, staring blankly out at the class.

"Hey guys, so I have something a little more enjoyable for our last lesson. Who here has played wizard chess?" Summers questioned. Unsurprisingly, only a few hands were raised. It wasn't like most twelve year olds were too enthusiastic about chess. "Before those chess pieces have minds of their own, they are normal, boring, chess pieces that rather resemble the type used by most muggles."

"The pieces are transfigured, by a special team of wizard toy makers, to come to life. Each set generally has its own distinct personality, depending on the preference of the witch or wizard who brought them to life. This type of transfiguration falls under the Inanimate to Animate type of spell."

Aeon pointed at the chess set, "is a muggle chess set. The pieces remain stationary, having no animation or personality of their own, until we put some life in them."

Taking out his wand, Summers waved the mahogany wood toward a marble piece at random. "Animare!" He incanted, and at once the piece's facial features changed first. Its mouth melted into gentle smile, scowl, and even goofy jester grin, churning through an assortment of emotions. Next its attire changed, becoming more independent and free flowing. The piece remained in the clothing that had been carved onto it, but it seemed to come to life, separating from its body somewhat to resemble a more living appearance. A lone pawn now stood quivering nervously on the spot, barely holding on to his small dagger.

Professor Summers' eyes moved from the knight to the class with a smile. "As you can see, the incantation 'animare' brings things to life. Naturally, other inanimate objects are brought to life to amuse children. Chocolate frogs are an excellent example that comes to mind. After the chocolate is mixed and set, candy makers use a sort of mild spell form of the spell on it so as to not disturb the flavor. The result is that they really only get one good jump before --"

"Oh my, oh dear, excuse me. I am not d-doing battle with these giants, am I? I do not think I am very well equipped for th-this type of combat, you see-" The nervous pawn interrupted, eyes wide and staring at the rows of children. Professor Summers's made to wave his wand at the pawn before it could interrupt his class further, returning it to its solid state.

"Anyway, the wand movement," He continued. "The type of wand movement best suited for Inanimate to Animate Transfiguration is called the 'One-Tap Method.' You should tap the object that you are going to transfigure once squarely in it's center and then aim the wand at the object, speaking aloud the incantation. With the proper visualization and concentration, the correct wand movement, and a firmly spoken incantation, you should find yourself able to cast most inanimate to animate spells. Now one by one come to the front, pick a chess piece, and try to bring it to life in front of the class. Starting with you." Aeon pointed at a student sitting on the first bench of the first rowTransfiguration,2,6
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Lenore Harvelle
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Len was ready for the last lesson. Transfiguration had been lots of fun and Len was sure she wanted to keep it for the next year. When Len was done in the common room she walked to the transfiguration classroom. She seated herself down and waited for the lesson to start.

Len grabbed her quill and was ready for another lecture. When the question was asked Len raised her hand. She had played once, but didn't like the game. It was brutal and the magical effect to it wasn't needed. When the Professor named the normal ones boring Len shrugged. Her parents threw the magical set out and bought a muggle one. They didn't seem to like the game either.

When it was Len her turn to transfigure the chess piece she did feel a bit nervous. Len picked the castle and tapped it once. "Animare'' Len said clearly and the castle became sentient. It started to move and wiggle on its own. It was weird and Len hoped this was good enough. In the end she was done with the class and left.
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Athena Rey-Martinez
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Transfiguration was the only class Athena had where the last lesson of the semester would not be given to the second years to study, like her other subjects. It would have been useful but she shrugged and tried not to be annoyed when Professor Summers began the lesson without hesitation or even a greeting. She listened intently, and when the question about wizard chess was asked the girl raised her hand, not really feeling like playing. If that's what they were even going to do. Athena already knew that the pieces could be brought to life, because whenever her dad used to teach her how to play wizard chess he'd make it more fun and enchant the chess pieces to come to life. Athena had always loved that part of the game, more so than the actual match.

She raised an eyebrow at the pawn, mouth slightly ajar. Anyway she couldn't dwell on the pawn's reaction much because the professor moved on. Okay, then. Athena went to the front when Professor Summers was done speaking. She chose the knight and went back to her desk. "Animare" she said while tapping the chess piece once with her wand, exactly where she saw Summers doing it a few minutes ago. After a few tries the knight came to life and Athena blinked, smirking as the knight was a perfect example of a cliché. Shut it, will you. Don't praise yourself too much, she thought. When the bell rang Athena packed up, and gave the living knight to the professor before she thanked the man and was on her way out.
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