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First Years, Lesson Three; *Archived* Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw
Topic Started: Jan 11 2018, 01:24 AM (105 Views)
Professor Landon Carter
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Landon walked into the Herbology greenhouse rather early for his third lesson of the semester with the first years. Last lesson had been quite fun and he was surprised with how successful each of his students were with the treasure hunt. Lucky for them, they would be going outside today and he was very excited to see how well they would do with their first harvest. They seemed like a trusty bunch and so he was confident that today's lesson was going to be yet another success.

"Morning first years!" Professor Carter exclaimed when he was sure everyone had taken their seat. "We are going to jump right into it today so there is plenty of time for the fun stuff. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween?" Landon pointed to a student near the back of the room. "Pumpkins!" they said excitedly, already beginning to get an idea of what they were going to be doing. "Yes, exactly right! 3 points to your house. We will be planting some pumpkins today. As I said before, I would like to get right into it, so..." With a flick of his wand, Landon watched as the board began writing notes by itself. "Once you've finished copying down these notes, come with me outside."
* The Pumpkin is believed to have originated in North America, where the Native Americans dried strips of Pumpkin and wove them into mats.

* The original name for the pumpkin was Pepon, which was Greek for large melon.

* The Pumpkin is widely known for being served at feasts as Pumpkin Pie, but its notoriety comes from its established tradition at Halloween.

After everyone was finally done copying down the notes, the professor slipped on his leather black gloves and walked outside with them. His tools, a spade, a watering can, and a rake were waiting for him at his section. The dirt looked ripe and eager for planting which Landon smiled at as he observed where his students would be working. Each station was in the shape of a huge rectangle. Landon pulled a bag of Pumpkins seeds from the inside of his robes and gave each of his students a seed for their own use. "Be sure your soil is tilled, or rather soft. I have tilled the soil already so that shouldn't really be a problem. Your pumpkins are to be in the ground and ready to grow by the end of today's lesson."

Landon flicked out his wand, "Watch what I do. You will be doing this in regular labor." A smile formed on his face. His spade hovered in the air. "Get down on your knees, since it's easier to reach the dirt. Take your spade and dig a small hole in the ground and drop the seed into the hole." His spade did exactly that, and Landon dropped the seed into the hole. "Refill the hole and then pat the soil lightly and don't compact it." Landon's spade gently patted the ground like he instructed. "Now, give it a generous amount of water." His watering can poured water over the dirt. "And now do exactly as I did."

After everyone was finished, Landon smiled. As much as he wanted to teach them the muggle way of planting, he knew that they couldn't wait too long until harvest, so he took out his wand once again and spoke to his students. "Now, in order for the pumpkins to grow a bit faster, a spell will need to be involved. Please take out your wands and repeat after me." Landon waited until all of his students had retrieved their wands and stated clearly, "Sementis medicates." He then waved his wand in a loop over his planted pumpkin seed. The sprout emerged from the ground, thickened into a vine, twining and extending its vine, waiting for the others to grow. A small bud flowered, then bloomed yellow before the petals fell away and a small, light colored melon was clinging to the vine. "Great job guys!" the man exclaimed when he looked around to see that everyone had successfully practiced the spell. "Once you are all packed up, you may leave. Have a good week!"

Assignment: RP the lesson. First poster please answer the question. For extra credit you may write a paragraph about the pumpkin.Herbology,1,3
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Jacob Finley
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Herbology was interesting, but definitely not his favourite. When he was at home he never bothered with the plants at home. Jacob walked to the greenhouse and waited for the others. When the lesson started and the Professor asked a question Jacob's hand rose up. "Pumpkins'' He got three points for Ravenclaw. Which seemed really easy to get. He didn't really like answering questions in front of everyone, but he wanted the points.

Jacob copied down the information from the board and waited for everyone to be done. When the Professor was done with his demonstration Jacob repeated him. He dug a hole and dropped his seed in it. He refilled the hole, but didn't compact the soil. Jacob watered the plant and grabbed his wand. "Sementis medicates'' Jacob muttered and his pumpkin grew. When he was done with his pumpkin,
he left the classroom.
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Kira Wolf
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Kira hurried to Herbology, a little later than she intended. She had gotten caught up in a book and lost track of time. She slipped in with the other students and took a seat closer to the front and pulled out her parchment, quills, and ink. She smiled as class started, eager to see what Professor Carter had planned for today. When he asked the first thing that came to mind when they thought Halloween, she almost blurted out her sisters cinnamon and whipped cream hot cocoa, but she was pretty sure that wasn't what the professor had in mind. She did smile though when Jacob answered. He was just as awkward as she was, so she could understand his pain about public speaking.

She turned her attention back to the professor, and then his notes on the board. She copied them quickly and put them into her back, hurrying after the others outside. She picked a patch eagerly and listened to Professor Carter's instructions. She waited eagerly for her pumpkin seed and then waited a bit impatiently for him to finish his instructions. She knelt down in the dirt and set to work. She took a moment longer than she needed to, enjoying herself.

She stood, one of the last to finish planting their seeds, and took out her wand eagerly. This was the combination of worlds that she needed. She listened to the Professor closely, and then with a nervous gulp, copied his loop with her own wand and repeated the words "Sementis medicates." She bit her lip nervously. After a strained moment, a sprout popped up out of the dirt.

She let out a delighted squeal, so focused on her rapidly growing pumpkin that she forgot about her classmates. She knelt down in the dirt again, watching in awe as the sprout grew into a vine, and then the vine grew, and then more vines, and then blossoms, and then the petals fell away to show a little melon. Kira reached out to touch it, letting out a small gasp. It was real. She reached into her bag and quickly pulled out a parchment, scribbling furiously as she darted expertly through the other students and back towards the castle.
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Gerry FitzWallace
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Gerry sidled into class and sat near the back. Last class had gone well. She had actually enjoyed being covered in dirt by the end of it, but she was really hoping for a lecture today. Something she groaned about in most of her other classes. She doodled on her paper waiting for the professor to start class.

Thankfully, Professor Carter began with a lecture. When the professor asked about Halloween, Gerry smiled slightly. Back home Halloween would mean a Halloween movie marathon. She doubted that would happen this year.

Her heart dropped when the professor said they would be planting pumpkins today. She had carved pumpkins before, but never planted one.

After scribbling down the pumpkin notes, Gerry followed the professor outside. She took the pumpkin seed from the professor and listened to his instructions carefully. She knelt in the dirt to dig her pumpkin seed hole. She placed the seed carefully into the hole and covered it. Then came the part that terrified her, watering it. She had led many a hoursehold plant to its death with a watering can. She was sure not to add any more water than the professor had. When she was done successfully not drowning the seed, she stood up waiting for further instructions.

Gerry grinned when the professor told them to take out their wands. She mimicked the looping movement of his wand and said "Sementis medicates." She knelt back down to watch a small vine sprout from the dirt. She hummed happily as the tiny pumpkin appeared. She then packed up her belongings and left the greenhouse.
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