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Everybody Wants To Rule The World; *open* after Clara and Dan
Topic Started: Nov 14 2017, 05:29 PM (125 Views)
Jasmine Wolfe
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Jasmine was bored. It was a bad thing when the young Slytherin couldn't find anything to occupy her mind and she was going to enlist the help of her best friends, Grayson, Athena and Antonio to help her have fun. As usual, the twins all sat together at Lunch and Jasmine decided it was the perfect time to tell the others about her plan. She slammed her hands on the table and looked to her companions "this afternoon, we are going to have fun" she began, very seriously "meet me in the antiquated lavatory on the fifth floor ASAP" she grinned at them all and then stood up from the table and ran back down to her dormitory to grab her supplies.

As quickly as she could she raced up to the fifth floor and pushed open the door of the lavatory. Deeply out of breath, she leaned against the nearest wall and waited to catch her breath; she swung her bag off her shoulder and let it fall to the ground. Jasmine turned around and rested against the wall and waited for her friends to join her.
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Grayson Wolfe
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Grayson sat eating his breakfast minding his own business, surrounded by his sister, Athena and her brother Antonio. The four of them had become somewhat of a group lately, it was pretty cool to hang out with fellow twins though Grayson wasn't too fond of how close Antonio seemed to be getting to his sister. Grayson wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings until suddenly Jasmine was on her feet and telling them all to meet her in the antiquated lavatory. Grayson groaned, his sister had a mischievous glint in her eye which never ended well for him. "This doesn't bode well for us," He said to the others once Jasmine had run off.
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Athena Rey-Martinez
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Athena sat happily munching her breakfast when her best friend Jasmine spoke, Athena sensed that she was rather determined and excited about this, and her excitement was rubbing off on the blonde. Going on adventures with her friends was always fun and she was beginning to really enjoy spending time with them. She glanced at her brother and then at Grayson, who seemed more hesitant than Athena herself. She shrugged, sending him a smile. "It's good to have fun though, right?" the girl announced and stood to follow Jasmine out of the great hall and all the way to the antiquated lavatory. Once they were joined by the boys as well, Athena nodded towards Jazzy's bag and asked "So what's this all about?"
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Antonio Rey-Martinez
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Antonio wasn't normally one for groups and preferred to be alone when he wasn't spending time with his sister but somehow the Slytherin had found himself part of a little group with Athena and another set of twins she had befriended. Antonio didn't have much of an opinion about Grayson yet but he liked Jasmine. Antonio looked up from his breakfast to listen to Jasmine excitedly tell them to meet her in the antiquated lavatory. Antonio had to admit that he was curious what their friend was up to so he followed Grayson and Athena to the bathroom and waited for Jasmine to reveal her plan.
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