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Transfiguration 4:4; *Archived*
Topic Started: Nov 14 2017, 09:22 AM (70 Views)
Professor Aeon Summers
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Professor Summers stood cheerfully by his desk as he waited for his students to come in for yet another lesson on switching spells. Once everyone was settled in, he began.

"For today's lesson, we will be learning cross-species switches," He started, smiling. "You worked with the small items last week, but I'd like to move on to something doubly as challenging. First," He pulled a rather large cage full of guinea pigs from under his desk. "We will use animals rather than small items as our subjects. Second, we will switch them into guinea fowl, another type of animal that I am sure you are all familiar with. Cross-species switches occur when a wizard takes one animal and simply swaps it out for another. Understand? Good."

Someone raised their hand. "Professor? Where are the guinea fowl that we're supposed to swap with?"

Professor Summers took out his wand and looked up, briefly confused by the question. "I don't know."

He received a few blank stares in return until he realised what they had meant. "OH. They're outside." He informed them, watching as heads turned toward the nearest window, gazing out at the empty lawn. He chuckled, shaking his head. "No no, I don't mean literally on the grounds. There are guinea fowl outside in New Zealand. Or England. Or even Ireland. When you are casting a switching spell, you will not always have the item that you would like to swap with close at hand. However, there are plenty of guinea pigs available. I imagine that there are a few hundred thousand in New Zealand alone."

"Use the same technique you employed in the last lesson to swap your guinea pig with a guinea fowl somewhere. Sounds complicated, right?" The class nodded slightly and murmured to themselves. "Complex, but not impossible. If you cast it properly, your guinea pig will appear to grow feathers and wings, and turn into a fowl, just like it would with a regular transfiguration spell. You and I both know, however, what is really taking place. It might take a few tries, but I've no doubt you will be able to pull off the spell effectively. Come take a guinea pig, and get started. If you need me, don't hesitate to yell out."
RP switching guinea pigs with guinea fowls. Feel free to rp help.
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Flavio Morales
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[justify]Flavio arrived to his fourth transfiguration lesson of the semester and sat down near the front of the class, feeling eager to continue learning about switching spells. Changing the colours of quills in his previous lesson had been difficult but he eventually managed the task and he could not wait to learn something new. He opened his notebook and began to take notes on what the professor was saying, looking up confused when the professor pulled out a large cage of guinea pigs from underneath his desk. Cross species switches sounded much more complicated than switching inanimate objects and Flavio felt nervous about the task. But he tried not to let the nerves get to him too much as he continued to take notes, only stopping his writing when the professor instructed the class to choose a guinea pig and begin switching them.

Flavio stood up and approached the cage, choosing a small brown guinea pig and holding it gently as he sat down and placed the creature on his desk. He felt guilty about switching the animal and wondered if it would be painful or uncomfortable. Eating a canary cream in one of his previous lessons and turning into a bird had not been painful for him but Flavio did not know if the experience would be different for an animal and especially when the person casting the switching spell was an inexperienced student. Shaking his head to get rid of his worries, Flavio began to try and change the guinea pig. Much like casting a switching spell on the quills, he needed to attempt multiple times to even see a small change but by the time the lesson was over, the guinea pig had sprouted feathers and wings like the professor had described. Flavio attempted to change the guinea pig back but needed the help of the professor, though despite asking for help he left the classroom feeling accomplished and excited to learn more in his next lesson.
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Amber Chou Wilson
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Amber could hardly believe it was already week four, the second semester was flying by, and she couldn't believe she would be a fifth year in just a few months. Fifth year was the year she officially thought of as 'older students', and she really had no idea how to handle the OWLs that would be coming their way then. But she knew she couldn't focus on it right now, as she had to understand switching spells. Partially for the same reason, as she was sure that was something that would appear on the OWLs next year.

Amber sat down next to her friend Flavio, giving him a smile. These kind of spells were difficult, so she couldn't wait to get started so she could practice a lot. Cross-species switches sounded very difficult, and she was scared she wouldn't be able to do it. She wasn't very good with animals in general, so lessons where they had to Transfigure some always left her slightly nervous regardless. Hearing they had to switch the guinea pig with a random guinea fowl outside in the wild in New Zealand was even more startling. She listened to the professor's explanation, and then got started. It took her a while to even see a tiny change, but once she did she kept trying until it was swapped completely. It was odd to think she had such an influence on the world far away from the school with a single spell. She wondered if the guinea pig was happy wherever she had swapped it to. When the lesson ended, she felt like she had really accomplished something, even though she had the feeling it would only get more complicated in the future.
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November Albertson
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[justify]November walked into the Transfiguration classroom seeing Amber had already claimed a spot near Flavio. So she sat back from them near another study in the classroom trying to not let it bother her very much. Listening to the Professor explain the lesson November felt very uneasy about it. "Professor? Where are the guinea fowl that we're supposed to swap with?" She asked timidly seeing how they before switch two things on the desk with each other. This should be the same as it's their first cross breed attempt. He seemed confused and explained further and she sat back in her seat completely upset. She hadn't ever seen a guineafowl before she didn't even know what it looked like. Maybe it was a guinea pig with wings or something. She went up and picked up a random pig from the front and brought it back to her seat. She started the transformation spells which didn't seem to go well for her, never having seen the bird before. Finally someone else in the classroom transformed their guinea pig into the bird and November was quite surprised by the looks of the bird. But with that picture in her mind she worked on getting her pig to look like that fowl. It took her a bit longer than her friends in class but she managed, and presented the Professor with a slightly furry guineafowl.
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