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Paper animals; *open*
Topic Started: Nov 13 2017, 06:46 AM (144 Views)
Elvera Le Fey
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It had been a long time since Elvera had been in new Zealand. she had left about six years ago and almost literally gone underground. by that she had moved back to England into her grandmother's house, her childhoof house, her house, a house that had been build into the side of a small hill. but right now her girls were on school holiday from the muggle primary school they were attending and she had decided to go on holiday, spend two weeks in new Zealand with morgan.
Today Elvera had packed a basket with food, a blanket, and some paper and she and her twin daughters had done to Takaroko park for a picnic enjoying a slightly unseasonably warm day. the girls had been learning about oragami at school and were enjoying making animals out of pieces of paper and then occasionally if they tried making them move. Whilst Elvera was strict on them at home making sure that they did not use any magic at school here she let them play.
about half an hour after they had set up Helena had gotten bord of the folding. and she was up playing on the grass with a toy snitch, a small ball that flew around at a speed that enabled children to run after it and catch it. Elvera poured herself a cup of hot tea from a flask and watched the eight-year-olds play. It was weird how different the two were. she shouldn't be surprised they were just like her and her sister, like her mother and her aunt. Heliana was like the sun as her name suggested, full of energy and was so easy to read if she was happy you could tell if she was upset she didn't hide it. Selene, on the other hand, was much like the moon she had been named after. calm and quiet, and even as her mother, and a mother who had a knack at seeing things that were meant to be hidden she still didn't believe she knew half of what the girl was thinking. It was good that they were so different, they got along so well, they communicated using some form of language and signalling that no one else could follow.
elvera smiled as her attention bassed between the girls occasionally her eyes flicking up to the castle on the hill on the other side of the park where she had spent so much of her life, as a student, teacher, and deputy headmistress. ten years ago she would never have seen herself sitting here today.but somehow despite all odds here she was.
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Seer, Mother of twins, maker of potions and herbal products.
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Lucca DeNiro
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maya's brother up to no good hs slytherin

[justify]Out of all places to end up after running away from his sister's home, the park was the perfect place to end up at. No one would find it suspicious he was there. They would all think he was some kid playing around. Doing what kids normally do. Run around and get dirty. Typical. By the second day the dirt on his face was beginning to build up and smear. He had tried to wash it off by the fountain. Third day his stomach started to growl at him. He was hungry. He needed to eat but there was no way he was going back home. Not back to his stupid sister, thinking she was the boss of him! And if she cared about him, like she claims too, she was doing a lousy job in finding him. No wonder the ministry let her go, it was starting to make more sense now. She was just as bad, or worst than his muggel dad. Lucca hated them both.

His stomach growled again, it was loud. He needed something to eat, something fast. Then an opportunity came right before his eyes. A woman came into the park with two girls, she sat while the girls play. They looked about his age or younger. He really didn't care to know. Lucca spotted the basket and had a goal. While the woman fell distracted over her children play, Lucca went unseen getting closer to the basket. Lucca reached a hand over the handle and snatch the basket from her side. Holding his breath, he counted in his head as he tried to make his escape behind some random bush.
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