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First Years, Lesson Four; *Archived* Slytherin and Ravenclaw
Topic Started: Nov 12 2017, 12:57 PM (90 Views)
Professor Misha Haden
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[justify]As they entered the room, Misha once again greeted them warmly into his classroom, motioning with his hands for them to take their seats, "Come on now, quickly!" he told them, when it finally seemed like everyone was settled, "Now, I'm hoping everyone did the reading as well as the other homework, because we're going to jump straight in, Accio" he said with a smile, he pointed his wand out to the class, "Accio blue cushion," he said and from the back of the room, came a blue cushion flying towards Misha who then caught it with easy. "When casting Accio you need to be careful and be specific, if not you might end up with all the cushions in Hogwarts," he told them bright, then with a flick of his wand, countless cushions appeared of various colours, "Right, I want to get started, if you feel confident enough with the pillows try with other objects, if you take anything from anyone give it back at the end of the lesson," Misha told them, before waving his hands to tell them to get started.

This lesson will be split up into two parts, so you'll have 72 hours to do this.
Feel free to take stuff from Misha, from around the room. Be as creative and wild as you want with it!
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Stella Wright
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Charms, it seemed, was the only class this semester where they were going to learn any practical magic. No wonder Phoebe had liked it, Stella thought with a smile. Though theory was fascinating, there was nothing quite like the thrill of actually doing something that logic said should be impossible. Stella enthusiastically took out her wand and glanced around for a target. "Accio purple cushion!" Sure enough, the cushion she'd picked came zooming towards her, knocking into another student on the way and crashing into Stella, who failed to catch it and let it fall at her feet. Right. So this spell worked on direct lines, at least until she was more adept at casting it. She'd have to be more careful next time. Stella pulled a few of her textbooks from out of her bag, piled them on the floor, and sat down cross-legged a couple of metres away from them. "Accio A History of Magic," she said nervously, pointing at the book in front of her. Professor Haden had said they needed to be specific, but how many other people were practising on their textbooks? Her worries were unfounded, though, as the book in question sailed over from the top of her pile and landed neatly in her lap. "Accio galaxy-patterned Charms notebook!" That was definitely hers, but Stella hadn't realised it was still in a closed section of her backpack. The backpack wriggled as the book moved within it. Cautiously, Stella tugged at the zip. The notebook shot out and struck her in the chest, and Stella overbalanced backwards, more out of surprise than from the impact. She remained sprawled on the floor for a while, giggling. So that was Accio. Well, she definitely didn't have the hang of it yet.
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Athena Rey-Martinez
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Athena entered the charms classroom, after the professor ushered everyone inside quickly they got started and Athena smiled. She knew this spell, she'd done the reading like Professor Haden had asked and so was eager to try it out in this lesson. She watched his demonstration to the class, and then it was her turn so Athena took out her wand and pointed it at the cushions. "Accio green cushion!" She kept her eyes on the pillow as it flew in her direction and Athena caught it in her free hand. She placed the pillow next to her on the floor and glancing around the room at what other objects she could use, she noticed one of her classmates fall backwards on the floor but she giggled soon afterwards.

The first year felt like being nice so she went over to the Ravenclaw and asked, "are you alright?" with a smile on her face, hoping the girl was. Though her name escaped her. After making sure that she was, Athena glanced around the room once more and spotted an object. "Accio purple quill!". The quill from her desk came flying to her after two tries and the blonde caught it with her hand before it smacked her on the forehead. Well, that had been a little unsuccessful but at least it was something.
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Charlotte Harper
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Charlotte entered the classroom and smiled as she noticed Misha. She walked over to her usual spot in the front and waited for the lesson to begin. Charms was really easy and enjoyable she thought. Ofcourse Charlotte had read the stuff about accio and already know what it would do. She rolled her eyes as she heard some students whispering to eachother they didn't done the reading. The blonde didn't understood that people, but it was fine. It helped her with being the best in class. The blonde looked at Misha when he demonstrated the spell. It seemed easy she had to be specific. Before she wanted to try she noticed a book flying to a Ravenclaw girl. The blonde had trouble with hiding her laugh. The girl laughed about it, but Charlotte thought it was stupid. If you wanted to summon something you had to catch it. Now it was Charlotte her turn, she tried to hide from the things that others summoned and focused while pointing her wand. '' Accio pink cushion'' the blonde said confident. Charlotte saw the cushion coming at her and catched it. That was how you needed to do it. She looked proud in the direction of the others. She practiced a little more with some different objects and sometimes it didn't went as she wanted things to be. She hated that, it was failure. She hoped that people hadn't seen it. Charlotte focused again and than had it under control again.
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Alexis Sage Kramer
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After a quick reading on the Summoning Charm, Alexis made her way to her Charms class. She entered the room and greeted Prof. Haden before making her way beside Stella Wright. She already saw Charlotte Harper and barely acknowledged her presence. Alexis felt that the Slytherin did not particularly like her. The class promptly started with the charm they would be using which Prof. Haden. He waved his wand,summoning a blue cushion toward him. The cushion looked cute in its color since it was one of the Ravenclaw's favorites. After, he then produced various colored cushions for them to practice. Alexis picked a red one not far from her,waved her wand, "Accio, red cushion." Despite the calmness in her voice, Alexis was confident in her spell and not surprisingly, the red cushion flew toward her which she neatly caught it. She saw Charlotte also catching a pink one with a proud smile on her face. This made Alexis think of something, "Accio, pink cushion.", pointing her wand in the Slytherin's direction. The pink cushion flew toward Alexis, catching it successfully the second time around.

Alexis heard a thump to her side and turned just to see Stella hit with her notebook. Alexis moved to help her but then noticed that her classmate was already giggling. This made Alexis laugh as well before turning back to practice more.
Heartfelt gratitude goes to AWESOME ANNALEISE!
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