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Seventh Years, Lesson Four; *Archived* All Houses
Topic Started: Nov 11 2017, 06:35 PM (35 Views)
Professor Maurice Welch
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Maurice sat on the edge of the desk again while he waited for the seventh years to walk in. Today's lesson wasn't going to be an easy one for them, and that it wasn't made him even more excited to teach the seventh years. He greeted the students once they arrived and counted heads to make sure they everyone was inside the classroom. ''Good morning,'' he said, nodding his head at them. He had something difficult planned for them today and was trying to figure out how to say what they were going to do without worrying someone, seeing as some already gazed at the first aid kits he'd stacked on his desk.

Once Maurice found the words, the waved the door shut with his wand and looked back into the classroom. ''Before I start with the instructions, let me be clear about this, I do not expect you to retrieve the pods inside of the plants you'll work with today. It is a dangerous task and can go wrong if you're not focusing on it properly,'' he told the class, the tone of his voice more serious than it had ever been whilst teaching them. ''I think everyone remembers the Snargaluff from your previous year? Good. You should all have more than enough experience and knowledge to work with these plants. As you can see there are first aid kits here, which we will be bringing with us when you are going to retrieve those pods.'' Professor Welch hoped that they still remembered covering the Snargaluff because everything they had learned mattered today. ''If you would please follow me,'' he said as he stood up and walked towards the door.

''As I mentioned before, you will be retrieving the pods that the Snargaluff's have inside of them. You'll be working with two of the plants we have here at the castle. Now, it's better to handle these with a partner, however, I want you lot to do this alone because I feel like you have enough knowledge of how to handle these plants.'' Maurice said whilst he led the students towards the other Greenhouse. He opened the door and watched as the group walked in and gathered around the two stumps standing in the middle of the Greenhouse. Professor Welch grinned as the two Snargaluff's sprang to life once approached, their vines whipping through the air. He had them lined up and so they could watch each other retrieve the pod, and after all of them were retrieved, Maurice would collect them, put them into one of the many buckets lying around in the Greenhouse, and then helped the students who got injured during the retrieving process.

Homework: RP the lesson.

Note: Your character will have issues with this. It is obviously not a very easy task to do alone. If your character got injured whilst retrieving a pod then they can either help themselves treat the injury, or they can have Professor Welch do it. It doesn't have to be a large injury at all. If you feel like your character should be able to get this done with ease, PM me first for approval explaining why you should.Herbology,7,4
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