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Skip the Drinks; *Closed*
Topic Started: Oct 12 2017, 02:22 AM (67 Views)
Kairi Styx
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[justify]"Have you heard? Disappeared without a trace."
"Just another deadbeat dad."
"No, I heard he was murdered!"

So many whispers, all of which had Kairi Styx at her wits end. Dressing like someone in her condition should, yet the glare that came from her eyes when she heard the gossip. She had her wand out and was ready to send them flying, but then she sighed. What was the point? Going to a place like this where only the purest of families could attend, she knew that there would have been some talk. It was true. The man that caused the unborn child within her womb was gone. There was nothing more she could do about it. She dated him for a few years, and though she thought she could have loved him, things had not developed to that point. It was hard to get a Styx to fall in love, especially when she did not see him for more than a few days out of her breaks when she was in school. Letters and communication were enough for her though. Kairi bit her lip, placing her hand on her swollen stomach. It was clear she was showing, and she was just going into the second trimester. Her plans to move in with him, to eventually marry him, all blew up in her face.

Kairi ordered a virgin drink, considering it ironic considering her circumstances. Her golden eyes remained glued to the promise ring that rested on her finger. A little snake, which symbolized her house back in New Zealand before she left that boring school and went to Durmstrang instead. Kairi considered taking it off, but it had been a little rough for her to even consider it. Besides the growing child, she only had that ring left. Everything else somehow disappeared. It was almost as though her family said no, and caused every trace of him to go away, but it was hard to say. Kairi couldn't stress out over things like that anymore. She received her drink, and took a small sip. Indeed, no alcohol That was what she wanted, even though she wanted to get wasted. She couldn't. She had to be responsible, even though that word just sizzled on her tongue.
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