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Phoenix Rising; *closed* Yule Ball Continuation
Topic Started: Oct 11 2017, 05:47 AM (76 Views)
Damide Snow
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[justify]The only way that Damide was going to consider a dance is if he and Ares were out of the way of wandering eyes. Concerned about his friend's welfare, he'd taken Ares' hand (not without a small spark of pleasure) and wandered through the halls, Great and then Entrance, till they came to the school garden which was beautifully decorated with fairy lights. There were a few tables set up with drinks and light snacks for the few couples milling about, but it was a great deal more private and atmospheric than where they'd come from. The music was quieter but still audible, suggesting that were was some sort of magic involved in filtering it out to the garden. Damide turned to his friend, hand still grasped, and joined their other ones together. He took a deep breath and smiled.
"I think I'm ready for that dance, now."
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Ares Jeffreys
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[justify]Ares had to admit being surprised by Damide's forwardness, in actually leaving with him, and heading to the gardens. He looked at the decoration briefly before focusing on Damide. The boy ran a hand through his hair as he looked at him, as the boy looked towards him. Ares nodded, "Okay," he wasn't sure how best to do this. He wanted nothing more than to put his hand on the other boy's shoulder or maybe his waist. Ares decided that if he didn't want it he would say something, so he reached out and let the hand settled comfortably on the other boy's waist. Swaying slowly to the music, a little in disbelief that they were even doing this. The hufflepuff smiled at the other boy, letting himself relax slightly, and just enjoy the moment. He leaned in towards the boy slightly, an intention on his mind to kiss the other boy but he didn't want to be so bold. Maybe not just yet. His mind filtered through everything that could possibly happen if he did that. It could be good, or it could end horribly. Instead he decided to play it safe, "Do you usually go to the Yuleball?" he asked thinking it neutral enough, "It's a fun thing to have after a long term,"
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