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Make-Up Lessons; *Archived* Y29
Topic Started: Sep 1 2017, 01:17 PM (172 Views)
Professor Misha Haden
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Charms, All Years | Passionate | Laid Back

[justify]If you have missed any lessons please post them here.[/justify]
[b]House and Year:[/b]
[b]Lesson Missed:[/b]

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Lenore Harvelle
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Secretly Part-Goblin l♣l Flora l♣l Fiction Nerd Ω

Name: Lenore Harvelle
House and Year: Gryffindor First Year
Lesson Missed: Lesson 1 part 2-3

She wasn't picked to answer the question, but that was alright. Being the center of attention wasn't something Len desired so being a bit shadowy in class was good. Len pushed a hand through her hair to filter out the loose ones. She waited for others to say the right answer. Fleur was one of them so at least they got some points for Gryffindor. Lenore was amazed that someone actually knew the date that the yearbook started. It was odd, but then again some people knew everything.

Len waited for the rest of the lesson to come to its end. She yawned in her hand and looked around at her friends. Next lesson they were finally going to learn their first spell. She was excited, but hesitant. Len had practised some spells and they weren't going to good currently. She only hoped the gods were at her side next class.
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Wilfred Lichester-Raven
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Brave New World • Eclectic

[justify]Name: Wilfred Lichester-Raven
House and Year: Hufflepuff First Year
Lesson Missed: 1 (all parts)
Lesson One
Wilfred was excited for Charms, as they were such a huge part of everyday life that it was hard to ignore their existence. He would definitely need to know some household charms if he wanted to be anything like his parents, and so he needed this class anyway. He was rather surprised with being told that he could refer to Professor Haden by his first name, however, and decided that he wouldn't be doing that any time soon – it was much too weird. He could hear his papi's disapproval already. Obviously this professor wans't as stern as the others, and it was sort of nice, but it was difficult to outline the boundaries that would surely within the classroom – hopefully he would find them before he crossed them.

There was another introduction to be done, but Wilfred was always happy for them. When it came to his turn, he stood up with a smile and spoke clearly. "My name is Wilfred, I'm a Hufflepuff, I was born in Italy but live I've lived in New Zealand for years now. I also have absolutely no idea when the yearbook was published, or that there was one." He wasn't even entirely sure what a yearbook was, let alone when the school's one was first published. He wasn't entirely sure what asking a question the greater majority of students had little chance of answering had to do with pre-class reading. There were some week parallels between what the professor was saying, but Wilfred felt that the example was still kind of poor – it would have been just as simple to tell them to read. They were assigned homework, which was rather easy for him – he knew lumos. Packing up his things, the Hufflepuff left the classroom.
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Mhairi Olaf
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Empathetic | Sincere | In a world of Silence | Zhaklina's Clone | The Science.

Name: Mhairi Olaf
House and Year: Hufflepuff First Year
Lesson Missed: 1 (All Parts)

Part 1
Mhairi was incredibly nervous as she found her Charms classroom, and took a seat in an empty chair. The pressure was on for the first year to progress well in this subject in particular, and unfortunately it would be a while before her sister joined the class from Slytherin. Not really knowing many of the other children, she hoped no one would ask her too many difficult questions.

As the Professor arrived, she began to watch his lips intently, focusing on every shape he was making. Her quill beside her scribbling furiously, which would come in useful if she lost track of what Professor Haden was talking about. She quickly came to realise that their first lesson would be introductions. It would be obvious, when compared to her classmates, that she was a little different, but she wanted to at least try her best.

She watched as the students around the room gave their details, although for this Mhairi's eyes were fixed on her personal parchment, unable to full see clearly from the angle of her seat. There were pauses in between the paragraphs of introduction, as each student took their turn. When the quill stopped moving for longer than she expected, the first year looked up to see a few faces looking at her. Oh. She stood up, flattening her robes as she prepared herself. Hopefully it was self explanatory that she was in Hufflepuff given their colour, and besides she hadn't learnt how to pronounce that word yet. She'd taken an idea from her mother about wearing a name badge, at least for the first few weeks, to help other students get to know her without the need for her to try and speak, but they weren't going to be able to read it from that distance. In her mind there was silence, but she concentrated and forced her throat to vibrate, hoping that the practise of simple sounds would be enough to see her through. "Var-ree" She said, hoping that it was understandable. She hated trying to use her voice, not knowing whether she was doing the right thing. She wasn't enough going to try and pronounce Bulgaria, not yet. She wasn't sure when the Hogwarts Yearbook began, but she flashed up a series of numbers with her fingers 1-9-5-0, before shrugging and quickly taking a seat.

Part 2
Mhairi watched as Professor Haden mentioned only one student got the answer right, and it wasn't her. Suddenly some marking appeared on the chalk board, and her eyes scanned the words. She was happy enough to do some reading, after all her eyes were perfectly fine. On occasion, Professor Haden would look away from her, and she decided instead of trying to piece together his conversation, she hoped he wouldn't consider her rude as she just watched her self-writing quill at work once more as he explained.

Part 3
The lesson hadn't really gone as bad as she'd first expected, but she knew she was going to have to practise the charms more than perhaps other students would, at least to get the correct pronunciation. She'd been given the offer to be home-schooled, much like her childhood, but she was here at Hogwarts for a reason, and she was determined to get by.
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Viktor Styx
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Obsessive | Unusual | Starer | Ravenclaw Beater

[justify]Name: Viktor Styx
House and Year: Ravenclaw 2nd Year
Lesson Missed: 1, 3

First week into the semester was always the most boring of the lessons, something that the Ravenclaw second year had learned the previous year. Viktor Styx might have been a good student overall, but he lacked the interest needed to keep him thoroughly engaging and participating within the class. He did his work and he was done. That was what he always did. Viktor made his way through the corridors and found the classroom. After a year, he had mastered the corridors and where they went, when it came down to classes. He found his seat in the back of the classroom and settled in. Viktor barely looked at the other students as they found their way inside as well. When the class would start would be when he would at least pretend to be interested.

Viktor wanted to groan when he saw that they were going to be doing a lot of spells, which was something he actually did not want to do. Alas, there he was. He bit his lip a bit before sighing, and writing down the list of spells that he could likely practice a bit on his own before showing up to class, just so he wouldn’t have to say it more than once. Theories were definitely more up his alley. The lesson was indeed short, which was enough as he just finished writing down the last spell, before looking down at his textbook. Do the reading before class. Easy enough. He gathered his things and left the classroom for the day.
The third week started and it reminded the boy that this was the mid-way point into the semester, along with the fourth week. The third and fourth week were like the Wednesday of a week. Viktor walked through the corridors and down the stairs, fulling dressed in the uniform, even with the tie on straight, and fastened tightly. He often had it loose, but this time he thought that he would appear to be the good, academically driven student that he pretended to be. He did not procrastinate, but this was something that kept his interest. The library was also a perk of being here, as well as looking after his siblings. At least for now, he was the youngest and did not have much stress.

They will not be staying in the classroom for long? Viktor rolled his eyes at the very thought of going outside. That was something he did not want to do because he was reminded of the sun. He hated the sun very much, which was evident in his pale skin. Although, with the subject, it did not make sense to go outside. Maybe just the halls? Viktor figured that was the case. The incantation was spelled out, pretty much, which Viktor remained silent. He already did this in the privacy of his dorm while it was empty. The Ravenclaw followed the Charms professor out of the classroom, where there were soon plenty of doors for them to work on. Viktor chose one far from the others, and practiced just once, before sneaking off to go exploring.
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Viktor Styx
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Obsessive | Unusual | Starer | Ravenclaw Beater

[justify]Name: Viktor Styx
House and Year: Ravenclaw 2nd Year
Lesson Missed: 4, 5

The fourth week of which the lessons of the second year continued. Finding the seat that often housed Viktor Styx, the Ravenclaw sat down and placed his arms on the table. He rested his head on his arms and awaited for the lesson to begin. This was definitely a week where he could look forward to the up and coming break that was not far from now. Viktor listened as the other students made their way into the classroom and settled down. Viktor hoped that the second years were more like him, reserved but some seemed to be every much annoying. Some still are since they were all still children. Viktor himself did not have a normal childhood, but with his rearing, what he went through was normal.

Viktor stared up at Professor Haden with his cold eyes, wondering if the spell they would use today would take them outside or not. It was the repelling charm, which he thought to be relatively useful in a way. Much to his dismay, the students were going outside. Viktor grabbed his things and wondered if Repello idiots would actually work, and who it would work with. He smirked slightly at the thought, before dismissing it. He went to some plants away from the others, speaking the spell. It took him two tries this time to make the spell work, which was frustrating since the others were so easy to him. He left as soon as he felt he had the hang of it.

Into the fifth week, and not so much happened to have fulfilled the lust that Viktor had for learning. However, since he was only a second year and in three classes, this might have been why. He would simply have to deal with it in his own time. Viktor walked into the classroom and took a seat where he had sat for the entirety of the school year. Viktor got out his things to take notes for the lesson, in case they were needed. Sometimes, they were not but he could doodle or something when the lesson was starting up before the use of wands, if that were even applicable. Viktor preferred theories and whatnot over actual wand usage because he did not like to speak. He preferred for his words to be saved for those worthy. Wynter was getting there, but there was still so much to get to them.

Viktor wanted to roll his eyes at the very thought of playing a child’s game. The spell would come in handy, but he felt that it would also be cheating at the same time. Viktor followed the Charms professor out the door, with his wand at his side. Viktor thought that this was just some trivial thing that he could somehow weasel out of. Sighing, Viktor did not really even try to hide and allowed himself to be caught. He did manage to become the seeker eventually, and found three students carelessly. Either way, Viktor did not enjoy the game, as he was more eager to do more theory work than things that would tend to a five year old.
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Espen Manning
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An Enigma of emotions, Scandinavian descent, Danish, Resembling a Viking, Twin

!! i am not certain if this is already post the date that it's allowed, since the exams already started.
Name: Espen Manning
House and Year: Slytherin House | Fourth Year
Lesson Missed: 4 until 6

Charms was luckily all about practical involvement, swishing and waving their wands and yelling out incantations to try and see some process in their use of magic. Some of the spells they were learning weren't as fun as others, but now that he was slowly listening to every word that came out of the teacher's mouth -- with the help of the readings Espen had done prior to class, he was slowly getting a hang of it.. that all of the things they were learning through this specific year were rather cohesive. Like all of it belonged to a greater picture the teacher was trying to enforce onto them. Definitely something to take into consideration while they would be practicing more of these spells that all seemed to either enhance communication or prevent it from happening, make it harder to have people converse.

Getting up from his spot in the back, he paired up with one of the Ravenclaws he'd been working with in previous classes as well. They weren't too chatty, just there to practice and make sure they'd pass the course. Relatable. "Muff-LEE-ato," Espen muttered after taking his wand out and pointing it at his partner. Weirdly enough they started slapping around them, waving as if they thought bugs were surrounding them. Once they started to make a few sounds Espen continued with his range of spells. "si-LEN-see-oh!" the mutters, whimpers and whines the other let out were completely blocked out from anyone in the room. Only making them look worse while waving and grasping at thin air that was around them.

Today's class did not seemed to involved any wand waving at all, perhaps because the charms were pretty useless if they did not plan on dipping into the lake that was on the grounds or spill any liquid for them to clean up. Besides, it would only make a big mess and Espen was sure the jannitor wouldn't be too happy with a bunch of students messing up their spells and causing more water to spread around the room. It was handy to know these spells though, especially the drought charm since Espen was a clumsy tall fellow that tended to push things over without even noticing it. Now, he would be able to help people clean up his messes if it involved liquid. When their teacher wrapped up their class, he slowly moved up from his seat after staying behind for a few extra notes before taking his books with him to move his ass out of there. Perhaps the library was a good option to go next, to deepen himself into these newly introduced charms.

Nothing new to learn, merely show that you were present and that you were showing effort in your studies. Since Espen had been caught up with some other matters, he was a bit late and was one of the last students to sign in to make sure he had been there. Giving his teacher a quirky little grin; he turned around quickly to leave the classroom again, back to the library where he came from and once the theoretical part was done he would move to the Hogwarts' grounds to practice his new arrangement of spells.
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Eleanor Hope
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sixth year | impulsive | nature-loving | ♛ queen of flowers ✿

Name: Eleanor Hope
House and Year: Hufflepuff, 5th
Lesson Missed: 2

Eleanor entered the charms classroom and took her usual seat in the room. She was disappointed to find a revision quiz sitting in front of her but was glad that it was an open book test nonetheless, despite the lack of notes she had with her. When the class was finished with the quiz they were sent outside to learn a new spell. Ellie watched as the professor cast the jinx on a gnome and slowed it down. When instructed, Ellie took out her wand and attempted to try to do the same thing. It was quite intimidating as it started to head towards her but she pointed her wand right at it to defend herself. "Impedimenta!" she exclaimed, and beamed as the gnome slowed down. It didn't slow down as much as the professor's did but she was happy with her progress nonetheless and left the classroom at the end of the lesson with a smile on her face.
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Isabelle Vernier
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former ravenclaw | french | wizarding examinations authority | link ♡

Name: Isabelle Vernier
House and Year: Ravenclaw, 7th
Lesson Missed: 2

Isabelle gave the professor a small smile as she entered the charms classroom for the second time that year and took her usual seat in the room. She listened as the professor began explaining to the class how dangerous the spell was that they were going to learn. The Ravenclaw didn't really like the dangerous spells but she knew she had to try it nonetheless. She headed outside with the rest of the class and watched as the professor cast the spell on the car. She jumped as it exploded into pieces and was unsure whether or not she would ever use this spell again. Isabelle stood in front of one of the pieces provided and pointed her wand straight at it. "Expulso!" she said. It took quite a few tries but eventually the piece had broken apart and she took a sigh of relief, glad that she was able to do it without hurting anyone. At the end of the lesson, the Ravenclaw thanked the professor before heading out of the classroom.

French ; English
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Margo Ellis
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Name: Margo Ellis
House and Year: Ravenclaw 3rd Year
Lesson Missed: 1-6

Lesson 1:

Margo took her seat in the Charms classroom, glad to be back at school again. It wasn't that she didn't like the holidays, but her sisters really could be insufferable sometimes. Being a witch wasn't even enough to make them leave her alone. In fact, they'd been even more insufferable since she'd discovered her magical ability, poking her to do magic that she wasn't even allowed to do, and then calling her a liar when she refused. Back at the castle, though, Margo felt far more at home, and she was of course as ever pleased to see her best friend, Odette.

Today's lesson was mostly an introduction to the charms they were going to be learning that year, which apparently needed to be studied beforehand, since they were slightly more complex than those of the previous years. They certainly sounded more complicated to Margo, who often struggled even with the simpler spells. Still, she was nothing if not determined, and did not let the thought of having to study deter her. She made a note of the charms to study, and then packed up and headed out, thanking Professor Haden for the lesson.
Lesson 2:

The term was well underway, and Margo arrived at her second Charms lesson in a reasonably good mood. So far, the lessons had been fun and not too tiring, and she hadn't been inundated with homework. On top of that, she'd received a valentines rose, which put a smile on her face for the rest of the day. Unpacking her equipment, Margo settled into her chair and listened up, paying extra attention just in case some of this information was going to come up in her exams. Passing those exams meant a lot to the Ravenclaw, and she was determined to work hard and do the best she could.

Having indeed studied the charms in advance, Margo knew the incantation and movement for the Cheering Charm, and was a little disappointed that there was no activity to go with it. How could she show off how hard she'd been studying if she couldn't perform the charm? Still, it made sense; messing with other people's emotions was kind of a strange thing to do. Fortunately, Professor Haden did have an activity planned for the Locomotion Charm, and Margo jumped straight in, grabbing herself a brick and taking it back to her desk. It was heavy enough to move with her hands, so goodness knew how she was going to move it with magic, but she sat down anyway and focused hard on the task at hand. "Locomotor!" she said, moving her wand a bit to see if the brick would follow. Unfortunately, nothing. She tried again, and again, but her concentration just wasn't strong enough. With time running out, she finally blocked out all of the background noise, focusing every ounce of attention she had on moving the brick. This time, it slid across her desk. She was so surprised that she immediately broke the charm, but she'd done it!
esson 3:

It was half way through the semester, and the Charms pressure was piling on. It wasn't that the subject had a lot of homework, but that Margo had to perform so many difficult spells. Still, she could only try her best, and it wasn't as if anybody was judging her if she failed. Well, nobody except herself. She was conflicted about her family, half wanting to believe they didn't mind how well she did, and half afraid that if she didn't get good grades, her mother and father would think less of her than her elder sisters. It was ridiculous, really, but that was how she felt.

Margo was quite excited about the wand-writing spell, seeing many potential uses for such a cool charm, though she was not so confident about her ability to perform it successfully. She'd managed to cast a successful Locomotion charm the last lesson, but only with great determination and focus. With her fellow students Margo began to practise the two charms for the day, finding the wand-writing slightly easier than the revealing charm. Nonetheless, she did manage to perform both, even if they were a little bit weaker than everybody else's. It didn't help that she was feeling so tired that day. After the lesson, Margo packed up and headed off to lunch.
Lesson 4:

As usual, the confidence Margo had begun the year with was waning fast. She took her seat in the Charms classroom and listened carefully to Professor Haden, always careful to understand the instructions before she began waving her wand around. That would have been disastrous. Fortunately, Professor Haden was kind, and always good at explaining things in a way Margo could understand without being patronising. She found it quite odd that there were shrinking and engorging charms as well as potions - surely the charm could just be used in every instance? - but decided not to question it in case the reason was obvious and she looked silly. After the demonstration she picked herself a marble and practised the two charms on it, managing both successfully after a little work. It always filled the Ravenclaw with pride when she cast a successful charm, perhaps because she had struggled so much during her first and second years. After the lesson she thanked Professor Haden for his help and headed off.
Lesson 5:

Exams were fast approaching, and all Margo really wanted to do was sit down in the library and study everything she'd learned in Charms that year. Trying to juggle all of her classes was an immense challenge, and she'd found herself quickly regretting taking on so much work. She just wanted to do well, for a change, rather than being boring, average, plain old Margo. Unfortunately, things weren't destined to work out that way. They still had one more charm to practice - and it was the charm Margo had most been dreading since she'd learned about it in their first lesson. Fire and Margo did not mix well. She had very little control over the strength of her magic, and knew that whether she imagined a flame as small as a candle, she was still going to set fire to every combustible material within a two mile radius. Trying not to look as if she were dragging her feet, she followed her fellow students outside and got ready to practice on her candle. Focusing hard on imagining a nice, small, contained flame, Margo pointed her wand and said, "Incendio!" As anticipated, however, the fire shot out right over the top of the candle and set fire to the grass behind it. "SIR!" she yelled, but Professor Haden was already coming over to extinguish her mess. Blushing, Margo waited for him to leave and then waved her wand around a bit, pretending to be practising the spell, but really not saying the incantation out loud. She'd had enough embarrassment for one day.
Lesson 6:

The last lesson of the year was usually allocated to revision, which Margo was always grateful for. By the end of the year, she usually had so much homework and so many things to study that the thought of learning any more information almost made her want to collapse. She decided to take herself down to the library today to read up on what she'd learned so far and to fact check her information. She was pretty sure she'd pass the theory part of her Charms exam (the practical, she was less sure of), but it didn't hurt to be too careful.
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