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Emilio Abramo; wip
Topic Started: May 17 2017, 03:58 PM (66 Views)
Emilio Abramo
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Name: Emilio Ignazio Abramo

Name Meaning: Rival

Name Origin: Italian

Birthdate: June 7th 2015

Age: 28 years

Sexual Orientation: BiSexual

Marital Status: Single

Heritage: Italian

Languages: Italian | Spanish | English | French | Latin

Blood status: half blood

Hair: orange-red

Eyes: green

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 12 stone

Birthmark: black round mark on back below right shoulder

Permanent Residency: Siena, Tuscany, Italy

Dominant Hand: Left

Wand: Maple with 3 Dragon heart Strings Core, Eleven and a Half Inches, Hard

Maple Wands:
Are by nature travelers and explorers; they are not stay-at-home wands, and prefer ambition in their witch or wizard, otherwise their magic grows heavy and lackluster. Fresh challenges and regular changes of scene cause this wand to literally shine, burnishing itself as it grows, with its partner, in ability and status. This is a beautiful and desirable wood, and wand quality maple has been among the most costly for centuries. Possession of a maple wand has long been a mark of status, because of its reputation as the wand of high achievers.

Hard: rigid wands are hardest to learn and cast with but most powerful

Dragon heartstring(s)
Dragon heartstring is a powerful wand with a lot of magical “heft”. It is not the core you want for subtlety, but for sheer power it is definitely the best.

Occupational Information:

Emilio excelled at Charms at school and once he graduated applied to the Italian Ministry of Magic for an apprenticeship in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. He had always wanted to work with memory charms and found an almost sadistical delight in altering or wiping the memories of muggles. Once his apprenticeship was complete, he remained at the ministry as a fully fledged Obliviator, he became one of the most adapt in his department and rumours abounded that he would become the youngest head of the department but he was called by ‘The Family’ to perform his duty which would take a period of two years of service. He went without any regrets or malice, loyalty to the Family meant everything to him. It was the Family first and his own aspirations second. He will act as Guardian to the Next in Line for the matriarch position within the Caliburn family.

Values and Beliefs:

Loyal, committed, reliable, motivated, respected, efficient, consistent

Though he believes in equality for all magical people (not lower beings or beasts) he understands his place in the world and his duty to the pureblood members of his family. He does not resent this, they have never treated him poorly and to the best of his knowledge, the one he is guardian of will be the best thing that has ever happened to the Caliburn family. He knows her believes are strong and that within the family, Merlina has many that would follow her to the end of time.

Boggart: Losing his twin

Amortentia: freshly fallen snow, real ground coffee, leather


  • hard work
  • perseverance
  • traveling
  • quiet
  • his twin


  • People who give up easily
  • mundane / the ordinary
  • procrastination
  • Laziness

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Obliviator – First Class – 2037 – 2043
Apprenticeship in Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, Italian Ministry – 2032 - 2037
Graduate of Durmstrang – NEWTs – 2032

Goals: To return to being an Obliviator within the ministry when his time within the family is complete - to eventually run the department


  • Excellent with languages
  • hard working
  • Dedicated
  • Disciplined
  • Innovative
  • Decisive


  • Too demanding of others
  • Domineering - very focused on doing things his own way
  • Overly decisive – doesn’t take time to consider someone else’s perspective

Magical Skills and Abilities:

Non-magical skills and abilities:


Elemental sign:


School achievements / Awards:
Best subject:
Worst Subject:
Owl grades:
Newt Grades:

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The Abramo family history has dark deep roots in the Italian magic world. For generations the Abramo's lived in the town of Benevento most commonly known as the 'City of Witches'. For centuries they lived in what they had always considered harmony with muggles and felt at ease practicing magic in public. It was not until 1639 when Christianity came to the city that fear and ignorance among the simple town folk grew and witches and wizards became abhorrent and soon would be hunted down. With no school to teach their children at the time, parents had taken it in turns to sit by the walnut tree outside of the city to teach magic to their children there. The simple minded muggles with their new insight to Christianity believed that these were all evil doers and in league with the devil, they would have to be burnt at the stake.

The legend of Benevento is such that even today, muggles and wizards alike go to see the strange haunting area of the walnut tree. Men, women and children were rounded up and the large tree was chopped down. The tree was cut even further, into piles and stakes in order to make 12 piles in a circle where the walnut tree had originally stood. Flames rose up to burn the wizarding families but they created flames that would not burn and outed the muggle fires. They screamed and cried so loudly that the christians that stood to watch grew horrified and ran back to their homes.

Then the rain came and the winds rose up and as a ghastly storm broke across Benevento, the wizarding families freed themselves from their binds and left. Dispersing all over Italy and Northern Europe but no longer practicing their magic openly for fear of more reprisals by muggles. A year to the day that the wizarding families fled from Benevento, 12 walnut trees grew over night tall and strong that withstood the blade of an axe and muggle saw, fire and any other tool the muggles could think of to tear the trees down. Believing the place to be haunted forever more, the muggles began to leave the town until it was completely empty.

The Abramo's moved to the North of Italy and here kept low for many years, until it seemed again as if wizarding people could live in towns and villages of their own without fear of muggles. It was not until the beginning of the 20h century that Benevento became known once again to the public, the entire town was bought was the Italian pureblood families, Fiorelli, Caretti, Greco and Caliburn. The city was charmed to be unplottable to everyone except family members, it was to be a refuge, a safe place for any of them to go to in times of wizarding or muggle wars.
Emilio was the first of the twins and he never lets his sister forget that – she is however the only one that he lets his guard down around and even then, very rarely. Much was expected of him growing up, he was the first son and after a few years it was recognised that he would be the only son, as such his father demanded high grades, expected more of him than Ignazio did of his daughter though he was also tough on her too. Emilio always wanted to do his father proud and it was this constant seeking of reassurance from his father that he never got that led to Emilio never being able to have a relationship that actually seemed to work.

At Durmstrang, he excelled at Charms and Transfiguration but his most outstanding subject was always the Dark Arts. Through his love of these he became fascinated with the mind and how it worked and he became obsessed with a recurring dream of obliviating his father, altering his memories so that his father would be demonstrable of his pride and love for him instead of distant, cold and harsh. He joins the ministry of magic to do an apprenticeship as an obliviator, there he meets Fabionn Garzen and falls in love or believes he has. He is destructive however, always questioning, always demanding, domineering Fabionn to the point that he breaks with him. He has other relationships, both male and female but all end the same way. When he is told he is to be guardian, he leaves the ministry for the period of two years but the only resignation that he takes with him is that he is flawed, he cannot love, he breaks everything that he touches.

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Completely the opposite to his sister, Emilio though quiet too, is more abrupt in manner. He puts his opinions across regardless of whether you wish to hear them or not. He is strong willed, almost possessive to a degree; determined and logistical.

Personality type: ISTJ, -A / -T

The Logistician personality type is thought to be the most abundant, making up around 13% of the population. Their defining characteristics of integrity, practical logic and tireless dedication to duty make Logisticians a vital core to many families, as well as organizations that uphold traditions, rules and standards, such as law offices, regulatory bodies and military. People with the Logistician personality type enjoy taking responsibility for their actions, and take pride in the work they do – when working towards a goal, Logisticians hold back none of their time and energy completing each relevant task with accuracy and patience.

Logisticians don’t make many assumptions, preferring instead to analyze their surroundings, check their facts and arrive at practical courses of action. Logistician personalities are no-nonsense, and when they’ve made a decision, they will relay the facts necessary to achieve their goal, expecting others to grasp the situation immediately and take action. Logisticians have little tolerance for indecisiveness, but lose patience even more quickly if their chosen course is challenged with impractical theories, especially if they ignore key details – if challenges becomes time-consuming debates, Logisticians can become noticeably angry as deadlines tick nearer.

When Logisticians say they are going to get something done, they do it, meeting their obligations no matter the personal cost, and they are baffled by people who don’t hold their own word in the same respect. Combining laziness and dishonesty is the quickest way to get on Logisticians’ bad side. Consequently, people with the Logistician personality type often prefer to work alone, or at least have their authority clearly established by hierarchy, where they can set and achieve their goals without debate or worry over other’s reliability.

Logisticians have sharp, fact-based minds, and prefer autonomy and self-sufficiency to reliance on someone or something. Dependency on others is often seen by Logisticians as a weakness, and their passion for duty, dependability and impeccable personal integrity forbid falling into such a trap.

Playby Used: Domhnall Gleeson
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