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Fourth Years, Lesson Five
Topic Started: Apr 20 2017, 06:52 PM (25 Views)
Professor Landon Carter
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Ilvermorny graduate | Former Thunderbird | Herbology years 1-4

Landon watched his students come in before standing up and beginning the lesson, a smile on his face. "We collected enough pus to fill St. Mungo's and the school nurse's stores! You did a great job! I am impressed." he said happily, hoping he won't miss them too much next year. "Now, we will be pruning Abyssinian Shrivelfigs. It is for St. Mungo's and the school nurse, once again."

Landon paused for a moment, "Abyssinian Shrivelfigs are plants composed of withered stalks. They are used in the Shrinking Solution, anti-aging and aging potions." Professor Carter pointed at the wall to the right of him, "There are potted Abyssinian Shrivelfigs lined up along that wall. Go get one now and bring it back to your tables." Landon already had one sitting on his desk in front of him that he was going to use to demonstrate with. He slipped on his leather gloves and grabbed a pair of pruning shears from the inside of his robe.

"Watch what I do as I speak. Cautiously pick through the limbs, stalks, and leaves, looking for the dead areas to trim off." Landon clipped off a dead area and held it up. "The dead areas are brown. And now, you will twist off the figs, like so." His fingers barely twisted and it popped off the stem. He dropped in into a basket on the table. "Collect those and fill the baskets you have next to you."

Landon put his perfectly trimmed plant to the side and watched the students, to see whether they followed his directions correctly and to answer any questions they had. He was always willing to help anyone that needed it and smiled brightly at some of the students who may have been finding it hard for find dead areas on their plant. After they were done, the man put the baskets to the side and watched them file out after dismissing them.

Homework: RP the lesson. Write a small paragraph about the uses for the Abyssinian Shrivelfigs for extra credit. Herbology,4,5
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Abigail Carter
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Abigail Carter begrudgingly entered the Herbology classroom for the next-to-last lesson of the year and hoped to god that the professor wouldn't make them do anymore disgusting work like the last lesson. It was one thing to teach them how to do the disgusting things the Herbology people did but it was a whole other story to make them do it for you. What did she care if St Mungos or the Hospital Wing didn't have enough pus? There should be people that were paid to do that, not the other way around. Abby listened to the professor explain the lesson and then cut off some of the figs like she had been shown and headed off once she had given them to the professor.
- Credit to Emily
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