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Alexis Knighton; Work in Progress
Topic Started: Apr 19 2017, 10:36 PM (47 Views)
Alexis Knighton
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Member of Parliament UK (Gloucester) • Conservatives Party • Tough • Don't say it, do it

I don't think life is absurd
I think we are all here for a huge purpose
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I think we shrink from the immensity of the purpose we are here for

|| Alexis Knighton ||

FULL NAME || Alexis Magnolia ne้Hastings Knighton
     HASTINGS ||
     KNIGHTON ||

DATE OF BIRTH || 16th of April 2003
     BIRTH PLACE || Birmingham City Hospital
     BIRTH COUNTRY || United Kingdom
     BIRTH CITY/TOWN || Birmingham
     CURRENT RESIDENT || London, United Kingdom

     MARITAL STATUS || Married
     MARRIED TO || Philip Daniel Knighton
     BLOOD STATUS|| Muggle

ALMA MATER || King's College London The Dickson Poon School of Law
     PRIMARY || Hallfield School
     SECONDARY || Handsworth Grammar School

CAREER || Politician
     JOB || Member of Parliament
     PARTY || Conservatives
     COUNTRY SERVING || United Kingdom
     CONSTITUENCY || Gloucester
     YEARS SERVED || Five years - continuing
     COMMITTEE || Work and Pensions

     STRENGTH ||
     WEAKNESS ||


|| The Knighton ||

Posted ImageHUSBAND || The man who keeps the walls bind together
     NAME || Philip Daniel Knighton
     BLOOD STATUES || Muggle
     CAREER || Independent Contractor
     BIRTH YEAR || 2001
     BIRTH PLACE || Gloucester, United Kingdom
     PLAY BY || TBA
Posted ImageDAUGHTER || The happiness of one's home
     NAME || Cathyrine Elysabeth Knighton
     BLOOD STATUES || Muggle Born
     CAREER || TBA
     BIRTH YEAR || 2033
     BIRTH PLACE || Gloucester, United Kingdom
     PLAY BY || Sophie Hopkins
Posted ImageFATHER-IN-LAW || He guides you to the right path like his own
     NAME || Daniel Geraldine Knighton
     BLOOD STATUES || Muggle
     CAREER || Retired Politician
     BIRTH PLACE || Worcester, United Kingdom
     PLAY BY || TBA
Posted ImageMOTHER-IN-LAW || She lets you in on secret recipes
     NAME || Katherine Constance nee.Dumfries Knighton
     BLOOD STATUES || Muggle
     CAREER || Retired Lawyer
     BIRTH PLACE || Newport, United Kingdom
     PLAY BY || TBA
thank you to the lovely Claire!
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