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Seventh Years: Lesson Two
Topic Started: Apr 14 2017, 09:55 AM (45 Views)
Professor Josef Wolf
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Transfiguration,7,2Professor Wolf had arrived early enough to place a small box with holes in it on each desk. "Come in, come in. I'm Professor Wolf covering until your other professor is back. I want to get things rolling quickly. Take a seat."

"Today we will be focusing on untransfiguration and nonverbal spells. Does anyone remember what untransfiguration is?" he asked the class. A student raised their hand. "Yes?" he asked, pointing to the student who raised their hand first. After he'd listened, he nodded his head. "Good answer." He stood from his desk, a slow gait as he made his way around to the front of it. "The boxes on your desk contain frogs. You will be transfiguring them into grasshoppers and back to frogs, using nonverbal spells. Just for review, who can tell me what the spell is for this transfiguration?" He nodded his head to a student. "Exactly right."

Opening his box, he grabbed the frog before it could hop away and held it so everyone could see. "The main thing to remember is to focus. You don't want to be thinking of a dog or cat and end up with a very odd animal. You will use the three tap method. You may verbalize the spell, but I would like each of you to also practice it non-verbally. You will change the frog to a grasshopper, then back to a frog, like this." With a bit of noise, the frog quickly became a grasshopper. Another three taps and the frog was back. "Ok, get started. I'll be walking around."

RP the lesson. First poster answer the first question, second person answer the second question. Good luck!
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Felix Warrick
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Felix made his way into the classroom for Transfiguration and was surprised to see that there was a substitute professor waiting for him and his classmates. It was strange as they had only seen the new professor for one lesson and now they had Professor Wolf. The professor seemed eager to get things started so Felix took his seat and listened to the man. When he asked a question to the class, Felix chose not to answer and left it to someone else, once the professor got his answer he moved on with the lesson. He informed the class that the box on their desks contained a frog and they would be transfiguring them into grasshoppers. Felix listened to the instructions given out by the professor and got to work. He took the frog out of the box and placed it on the desk. Felix took out his wand and hovered it over the frog, using the three tap method he visualised the transformation in his head and thought the incantation. On the second attempt he watched as the frog changed into a grasshopper and began to jump around. After a few moments of watching it flounce around his desk he transfigured it back into a frog and placed it back in the box. Once Professor Wolf gave them the okay, Felix made his way out of the lesson.
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Thanks Emzies
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Lydia Archer
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[justify] The upcoming quidditch game was primarily on the girlís mind, she was thinking about pushing her plans to be a professor a little and do a little with the quidditch, it just made sense in her head to do that. Lydia smiled to herself as she got ready for the day, the daily practices she had, took up most of her getting ready time, so she tended to rush things now. The NEWTs in their first week hadnít proved too hard but she was fairly certain that they would become more difficult as time went on, the last year hadnít been too tricky but she had had studied a lot which had made it easier for her. This semester too she intended to study, she wouldd study hard, but the teen also very much intended to pursue quidditch. The teen finished getting ready, putting her hair up in a ponytail, pinning the prefect badge to her chest, just making sure she had everything to face the day and then left the dorm for the class, she was rather happy that she and Felix were sharing a good number of classes, it felt good for things to be better than they had before.

Lydia stepped into the transfiguration classroom and took her seat within it, she was rather surprised that there was another teacher covering for their usual professor, but that didn't really matter, it would be fine, as long as he taught them properly. Lydia was keeping her gaze on the front of the room as the professor continued the lesson, she took a small note of the answer given and then continued to focus on the lesson itself. They would be doing the spell to turn grasshoppers into frogs and back nonverbally. They hadn't done too much non-verbal magic but she was sure that she'd done enough to manage it. She got the frog in front of her and held it down lightly so that it wouldn't jump away. She pointed her wand at it imagining the frog becoming a grasshopper and tapped three times. It happened before her eyes, the frog became a grasshopper. She smiled at her success, before then focusing on turning it back, this took a little extra effort but by the end she was done. She was happy to it be a frog once more and happier still that that was the lesson over. She packed up her things and left the class.
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