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Years in the making; *Closed*
Topic Started: Mar 5 2017, 11:31 AM (57 Views)
James Cade
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James couldn't believe what had just happened. He and Charlotte had broken up and he hadn't seen it coming at all. Sure things had been weird between them ever since they got back to school despite spending a wonderful Christmas together, but James hadn't thought for one moment that the incident in the hospital wing with Maddie would actually break them up. Clearly he had underestimated how much seeing Maddie there had affected Charlotte. The fact the whole incident had occurred in front of Daniel Rosemary had made it worse. He always had the impression the boy didn't like him because of how close he was, or rather had been, with his sister and the way seemed to fawn over Charlotte right in front of him made the Gryffindor sick to his stomach. At least Daniel had a free shot at her if he so wished.

With his relationship over, the only thing James could think to do was to go back to the common room. Maybe Rudolf would be there, his best friend could distract him with a story about how he most recently tried to woo Phoebe. That poor boy was clueless. As he turned onto the seventh floor corridor James saw a flurry of blonde hair and turned to see the face of Amy Rosemary coming out of Heta Omega. "Hey Amy," He said approaching her. Things had been strained with them for a while now, but he needed a friend and Amy had always been there for him when he needed her.
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Amy Rosemary
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[justify]Amy was shaking her head as she walked out of Heta Omega, everything was happening way too quickly for her to comprehend - two of her close friends had broken up, as she'd heard from Dan and that was never a great thing. That normally meant their friendship would never be the same again, not that their romantic relationship was any good either, with all the respect she had for James and Charlotte. At least, Amy had managed to be friends with everyone still, though she had wanted to talk to Maddie for ages. She missed her dear friend and desperately wanted to see how she was doing. The hufflepuff would have missed the figure in the corridor had they not called out her name. The voice was familiar. Looking up, Amy's eyes brightened. "James, hey," he said smiling, glancing up and down the corridor in case she'd spot Maddie, but no such luck. "How's it been? It's been way too long." As far as the girl knew, they were both over the fact that James and Maddie were into each other - it was obvious. Amy really didn't mind. As long as their friendship lasted, she was happy.[/justify]
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