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The Sorting Ceremony; Y28
Topic Started: Feb 26 2017, 10:36 PM (5,291 Views)
~Professor Katherine Alicastell
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Hogwarts Headmistress Wizengamot Interrogator

It was not the first time Katherine Alicastell had graced the Great Hall of Hogwarts New Zealand but it had been many years since she was last present. The transition from leading the Department of Experimental Charms to taking up a position as Headmistress of a school may have been a large one for some, but for Katherine, it was the return to a familiar environment. Education was her true passion, and her life appeared to always lead her back to it.

Vivid stars twinkled through white wisps of cloud overhead of those entering the Great Hall, shining brightly against the velvet darkness of space that blanketed the entirety of it's ceiling, dominated by a single pale moon that bathed the room's entrants in a silvery light. The hall itself was further illuminated by flickering candle flames that appeared to sway and float in mid-air as if held aloft by invisible threads, bathing the building's lengthy tables adorned with shining dishes in a warm glow. Katherine herself stood positioned behind a podium at the forefront of the hall, greeting the youths who entered with a silent nod and a small smile. She had yet to meet many of the school's student body, but those seeing her for the first time could no doubt guess she would be their new Headmistress.

"Welcome," She began, her eyes sweeping over the sea of faces already gathered at the house tables, and those waiting to join them. "To those of you returning for another year, and to those of you joining us for the first time today. This day marks the start of your journey as young witches and wizards in the magical world. The castle and its surrounding grounds will be your home for the next seven years - a place for you all to live, to learn, and to grow. That being said, I must remind the older students, and caution those of you who are new, that the Forbidden Forest is strictly off limits to students unless supervised by a professor or member of staff. It may look enticing to some of you, but many dangers lurk within the forest. It is restricted for your safety, and any rule breakers will be punished accordingly."

The woman let her warning linger for a moment, eyeing those in particular who appeared more than willing to break that rule, before continuing on. "Now, let's begin. Each of you will be sorted into a house, which you will remain in for the duration of your time here. These houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, named after each of the original founding members of this prestigious school." As she spoke each name, banners rolled up against the farthest wall suddenly unfurled, depicting the colours and crests of each individual house, matching the silk cloths adorning each table. "First Years, as I call your name, step forward and seat yourselves here." Katherine gestured toward the short stool at the front of the hall, situated in perfect view of everyone present. "Once seated, I will place the Sorting Hat upon your heads, after which your future house will be decided and you are to move on to your table and join your new housemates. This decision is final, and houses cannot be changed once the Sorting Hat has made its decision. Now, let us begin." Ending it on that note, the woman unraveled the roll of parchment in front of her and called up the first name.

[ooc]As stated in the [Hidden Content: Login/Register to View], you must fill out the sorting form entirely properly and fill in an RP as exemplified in the post. If your RP does not leave room for the sorting hat to sort you: you will not be sorted. If the sorting hat does not receive your sorting form: you will not be sorted. Follow instructions and: you will be sorted. ;)

You can edit your post once you are sorted, but be sure that you only reply to this topic once and it is through the sorting form provided. Thank you.[/ooc]
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Sorting Hat
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The Sorting Hat!

The time has come now once again,
To greet you all in song.
New year, new friends, and all new faces,
In amongst the throng.

But who am I? The Sorting Hat!
I'm here to sort you all.
I'll tell you soon where you should go,
Be you great or small.

The bravest of you might become
Old Gryffindor's new pride.
Your bold, courageous housemates
Will always have your side.

Or Ravenclaw might better suit
Those clever of the mind.
Your wisdom will grow far here
if you're scholarly inclined.

In Hufflepuff the fair and true
Will find their closest friends.
A house made strong by working hard
To achieve their ends.

In Slytherin a cunning heart
Will see your goals succeed.
Your ambitions will be fostered
All subtle in your deed.

So try me on! I never bite
And hardly ever dither.
Your house awaits, as does the feast
So call the students hither!
Posted Image
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Kauri Tipene
Member Avatar
Positive | Upbeat | Friendly | Sunshine Boy

The train ride, the trip up to the castle, everything he had done thus far today felt to Kauri like he had walked straight into a storybook, but none of it compared to the sight of the great hall as he entered with the rest of the first year group. Floating candles, enormous tables with hundreds of students, bright banners and a ceiling that seemed to go on forever... it was otherworldly, and a delighted laugh escaped him as he followed the rest of the first year group, gazing around the room in wonder.

Kauri was so enthralled by everything he was seeing and hearing (a hat that could SING!) that the names being called out quickly blurred into one another and faded into the background, the familiarity of hearing his own name called jolting him back into the fact that this new magical world was real life.

"Tipene, Kauri!"

Startled, Kauri hurried over and practically leaped onto the stool, buzzing with the excitement of being sorted. Who would be his new friends, his classmates and companions? Which of the tables stretching before him would he call home? His whole future was about to start, a future he had never dreamed could be real, and the excitement was almost too much to sit still.

"This hat can do a lot more than sing! I think you'll do splendidly well in GRYFFINDOR!"

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Ben waits confidently in the Great Hall, as he stands next to his friends. "I'm gonna be a Slytherin. For sure" he thinks to himself. Part of Ben is nervous, because he would be letting down the entire family if he was to be a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor. Heaven forbid that ever happen. Ben is determined to get into the house that will help him to become one of the most powerful wizards of all time. He mostly wants to use his powers to make the world a better place for wizards and witches alike, but Ben knows that people will end up being better than him in some fields. He knows what he has to do then. As the sorting begins and the first student gets sorted into Hufflepuff, Ben's stomach begins to twist. He palms begin to sweat, and he attempts to calm himself down. Deep down, Ben knows he won't be a Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. He hears his name being called out, and slowly walks towards the sorting hat. He sits down on the stool and the hat is placed over his head, obscuring his vision slightly. And then the hat makes it's decision....

"I don't like that you've limited yourself this way, but if you're quite sure you're not interested in anything else... SLYTHERIN!"

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Caro Taylor
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Future World Traveller | Listener | Obsessed

Caro could almost cry with excitement. After eleven years trapped in the same home with the same family and thousands of people telling stories of their wonderful exploits around the world, Caro was free. She had left home, gotten on a train and travelled far away, just like she had always dreamed. She knew that eventually Hogwarts would begin to feel like home, dull and repetitive and restricting, but right now it was everything she had ever dreamed. A new place to explore and learn and discover, new friends to meet, new sights to see, all of it foreign and beautiful and exciting. She felt alive in a way she never had before, buzzing with adrenaline as she followed the rest of the group into the great hall.

Seeing the banners bearing the logos of the different houses brought Caro somewhat back to herself. She could see Lizzie in the distance, seated over at the Gryffindor table, and her heart sank slightly. Caro loved her sister, but their differences made her impossible to spend time with, and seven years spent living in Lizzie's shadow was a terrible thought to start her dreams of independence and adventure off with. The rest of the hall was so interesting though and she distracted herself quickly, looking around at the other tables and their banners, the bright lights and new faces. And the hat in the middle of it all.

"Taylor, Caroline!"

Caro had been focusing on the sorting going on in front of her, but she still wasn't quite prepared to hear her own name. Her confident walk to the hat was interrupted by a soft "WOO!" coming, no doubt, from Lizzie. Great. Caro's smile fell slightly and her hands began to tremble as she took her seat and donned the hat, quietly hoping she was enough like her Slytherin mother not to wind up with her. 'Please, hat... I don't know if you care what I think about all this, but don't make me live with her...' She thought worriedly, glancing over at the Gryffindor table again.

"It could do you a whole lot of good to live with her and stand on your own despite it all, you know. I can see you have that within you. But if you're quite quite sure you'd rather go a completely separate way... alright, alright. SLYTHERIN!"

Edited by Sorting Hat, Mar 6 2017, 12:22 AM.
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Jordan Hewitt
Member Avatar
Misunderstood | Slytherin

Jordan walked through the Great Hall, he had been expecting this day for a long time. He had long since imagined the walk through this Great Hall to get sorted, and then spend the days and nights he spent after that discovering everything that he could find in the castle. He followed the rest of the students towards the Sorting Hat, and when it was his turn he sat on the stool and the hat was placed on his head. Okay Mr. Hat, let's do this. Make sure you place me correctly. He thought, and awaited his sentence.


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Lourdes Brackenstall
Member Avatar
Prim and Proper | Self-Righteous | Extremely Traditional

Back straight, head high, clothes and hair tidy... Even after an exhausting and noisy train ride, Lourdes knew it was important first and foremost to present herself appropriately, and represent her family well. Holding herself with good posture she entered the Great Hall with the rest of her classmates, and the composed girl couldn't quite hold back a gasp. She had been in some exquisite magical buildings in the course of her life, but the floating candles and shifting ceiling were beyond compare. And the students... so many, more children than Lourdes had ever seen in her entire life. How could there be so many students? Annoyance flickered through her as she realised she was never going to get so much as a second to herself in this place.

Lourdes's parents had reminded her that her name was early on in the list and she listened intently, watching the other children be sorted into their houses. Mother had reminded her that she would have to share a room with other girls, and she wrinkled her nose slightly, watching how scruffy the various candidates all seemed. How unappealing...

"Brackenstall, Lourdes!"

Lourdes stepped forward calmly as her name was called, hands clasped daintily in front of her, and kept her shoulders square and eyes forward as the hat was placed on her head, not wanting to let her future classmates see any signs of weakness when she was so publicly and personally being put on display, though she couldn't fight back the slight nervous tremble in her hands. How was she going to survive in a place so different to home?


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Elijah Zelinsky
Member Avatar
One of Three | Protective

Elijah Zelinsky walked through the entrance of Hogwarts Castle, pausing every so often to take in the world around him. Everything was so different to what he had expected, and he looked towards his siblings to see if they were as surprised as he was. He was so excited to be here, and it made him feel a lot more comfortable that his siblings had been chosen to join him as well. He hadn't doubted that they would, but it was also nice to get confirmation.

As they entered the Great Hall and approached the Sorting Hat, he wondered whether or not they would be sorted into the same house, or even which house they would end up in. He hoped they would be together, but at least they would be in the same school and he would be able to look out for them if something came up. He smiled, and when it was his turn to be sorted he stepped up and took his seat on the stool.

A multitude of thoughts crashed through his mind at that moment, and he felt himself freeze. He had watched the others be sorted and it all seemed to be a fairly quick process, but it seemed to go on forever for him. He took a few deep breaths, and felt himself relax. He would be sorted no matter what, he just had to wait it out. Okay hat.. let's do this. Please place me in the same house as my siblings.. He thought.

"I'll put you in the house where you'll do best and we'll see about your siblings later. RAVENCLAW!"

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Ysabel Becerra-Alvarado
Member Avatar
Scourer Descendant • ARCHER • one of the boys • Theo's Twin • Dependent

They have arrived at the said boarding school and was instructed to change into their uniform. New to the ways of greeting first year students, Ysabel held tight to her brother's arm as they stood outside two huge doors. She did wanted to go to this school but it seems just by looking around, with those old brick walls, bring a bit of creepiness to her. "Theo, creo que me perdi de imaginar qué clase de magos de internados tienen (Theo, I think I missed imagine what kind of a boarding school wizards have)" She stated to her brother who seems calm but then again, he was eyeing the same girl they met and shared a compartment with. Ysabel slapped Theo at the back of the head and rolled her eyes, "Presta atención. Hay muchas chicas en esta escuela para que las veas después de esta iniciación (Pay attention. There's plenty of girls in this school for you to look at after this initiation)" When the double doors opened. Ysabel's grip on her brother tighten even more.

There were simply hundreds or thousands of students there, looking at them as they walked to the end where a gorgeous woman stood. The woman started with a welcome and then an old hat started singing which amazes the young girl even more. Once the hat stopped singing, the woman, who was introduced as the new Headmistress, started calling out names alphabetically. In the twins experience, being enrolled in a non-wizarding school, Theo was always the first one to get called up. As the names neared theirs, Theo was called up and Ysabel's hands slid down as her brother walked forward and sat at the stool with the hat on his head. Ysabel smiled as her brother was placed in _____ and hoped she gets the same house as he is in. Theo was always the brave one out of the two and she hates it when he's not around. Ysabel was called up next and the room went silent.

Taking a deep breath, she walked up and sat on the stool as the hat was placed gently on her head. She thought of happy memories, when before they got their letter from this school. Their ancestry might be one messy feud but that's all in the past. Please, don't judge me for my past and lack of knowledge about your world ... actually, our world. It's not my fault we're keep in the dark about it. I would like for me to be placed with my brother if it is possible. Of course not all that she wanted would be given. Ysabel doesn't know the process of the hat, does it judge you for your personality? Your history? Her parents wasn't helping as well as they didn't graduated at Hogwarts. The brunette waited for an answer patiently ...

"I use all kinds of information found in this head of yours to place your where you'll flourish for these next seven years. Sometimes I even listen to where you think that might be. Since you don't know all that much about our world, trust me when I say you're a GRYFFINDOR!"

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Theo Becerra-Alvarado
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Scourer Descendant • Champion Shooter • Pride • Ysabel's Twin

Arriving via the train was simple for Theodore but when a boat was on the list to make to the boarding school, his face simply went poker. The boy can feel his sister's grip on his arm and he reassure her by squeezing her hand. Once on a solid ground, Theo released a sigh of relief and everyone made their way inside, waiting behind two large oak doors when he spotted the same girl they met on the train. He thought he heard his sister said something but ignored her as he kept staring at the girl. A second had passed and a hard slap behind his head woke him up from day dreaming. "Si querida hermana (Yes, dear sister)" Theo answered politely. Ysabel has a tendency to get jealous when Theo gets comfortable with other girls. She keeps telling him that she and their mom are the only girls in his life and that is it.

Theo noticed how Ysabel's grip tighten even more when the doors opened to a huge hall full of other students. They just went on to the end where a woman, who introduce herself as the Headmistress, stood. The group stopped and was welcomed, only it got weirder when a hat started singing. The boy looked at his sister who was enjoying the show. It went forever before the singing stopped and then one by one, new students were called up, he didn't understand what was the importance of houses but he'll find it out when he was called up next. Theo sat on the stool and the hat was placed upon his head. He has no clue what to do, do I say something? or do I wait? I heard boarding schools isn't this complicated but that was wrong of me to judge such. Help me here, dear lord. Theo had thought of many prayers until a decision was made ...

"Oh, I know what to do alright - and as for you, how is sitting here complicated at all? HUFFLEPUFF!"

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Geovanna Volt
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Electric ✶ Former Ward of Court ✶ Member of the Indigo Crusaders ✶ Conceptualising Law

It was finally time. Geo stood next to her best friend Leila; a girl whom six months ago she had never met. Leila had opened her eyes to the possibilities of what could lie ahead - what could be expected during her time at Hogwarts and addition, what could be expected after. While appearing calm, her heart pounded inside her chest. She didn't want to be seperated from her friends for a second time in one year, but whatever the outcome Geo knew it would be something she could bounce back from. Glancing over in the direction of two other students that she'd spent much of her time with, she gave them a reasurring smile. It could be no easy feat., to sit in front of a large number of strangers and have all those pairs of eyes stare back at you. This girl wasn't shy, but it was unsettling to know that in those few moments everything would be decided for you for the next seven years.

As the group made their way between the Great Hall tables, Geo tilted her head around the room and peered up at the celing. It was even more surreal than she'd been told. Everyone back at the orphanage waited for this moment, the moment they would be free to start their own path, but it all began with sorting. For the rest of their lives their houses would represent them, and as an adult if asked, Geo would have liked to look back with fond memories. As her name was called, she took a deep breath, and confidently took her place on the stool at the front of the room, and waited for her hat to be placed on her head. She may have grown up aware of her abilities, but she'd never experienced it before. The sensation of something alive on her head was most disconcerting, but she close her eyes and waited for the verdict.

"Your loyal and self-giving nature make you an excellent candidate for HUFFLEPUFF!"

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Isaac Lee Kendall-Wu
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Brother of Kimmyeon | Keira & Lykke's Cousin | Hater of muggle borns

[justify]Isaac smirked as the new first years entered the great hall, Isaac in the front. He had been waiting bored for months until he was finally able to memorise every detail of the castle and the corridors. As an observant person, Isaac did not like not to know where things were as soon as he could remember. He didn't like maps, he preferred his brain over a piece of paper. Isaac waited, a little impatiently but with his neutral expression on his face, as one by one the year got sorted, why was his name at the bottle of the list again? Save the best for last, he thought proud of his family heritage. Isaac walked up with his back straight as soon as his name was called and sat on the stool, taking a deep breath as the sorting hat was placed into his head. Now he had to wait. [/justify]

"You'll never be able to memorize this castle - and there are a lot more things you need to learn about this world, and I think having some wise friends will help you on that road. RAVENCLAW!"

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Sayoria Flynn
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Sayoria's heart pounded with excitement as she and her classmates marched into the great hall. As one of the first in line, she didn't have time to ponder which house she might end up in. Soon her name was called and upon taking her seat, the hat was placed on her head.

"I could see you doing well in a couple places - but perhaps your clever mind and ambition to be your best can be of service to your fellow students in SLYTHERIN!"

Edited by Sorting Hat, Mar 6 2017, 09:37 AM.
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Sybil Jin Howard
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Alpha Female || PREJUDICED || Possessing Calvin Ty || Sadistic || Ominous

Sybil entered the great hall with Calvin Taylor and the rest of her cousins. There were so many excited and happy students in the room which irritated her. She had never been in a room with so many strangers with different personality. Her eyes began to roam looking for the next target that she would attack once she got herself sorted. She saw a weak prey and glared at him coldly without the boy noticing. When the sorting hat began to speak, Sybil glared at it and locked her eyes at it. The names were being called, her cousins began to walk toward the stool one by one. Howard this, Howard that, and finally

"Howard, Sybil Jin"

The girl made her way toward the stool and sat on it with nothing in her mind.

"Badgers have been known to eat coyotes from time to time. HUFFLEPUFF!"

Edited by Sorting Hat, Mar 6 2017, 05:23 PM.
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Oswald Brigham
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Reptile Enthusiast | Packrat | Audacious

It was going to be strange, living so far from home. Amazing, but strange. The shopkeeper's son trembled slightly as a professor shepherded him into the great hall, taking care not to step on anybody's toes. He'd seen plenty of magic before, but that of the great hall was everything he'd anticipated it and more. Like many of his fellow unsorted students, Oswald's jaw was slack as he shuffled up to the front of the room, trying to get a glimpse of anything and everything around him. Hogwarts. Was. Amazing. And this was just one room inside it! What would the classrooms be like? Or the common rooms? The excitement thinking about it was nearly enough to overwhelm him, so for now he concentrated on the stool ahead, up to which each student was being called in turn. Before too long Oswald's own name was called, and he made his way eagerly up to be sorted. Would he be in Gryffindor, with the brave and noble? Ravenclaw, where they read books? Slytherin? Or Hufflepuff? His dad had been a Hufflepuff, back in his day. It would certainly be nice to follow in his footsteps.

"You can follow in your father's footsteps in many ways - but your footsteps begin most clearly in GRYFFINDOR!"

Edited by Sorting Hat, Mar 6 2017, 05:25 PM.
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