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New People; *Open* After Jamie
Topic Started: Jan 24 2017, 09:51 AM (90 Views)
Peyton Wright
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[justify]After she decided to stop worrying about certain things Peyton had been back to her usual self and was now happily making her way up to the Ravenclaw common room. She had promised herself that she would be open to meeting new people and making new friends and for some reason the best place to start with seemed to be the common room. After all students were put in their houses because of certain traits they shared, right? Without thinking about it the young girl had been making her way up the staircases in a rather quick pace, leaving her stranded at the seventh floor because she needed to catch her breath.

Feeling like standing in the middle of the corridor wouldn't be the best way to do so Peyton made her way over to the side, putting her bag down on the ground before sitting down herself. As she was catching her breath the girl started to watch the people who were making their way through the corridor. Most of them seemed to be Gryffindors, yet she also spotted a couple of Ravenclaws, who were most likely making their way towards the common room, and a couple of students who looked like they were headed towards the owlery. Looking at the other students Peyton smiled. Who knew, perhaps some of them would turn out to be her friends some day.[/justify]
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Evelyn Manning
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The Gryffindor wanted to leave the common room and go find her other friends, from other houses. She had met one from every house and she liked all of the houses so she had many choices. The blonde had mixed feelings, it went so well with her classes so that was something positive and she enjoyed the company of Noah a friend she had made in the beginning of this year. But where she was worried about was her friendship with Lucas. Evelyn wanted to be honest and hated to lie, and so she chose to speak her true feelings to Lucas. The fact that she didn't had the same feelings for him that he did for her was painful and Evelyn hated to say it. But after all it was the truth and if it was turned around she would want the truth also even if that wasn't what she wanted to hear. She couldn't really make contact with Lucas, because it wasn't a nice vibe right now so she choose to leave the Gryffindor tower.

After she left the common room she walked over The Seventh Floor Corridor, not really sure if she would find somebody but she could really use some distraction right now. The blonde wasn't really looking where she was going so she almost stepped on a foot. But she saw it at the right moment, because if she would fall it would be so akward! The blonde looked at the person sitting on the ground and noticed her red hair, she saw her before with sorting perhaps. '' Hello there, what are you doing?'' Evelyn asked to the girl. It was always nice to meet more people and get more friends and Evelyn wanted to have as many as possible.
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