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Syrus Arnold Stilinski; twentyonepilot; house of gold
Topic Started: Nov 15 2016, 04:14 PM (428 Views)
Syrus Stilinski
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qqs's assistance istp-t alt seeker future filmmaker, maybe sda

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she asked me, son, when i grow old
w i l l y o u b u y m e a h o u s e o f g o l d?

Name | Syrus Arnold Stilinski
Nick Name | Sy ,Vampire
      Sy, shorten by his family. Vampire, he was teased because of his teeth and Vampire is what they used to call him.
                  It stuck for a while.

Date of Birth | August, 2031
           Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. These folks are impossible to miss, since they love being center stage.
Like Lions, Leos tend to be dignified and strong, and it's this sense of their power that allows them to get things done.

Birth Place | Columbus, Ohio
      Sy and his siblings are American.
                  They moved because of the small New Zealand community.

Blood Status | Muggelborn
     As of now, Sy and his siblings are the only one that posses magic.
            It's unknown if there are any extended family who does.

Sexual Orientation | Hetrosexual
Wand | Dogwood assorted with phoenix ail feather, 12
Occupation | Qqs's assistance
      Sy, has worked two jobs. First, he worked at Gamble and Japes. ( Brightsone Village )
          Currently, Quality Quidditch Supplies.

School | Hogwarts New Zealand
House | Gryffindor
Faceclaim | M. Chambers
and when your father turns to stone
w i l l y o u t a k e c a r e o f m e ?

Hair color | Brown, wavy hair.
Eye Color | Hazel to brown
Height | 5'10
Weight | 175
Body Type | Medium built, a little on the stocky side.
Voice | Middle of America accent. Ohioan.
Personal Style | Band tee wearing, jeans. Chain hanging from his pants. Watch and leather buckle on his wrists.
Overall description | Despite his weird name, Syrus is you're typical American teen. Except, he does like and favor more of the old stuff.
     More of the early years of twenty first century. When black eye liner and wrist bands were popular in that time. Recently, he wearing more darker clothes, and few less of the light color. Blue, used to be a thing in his wardrobe.

Likes | Qudditch- It's no surprise that qudditch had been everything to the teen. Lately, that hasn't been the case. Something else has spark his interest.
     Muggel Gadget - Guarantee, if there no magic to distract him, Syrus can often be seen messing with the latest gadget in the muggel world. Like, using a camera to film his friends back home doing flips and tricks on skateboards. Or, recording a very short flick purely for the sake of entertainment.
          Board Games - Syrus, enjoys the simpleness of board games. One player board games are usually challenging. More players and the cheesiest makes for a good time.

Dislike | Losing - In any form or fashion, Syrus hates losing. The boy doesn't do well with the feeling when he was younger. He has outgrown out of in some aspects. He working on to overcome the feeling entirely.
     Waking up early - A typical teen that doesn't like waking up mornings? No mystery there.
          Funerals - He was young when he lost his dad and didn't know what to feel when he had to say goodbye to the man. At his funeral, people were crying and laughing. That confused him, he didn't understand and didn't know what to feel at the time.

Goals | Not die.
           To get over his creeping fear of qudditch killing his friend.
     Maybe play pro once he conquered the one above.

Favorite Place | Home. Ohio, because he was born there.
           Qqs's Shop, it's slowly becoming his place of peace.

Worst Fear | Losing anybody. Cancer.
i will make you queen of everything you see
i ' l l p u t y o u o n t h e m a p, i'l l c u re y o u o f d i s e a s e

Mirror or Erised | Syrus's secret desire is probably something he shares with half of his peers at Hogwarts, and it's to play professionally for a quidditch team. It comes with his obsession and love for the game. However, he, like his sister and brother have muggel interests they want to fulfill. Syrus has thought long and hard about the little flicks he does back home. And film, he dreams about creating something bigger than himself at night.
Boggart | Syrus boggart would be the fear of dying and what happens in the afterlife. He still confused by that. He doesn't get what happens next when someone past away. The fear has heighten with his discovery of the wizarding world.
Patronus | Gray fox would be his patronus.
     The connection with patronus is that it's animal well known back home. The memory to conjure the gray fox, would be that of him and his family,
or the first time he got on a broomstick. Syrus, who wasn't big on sport, felt as though he had found one best suited for him. And, at first he thought it was weird.

Veritaserum | The truth, is he wished he was more honest with himself and stop letting the petty things get in the way.
     He can be jealous for all that wrong reasons. And he let's the typical norm misguide him in his jealousy.

Amortentia | The smell of his father's aftershave, because he puts it on sometimes in a remembrance of him. And the smell of grass
mix with the aftershave fading. Not many can tell he wearing the aftershave, because he spends a great deal of his time outdoor when the weather is decent.

biography &. aesthetic &. muse

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Syrus Stilinski
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qqs's assistance istp-t alt seeker future filmmaker, maybe sda

she asked me, son, when i grow old
w i l l y o u b u y m e a h o u s e o f g o l d?

Nationality | American
Ethnicity | American and European.
Dialect | Ohio, middle of America accent.
Family | Stefan, Anna, Silas and Stella.

Stefan Stilinski
Posted Image
Passed away
Former Muggel Coach | Gym Teacher

Silas Andrew Stilinski
Posted Image
Older Brother
Ilvermorny Alumni

Anna Stilinski
Posted Image
Pre-K Teacher

Stella Aubrey Stilinski
Posted Image
Hugglepuff Alumni

History | * Syrus was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio in a quiet suburban town. He is the youngest Stilinski who was born with a rare condition which caused him to have no frontal teeth for a good chunk of his life. That lead to him getting teased by other kids and at first, he didn't like it much. He hated the names they would call him, one of names they would tease him with was vampire. And, in the beginning it was bad. Until one day he saw a film with those blood sucking demon and the nickname didn't seem so bad after viewing the film.

biography &. aesthetic &. muse

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