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For the King of Flowers; Pink Rose | *Open* after Emzies
Topic Started: Sep 2 2016, 04:17 PM (51 Views)
Clementine Pratt
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[justify]It had taken a while for Clementine to track down this person because she knew he was very busy. The Hufflepuff had gone all over the castle, fulfilling all her other deliveries and had still not tracked Orwell down, whenever people pointed out where he was last seen, he was never there. Finally giving up, Clementine decided to head back up the castle when finally she spotted the bright-haired boy. "Orwell!" she called out, rushing toward him before he disappeared.
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thank you claire~
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Orwell Brocken
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[justify]Orwell had been kept busy over the last few hours, wandering around giving out flowers, speaking to people, just overall being happy to spend love, but it meant he was never staying in one place too long, as he entered the entrance hall, intending to go to the courtyard a voice called his name and he glanced round, spotting the young girl, Orwell greeted her with a smile and adjusted his flower crown slightly, "hello! What can I do for you?" he asked the young girl.
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