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Adventure Club, Year Two.; -open- after Kaye and only first years
Topic Started: Jul 9 2016, 07:08 PM (125 Views)
Madeline Walden
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The Adventure Club, which was mainly Hemi's brainchild, had been interesting to say the least last year. Maddie and Charlotte were eager to keep the club going for a second year even though Hemi seemed to have been taking a back seat with its development. Nevertheless, Maddie was excited to have her best friend on board to help her out with the club. It was tough keeping the first years in check last year and she knew her friend would love the challenge. Charlotte always had great ideas and always seemed to be energetic and positive which is exactly what the first years liked.

Maddie walked down to the Entrance Hall bright and early before everyone arrived for their breakfasts in the hope of catching most of the first years. She paced outside the doors of the Great Hall with flyers in her hand while waiting for Charlotte to arrive. Maddie hoped that they would get enough recruits this year to carry on with the club, the two girls had a lot of potential activities planned for all of them.

First years, just post a short RP registering your interest and either me or Kaye will be in touch shortly ^_^
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Thank you Claire!
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Charlotte Owens
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Upon finding out all about the secret Adventure Club, Charlotte could not contain her excitement for it. She wasn't too happy that her best friends managed to keep it a secret from her for almost a whole year, but brushed all of that aside. She just wanted to give a good lasting impression on all of the first years and making them comfortable at a new school was her ultimate goal for the year. She was willing to meet as many new first years as she could and couldn't wait to show them all what the castle had to offer. Unfortunately, Hemi was not going to be there for the sign ups but Charlotte was still looking forward to it nonetheless. She made sure to put on her best robes before making her way to the Entrance Hall where she found Maddie waiting for her with flyers in her hands.

"Hey!" Charlotte exclaimed as she approached her friend. She took some of the flyers and waited until everyone began to head out for breakfast before handing them out. Considering the whole thing was supposed to be a secret, Charlotte tried her best to hand them out carefully to people that she knew were smaller than her and that she had never seen before. She didn't really care what they did with the flyers as long as they didn't spread it over to the other years. Charlotte knew that she was going to have a lot of fun this year and only hoped that enough people would be willing to sign up and do it.
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Deshaun Arlett
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Deshaun was heading down to the Great hall for his breakfast when he came across the strange flyers. He looked at them and smiled. This sounded like it could be a lot of fun! He smiled at the two girls he assumed were involved in it and showed them the flyer. "If this you?" He asked, looking between them. "I'd be interested, what is it?"

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