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Arvo Ville Tuuri; -WIP-
Topic Started: Sep 9 2015, 01:43 PM (1,073 Views)
Arvo Tuuri
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Arithmancy + Part-Goblin

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The Basics

Character's Name:
     Arvo Ville Tuuri
Arvo means value and worth in Finnish. Viile is a Finnish diminutive of William, meaning Will, desire and helm, protection. Tuuri is a Finnish surname, meaning bear, stone and is his mother's maiden name.
Character's Birthdate:
     The sixth of April, nineteen sixty-nine
Arvo was born during the early hours, within the home of his human mother. He was an overdue baby, but very small because of his heritage. He was treated for breathing difficulty by his grandmother (a healer), and otherwise had a very healthy experience.
     Kemi, Finland.
Arvo was born on the hundred year anniversary of the creation of his small town and remained there his entire childhood, and most of his adult years. He met his first wife within Kemi, and migrated to England after their divorce, only to return some years later with a new wife due to homesickness. He only within the last ten years left Kemi once more, this time moving to New Zealand with his third wife.
Blood Status:
     Mixed blood.
Goblin father, witch mother.
Wand:(All the information on it you can provide)
Educated At:
Arvo was home-schooled by his maternal grandparents within Kemi, along with his half-sister.
Position at Hogwarts:
     Arithmancy Professor.
Years three to seven.
     Arvo has white hair. Though onces a light brown, his hair paled with age, and is thinning, with a receding hair-line. He prefers it a little on the long side, past his ears, and it is rather healthy. It is soft to the touch, and rarely knots.
     Arvo has deep-set, slightly slanted hazel eyes. They sit under heavy eyebrows, and are quite dark with long eyelashes.
     Arvo is four foot two and a half inches tall.
     Arvo wears modified wizards robes, as he does not frequent the muggle world at all, and sees no use in wearing their outfits. His robes are usually darker, earthy colours, such as emeralds, and rich browns.
Other Distinguishing Features:
     Arvo has a crooked, pointed nose, and a rather angular face overall, as well as a slightly oval head, and pointed ears. These stem from his paternal heritage.
A Little Deeper
Personality:(Psychoanalyze your character. How do they act? Why do they act that way?)
Special Talents/Abilities: (Does your character have an approved special ability/condition/race? Do they have a unique talent or extraordinary skill? Explain it all here.)
History:(A history of your character's life. Growing up, schooling, loves, hatreds, everything and anything leading up to their present-day 'self')

     On the sixth of April, nineteen sixty-nine, Arvo Ville Tuuri was born in a small, private residence in Kemi. His mother, Heidi Essi Tuuri, a young, unattached eighteen year old half-blood witch. From the time he was born, it became apparent to his grandparents that he was different from other children. At first thought by his grandfather as somehow underdeveloped, his mother was wise enough to inform him that Arvo was the offspring of her goblin partner at the time who, upon learning of her pregnancy and her choice to follow it through to the end, left at the thought of such a child being born with his name attached to it. Within hours of his birth, there were difficulties with breathing for the pint-sized bub, but his healer grandmother was on hand through the ordeal, and at five o'clock that evening, he was finally given his name. Arvo, given by his grandfather, to let his only grandson know that he is valued, and worth more than what his father supposed. Ville, given by his grandmother, to instil in her only grandson the will to make changes in the world, and to protect him from them. Tuuri, meaning bear and stone, was their last name, and they hoped it would provide him with strength of character that their daughter lacked.
     Arvo had a happy early childhood, and was the apple of his grandparents' eyes. His muggle grandfather was completely captivated by his tiny size, but large personality, and often tried to smuggle him into work just so he could hold him a little longer. His grandmother put a stop to this, however, and instead brought Arvo to her place of employment – a small little magical centre a few towns over – to not only keep an eye on how he was developing, but to keep an eye on him. Arvo was a mischievous youth, and often waddled away to go meddle in things that were none of his business. Being such a small, but precocious child, he rarely found a moment where he was not welcomed by nearby adults, who wanted nothing more than to just cuddle him close. He was not an only child forever, however. His family of four relocated a few months after his first birthday to Great Britain, with the hopes that a fresh start could be had for mum and bubba.
     Upon Arvo's first year, the First Wizarding War occurred, officially, and so the Tuuri’s did their best to keep as far out of the conflict as possible. His grandmother being a muggle-born, and he himself being a half-breed, this time was not very bright for the once bubbly young toddler. His family tried to find a balance, seeing as his grandfather was a muggle and so unable to properly integrate into magical society, whilst Arvo himself was unable to integrate into muggle society. It was eventually decided that Arvo would have to be kept safe within the house, and never allowed to leave under any circumstances, whilst his grandmother quit her job as a healer at St. Mungos in order to protect herself and all-but blend in with muggles.
     The war continued, and so did life for Arvo. His mother, a few months after his fifth birthday, became pregnant with her second child, and Arvo found himself to be an older brother to a healthy little girl. Inka Minttu Tuuri was a half-blood witch just like their mother, her muggle father having left their mother at the prospect of being tied down so permanently. This new addition, however, only added more unnecessary stress for the family, as the five year old Arvo wanted nothing more than to go outside, but found that he was never allowed. He turned to books, instead, and hung on every word that left his grandfather's lips about the stars, history and science. His keen mind wanted to absorb it all, seeing as his curiosity could not be sated any other way.
     Arvo and his sister, Inka, were very close. There were fears that the two would be at odds, seeing as they were treated very differently. Arvo was often coddled, and never allowed outside, whilst Inka had a lot more freedom, even though she was several years younger than her teeny-tiny brother. However, the young girl used her freedom wisely, and would often go out adventuring, only to return to Arvo with stories and trinkets. She was his best friend, and most beloved carer. The bigger girl often carried her older brother around, but was homeschooled by her grandparents, along with her brother, as they questioned whether the young girl would refrain from speaking about her brother to others, and the fear of accidental magic that they assumed she would develop, of course.
     It was Arvo's twelfth year before the war finally ended. The Tuuri’s, now sure that it was safe to get out of hiding once more, left Britain as soon as possible. There had been hiccups along the way, of course, but the small family managed to escape without too much damage, and their first destination was back to their safe little town, Kemi. Finland was good to them, and Arvo, after twelve years, started his magical training. His grandmother, though muggle-born, was a powerful and talented witch, gifted in the art of teaching as well as healing. She re-took her post at the local clinic, but taught her grandson to the best of her ability. Her husband, however, took great interest in the teachings, and decided to join in them. Naturally, he could cast no spells (and nor could she for legal reasons, when at home), but that never stopped him from trying. He had his own stick and waved along with his grandson, and read up on magic, matching his grandson step-for-step. The muggle man took great pleasure in watching his grandson's (and later granddaughter's) magic grow and develop, with more complex spells being learned and shown to him each year upon weekly visits to the magical world. His grandfather often said that, perhaps one day, he would find that he did have magic and was merely a late bloomer. Alas, Sakke had not one magical bone in his body, even failing to pick up some magician's tricks (except the faithful pulling the coin from his grandchildren's ears – Arvo still has no idea how he did it), and remained a scientist up until his death much later in Arvo's life.
     Arvo took to the theory and practical side of magic very well, but especially the theory. Arvo was a book-minded individual, and gravitated to subjects such as Potions, Arthimancy, Ancient Runes, History of Magic and Muggle Studies - subjects he could read a book on and understand. His passion was for Astronomy, a subject he picked up with extreme ease, whilst he was always rather good at his core subjects - excluding Herbology, which he became more proficient in when he began gaining hands-on experience with the plants, rather than detailed accounts of their characteristics and behaviour. His most favoured subject was Arithmancy, which was his grandmother's favourite subject. He took great pleasure in it, as Arithmancy upheld his belief that names, personalities, dates and time all had meaning in the construction of one's life, and just wanted to learn everything he could on the topic.
     Arvo's sister, Inka, however, shined in the more practical classes - Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and Charms, and they tended to help each other study and train in their weaker classes. Arvo helped her with her book-work subjects, whilst Inka would help Arvo grow more comfortable with casting and controlling his magic. The pair were almost inseparable during these years, even though Arvo was several years above her level, it was nice to have someone to discuss topics with, and Inka was already there to critique his method of casting his spells.
     Arvo loved Kemi dearly, but as a young man that had just finished his magical education, he decided that he wanted to explore. His formative years were punctuated with being locked in a house, and so he wished to take all of those missed years of adventure back. Starting from Kemi itself, Arvo made a thorough trek all across Europe, and at twenty-two, was joined by his sister. This was also when his mother died, and whilst he was saddened by her passing, returning to Finland for her funeral, it felt more like a distant relative's passing by now, and he and his sister continued onward. The pair kept to remote areas, or magical areas, simply so it was easier for Arvo to move. His sister left off when they returned to Britain, Inka's place of birth, to begin her auror-training back in Finland. Arvo was twenty-five (turning twenty-six) at the time, and found himself once more in another war. He had originally planned on settling in Britain, finding the larger magical community easier than the remoteness of home, as well as the culture and people being rather lovely, even going so far as to look for a job - perhaps at the world-famous bank, if they would have him, but this obviously never came to fruitation. During his travels, he had experienced many dire situations, but finding himself in the midst of this was a horrifying ordeal. Unable to leave the area, he found a safe-haven with other Finnish people, and it was here that he met young witch, Joanna Elsa Aro. The couple dated throughout the rest of the war, and kept their heads down and out of the conflict, before once more returning to Finland together. They married when Arvo was twenty-nine. The ordeal sculpted both, however, and whilst Arvo decided he would tutor the next generation of wizards and witches, Joanna took the ordeal a different way. She took up training to be an auror, and joined their ranks. Arvo, whilst supportive, was not happy about it, as he was not sure her intentions were right, but as her husband he did what he could to assist her.
     Arvo and Joanna had four children together. Two years after their marriage, they celebrated the birth of their first son, Jakke Into Tuuri, when Arvo was thirty-one years old. He was as small as his father, and about as clever as well. Arvo was his primary carer and took the roll seriously, but loved every moment of it. Four years later, when Arvo was thirty-five, he celebrated the birth of his first daughter, Elsa Hannele Tuuri, whose first name came from the second name of her mother.
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Arvo Tuuri
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Arithmancy + Part-Goblin

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[justify]Family:(Include any relatives your character has [parents, siblings, children etc.] and some on them [A mini bio, if you will {Age, occupation, blood status, a little history}])

Oona Venla Tuuri
Muggle-born, Healer, died at the age of 100.
     Oona was Arvo's grandmother, and felt very much like a second mother. She was a very bright woman, and Arvo deeply respected her all through his life, and still does. He always worked to seek her approval, though knew that she was the kind of woman to love unconditionally regardless. Her death came twenty two years ago, when Arvo was fifty eight, and he was deeply hurt by the loss. He regularly visited her burial place in Kemi, Finland, and now takes time during the holidays to visit her grave. She was buried next to her muggle husband, Arvo's grandfather, who had died ten years previous.
Sakke Alberto Tuuri
Muggle, Professor at local Science University, died at the age of 90.
     Arvo always held deep respect for his muggle grandfather who, on top of having to adapt to the thought of his wife having kept the secret of magic from his deeply scientific mind, to his daughter being magical, and then having two magical grandchildren - one of whom was not completely human. It was a large pill to swallow, but he did so with grace and integrity, and helped his wife teach their grandchildren as he took an academic interest in magic himself (and perhaps attempted a few spells for good measure). His death was hard for Arvo, and he was buried in Kemi, Finland, to be joined by his faithful wife a decade later.
Heidi Essi Tuuri
Half-blood, unemployed, died at the age of 40.
     Arvo's mother, but rarely his carer. Heidi had the tendency to mix with the wrong crowd, and would not be what one called an intelligent woman. She had an addictive personality, and frequently found herself the victim of bad choices. Her self-esteem was low, and she found herself unable to provide appropriately for her half-breed son, and only a couple of years later found herself pregnant with a daughter. Arvo was twenty two years old when she died, and his younger sister was seventeen. He loved his mother, but never saw her as anything other than a close family member. She is buried in Kemi, Finland.
Inka Minttu Tuuri
Half-blood, retired, 65.
     Arvo's half sister. Inka's father was a muggle man that, after learning Arvo's mother was pregnant, ran off without her. Inka is five years younger than Arvo, and the pair grew up rather close - with Inka behaving more like an older sibling to her tiny brother. She never took much interest in getting married, or relationships as a whole, however, and completely devoted herself to her work as an auror for the Finnish Ministry. She still remains in Kemi, and she and Arvo used to spend a lot of time together. When great distances apart, they write, and she is still a strong part of his children's lives.

Jonna Elsa Aro
Half-blood, 73, Home schooled.
     Arvo and Jonna married when they were twenty-nine years old, after having dated for two years previous. Together, the couple had three children together. She worked as an auror, and was consumed by her work even after children, and it brought great strain into their relationship. After nine years of marriage, they finally divorced, and Arvo received full custody of their three children. She died aged seventy-three.
Jaakko Into Tuuri
Mixed-blood, 39, Durmstrang.
     Jaakko is Arvo eldest son, and the father of three of his own children. He moved to New Zealand twenty years ago, but remained in contact with his family, and married a New Zealand woman, Angela. He is a herbologist, and shows all the same signs of his goblin heritage as his father does, and is rather similar to him in personality. He is the father of Jaskai Hesekiel, Oona Loviisa, and Kai Matias Tuuri. Jaskai is currently sorted into the house of Slytherin, at Hogwarts New Zealand.
Elsa Hannele (Tuuri) Saari
Mixed-blood, 35, Durmstrang.
     Elsa is Arvo's eldest daughter, and the mother five children. She still remains within Kemi, living with her husband, Lennart Saari. She once worked as a healer, but left her job to devote her time to her offspring. Her eldest daughter, Kaisa Kylli, was born to another man, Juho Erkkila, but the pair broke up soon afterwards. Her last two children, Lars Lennart, and Kalle Kuukas, are to her current husband.
Aada Irma (Tuuri) Rintala
Mixed-blood, 32, Durmstrang.
     Arvo's third and closest daughter. Aada and Arvo had a close relationship, and the portrait psychotherapist to this day remains in Kemi, writing to her father each week. She is married to Oskar Rintala, and has two sons, Markus Anselmi and Aatami Edvin.
Mikael Kari Tuuri
Mixed blood, 32, Durmstrang.
     The younger of Arvo's first set of twins, Mikael was always a boisterous and excitable boy. He and his fratuernal twin sister, Aada, were very close, and he was very close to his father. He still writes to him every week, although it can be a little difficult as his job as a dragon killer is time consuming for him. He is single, has no issue, and has no plans to change this. He likes his dragons.

Estelle Olivia (Elton) Tuuri
Mixed blood, 52, Hogwarts Scotland, Ravenclaw.
     Estelle and Arvo married in England, during Arvo's fortieth year. They lived in England only for a couple of years, having their first daughter Simone Taru after their first year of marriage. Arvo's children and Estelle did not get along, and whilst he had offered to tutor them so they could stay in England all year round, they all opted to go or remain in Durmstrang. When Simone was two, they moved back to Kemi even though Estelle was not fluent in the native language. Tragedy struck when Simone, aged seven died via drowning. They had a young daughter, and son at the time, Leena Marije and Kellin Leevi. Their relationship was strained, but they were determined to salvage it. However, the addition of twins only caused more problems for the couple, and the addition of their final son, Kalevi, and daughter Henrikka, was the last straw. They divorced soon after their birth when Arvo was fifty-three. She took custody of their three younger children, Arvo retaining custody of Leena and Kellin. Estelle moved to England, whilst Arvo remained in Kemi.
Simone Taru Tuuri
Mixed blood, died aged seven, not-applicable.
     Simone was a bright girl that captured her father's attention. Like with all of his children, he spent a lot of time with Simone and would describe her as an ambitious, and curious child. At the age of seven, this curiosity cost her her life when exploring the local lakes. Arvo was devastated, and she remains buried in Kemi, her favourite place in the world.
Mataleena Marije Tuuri
Mixed-blood, 28, Durmstrang.
     Leena is the second child of Arvo's second marriage, and the two shared a close relationship. Leena had a relationship with Benjamin Kaster, however the man died, and left her pregnant with their son, Evander Mark Tuuri. She moved to New Zealand when her son was very small, and so he attended Hogwarts New Zealand as a Slytherin. As a waitress, her wages were not very good, and she was finaicially assisted by her half-brother Jaako, and her father. She died aged twenty-eight, and this prompted Arvo to move to New Zealand in order to take in his grandson rather than relocate him.
Kellin Leevi Tuuri
Mixed blood, 25, Home schooled.
     Kellin and his father always got along, even though he was heavily closeted by his mother. His naivety is cause for concern from Arvo, and so he works overtime to protect and guard his children to Estelle. He plays role of protector for his ambitious and daft son, and often takes off to get him out of trouble. Kellin went travelling the globe, and recently began seeing a young part-goblin woman, Artemis Blackmoore, in New Zealand. The couple have one son, Arvo Jr.
Maire Liisa Mikkola
Mixed blood, 23, Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff.
     Maire is the eldest of Arvo's second set of twins. She is the fraternal female twin of Enzio, and behaviour-wise the girl was very similar to her older brother. After the divorce of their parents, Maire went to live with her mother, and attended Hogwarts Scotland, being sorted into Hufflepuff House. She wrote to her father often, and he would visit during the holidays. Upon graduation, she moved to Finland, back to Kemi, to reconnect with her family and was soon married to Santtu Mikkola. The couple has one young son, Miska Hesekiel Mikkola.
Enzio Jorrki Tuuri
Mixed blood, 23, Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff.
     Enzio was born ten minutes after his fraternal twin sister, Maire, and is emotionally very similar to her temperament. He is hard working, shy, and gentle, with a tendency to be a little naive and slow-witted. He has a good relationship with his father, but a poor one with his mother, and along with his twin left England to return to Kemi. He is currently engaged to Nea Takala.
Kalevi Roman Tuuri
Mixed blood, 18, Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff.
     Kalevi was the youngest son born to Estelle and Arvo, and had only been able to see his father during holidays. Kalevi is an easily befriended, kind individual that took to his father well. Whenever he had issues involving school work, his father was all too pleased to help him, and as soon as he graduated, and moved to Kemi, Finland, to be with his other siblings. However, after a couple of months, he decided a gap year was the way to go, and packed his bags and hit the road. He writes to his father weekly.
Henrikka Josefiina Elton
Mixed blood, 18, Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff.
     Henrikka and Kalevi were like two peas in a pod. The two were giggly, especially Henrikka, and grew up with their mother. She saw her father on holidays, however, did not take to him as whole-heartedly as the rest of her siblings. She writes to him monthly, but took her mother's maiden name after a while, and currently still lives in England, working as a receptionist.

Kata Helmi (Ylitalo) Tuuri
Mixed blood, 65, Home Schooled.
     Kata and Arvo had known each other for many years, and upon his return to Finland after his relationship-breakdown with Estelle, the pair entered a relationship the following year. A year later, identical twin boys entered their relationship, along with the four children Kata had from her previous marriage to Ronantic Lampinend, Petra Linnea, Kia Alexandra, Tiina Nelli and Elmeri Vikke.
Petra Linnea Ylitalo-Lampinen
Mixed-blood, 39, Durmstrang.
     Petra is Arvo's step-daughter, and the pair get along quite well. She lives in Finland, and is an auror. She and Arvo sometimes rub each other the wrong way, as she is single with no-one to 'look after her', and he worries that she becomes lonely. She gets offended by such assumptions.
Kia Alexandra Ylitalo-Lampinen
Mixed-blood, 36, Durmstrang.
     Kia was glad to hear that Kata and Arvo married, though was sorry to have her mother leave Finland. She too is an auror in Finland, and works closely with her sister. Like Petra, she is unmarried and without children, but unlike Petra just laughs off Arvo's concerns. She is his step-daughter.
Tiina Nelii Seppala
Mixed-blood, 34, Durmstrang.
     Tiina is Arvo's step-daughter and the one closest to him. She is an Arithmancer, and the two spend many hours discussing the branch of magic with each other. She has no children, but is currently married to Nevala Korpi Seppala, and has been for the last ten years.
Elmeri Vikke Ylitalo
Mixed-blood, 30, Durmstrang.
     Elmeri is Arvo's step-son, and they pair - whilst friendly - mostly communicate via owl. Elmeri is constantly on the move as a freelance herbologist. He is married to Alina Juulia Koivisto, and they have one son named Frans Ibsar.
Antero Heikki Tuuri
Mixed blood, 15, Home Schooled.
     To come.
Elijas Jussi Tuuri
Mixed-blood, 15, Home Schooled.
     To come.
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