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Emmett Colin Lancaster
Topic Started: Dec 28 2014, 06:26 AM (265 Views)
Emmett Lancaster
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Ollivander's Assistant ϟ Wandlorist Bowtruckle Owner ϟ Silver Hand

General Information:

Name: Emmett Colin Lancaster
     Meaning: 'Emmett', of german roots meaning 'powerful, universal'
     'Colin', of greek origin meaning 'victory'
     'Lancaster' deriving from anglo-saxon origin, meaning 'moon fort'

Date of Birth: July 9th 2022
Place of Birth: Salem, Massachusetts
Current Residence: Obsidian Quay, New Zealand
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Education: Durmstrang Institute
Occupation: Wandlorist, Ollivander's Assistant
Past or Present Affiliations: N/A
Star Sign: Cancer


Features: Knotted 10 Inch Rigid Elm Wand with Augurey Tail Feather Core

     Wood: A complex wand capable of the most advanced magic, Elm does not often make a mistake or fuddle a spell - it is highly dependable to a well
     matched master.

     Core: Since so many wizards are afraid to go near Augureys due to their association
     as ‘omens of death,’ Augurey tail feathers are rare as wand cores. They are good for use in divination work.

     Flexibility: A difficult wand to control and sometimes broken under little force, but powerful in a fight.

     Inches: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special.

     Carve: The knots of this wand's original wood remain clearly visible - earthy, this style of wand is perhaps most traditional and closest to nature.

Emmett is fair skinned, and of an average height and weight for his age. As someone more interested in pursuing knowledge and study over physical activity, he lacks in the muscle department, a fact he isn't bothered by as wizards rarely need to resort to heavy lifting. His eyes are blue, and his hair is naturally brown, generally kept cut at a medium length, never too short or too long.
As the result of a curse, Emmett's right hand has been replaced by a replica made of metal, enchanted to bend and move at his will.
Clothing wise, Emmett's style fits more with the magical community than muggles. Since his injury, he tends to keep toward jackets and long sleeves to hide his wrists, where the metal and skin meet.

A Little Deeper

Emmett isn't particularly loud, nor does he tend to like to attract any attention. He prefers to quietly keep to his studies, and doesn't make an effort to socialise with many other people. When it comes to children however, Emmett has little patience for them, and will vocally express his disgust at their antics, and is willing to refuse wand service to children who offend him in the slightest.

Elk, seen as a king or guardian of the forest, which ties to his affinity for wandlore and working with various magical woods.

An inferius of Carson Creed

Mirror of Erised:

Special Talents/Abilities:
Wandlore/Wandcarving - Emmett is capable of creating usable wands and is knowledgeable on both woods and their cores, which ones work together, and which ones don't, as well as their reflections on a wizards personality. With this knowledge, he can get a sense of another person solely by identifying the wand they carry.



First-Seventh Year

Following graduation from Durmstrang, Emmett went on to be apprenticed by a wandmaker in the United Kingdom, before moving to New Zealand a year later to study the magical trees in the area, and be closer to major relatives. After spending some time furthering his studies, Emmett went on to replace his sister at New Zealand's branch of Ollivanders, which was ideal for his career path. While intolerant of many of the customer base, he continued to put up with working there, if only for his own future benefit. During this time, he also bonded with a bowtruckle during one of his trips to a magical grove, who now travels with him wherever he goes.

During the end of 2043, Emmett's ambitions became too great, and he attempted to procure an acromantula egg from the black market, with the hopes of using the hatched creature's silk and venom in his wand prototypes. The deal went awry however. After meeting with Carson Creed, a black market dealer in the depths of Bleak Street, Emmett attempted to use counterfeit coins to cover the high cost of the eggs. A duel ensued as Creed was quick to realise the con, which resulted in a curse that withered Emmett's right hand. Before Creed was able to finish him off, the seer Esme intervened, killing Creed and apparating both Emmett and the dark wizard' body out of Bleak Street, under the concealment of darkness powder.

At the start of 2044, Emmett was confronted by Freya Howard, a witch he had a brief romantic relationship with some months before. This lead to the discovery that she was pregnant with his child, and their continuation of their prior relationship. Months later, Reed Lancaster II was born.


1st-7th Year:



Blood Status:
Pureblood (Descended from magical blood, with no known muggle relatives)

Blood Type:



Admissions to Hospital:
Emmett received private healing from his mother, Evanthe, as he was unable to travel to St Mungo's given the dark nature of his injury. Following his recovery, he was given a replacement silver hand, which acts much the same as his real hand once did.


First Crush:

First Enemy:

First Kiss:

First Relationship:

Current Relationship/Partner:

Dawn, a light-furred, large half-kneazle. His sister owns it's twin, Dusk. The cats are a reminder to the siblings that they are always there for each other, even where they're far apart.

Phyll, a bowtruckle from the forests of New Zealand. Emmett formed a bond with the creature during a trip to gather branches for wandcarving, as the creature was the sole inhabitant of an elm tree. Since building up trust with Phyll, the bowtruckle now loyally stays by his side, fiercely protecting him from harm.

Notable Family:


Father's Name: Freya Howard
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupations/Affiliations: Gladrags Shopkeeper
Brief Description: text


Father's Name: Reed Lancaster II
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupations/Affiliations: text
Brief Description: text


Father's Name: Reed Lancaster
Blood Status: text
Occupations/Affiliations: Wandmaker
Brief Description: text

Mother's Name: Evanthe Lancaster
Blood Status: text
Occupations/Affiliations: Healer
Brief Description: text


Name: Esme Gweneth Lancaster
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupations/Affiliations: Seer
Brief Description: text


Name: Aeon Seralius Summers
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupations/Affiliations: Transfiguration Professor, Magical Menagerie Shopkeeper
Brief Description: text

Name: Sern Atheon Summers
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupations/Affiliations: text

Name: Fenris Lancaster
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupations/Affiliations: Anarcho-Magician Scitorari

Name: Lythande Lancaster
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupations/Affiliations: text

Name: Emeric Lancaster
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupations/Affiliations: Herbologist, Druid

Name: Verity Lancaster
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupations/Affiliations: Ilvermorny Student

Name: Alistair Lancaster
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupations/Affiliations: Hogwarts Student

Other Family Members:

Name: Eustacia Lancaster
Blood Status: Unknown
Occupations/Affiliations: Scitorari Necromancy Leader, Silver Snake Proprieter
Relation: Grandmother

Name: Seralius Alicastell
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupations/Affiliations: Inventor, Seer
Relation: Grandfather

To do: History, Accomplishments, Regrets, Failures, etc.
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