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Ailsa Evans
Topic Started: Jun 29 2014, 03:55 PM (389 Views)
Ailsa Vacarius
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former gryffindor, class of 2043 | Hit Wizard

Ailsa Evans![justify]
Full Name:
Ailsa Murray Evans

Date of Birth:
30th November 2024

Current Age:
Ailsa is currently 11 years old.

Basic Appearance:
Ailsa is a small girl for her age, smaller than most, and has a slim frame, but is of the right weight for her slightly smaller frame. She has shoulder length light brown hair, and light green eyes. She has thin lips and pale face. She has very little colour on her face and stays very pale for most of the year, rarely if ever, tanning. She has very long eyelashes. She has a large smile and small dimples on her cheeks when she smiles.

Ailsa is a very well behaved girl, she is a determined child and generally gets her way. She is the middle child in her family, and does always fear that she's going to be forgotten or left behind because she's the middle child. She likes having adventures and is very argumentive when she wants to be. She prefers sports over acdemic stuff, but because she doesn't want to be forgotten or the least loved, she still works incredibly hard. She is a generous person, but who does for the most part, watch out for herself before others. She tends to worry a lot, but over all she's just a bright young child. She is always trying to prove herself, and will not always think about consequences before she does things.

Father - Jeremy Evans, Muggleborn wizard, attended Durmstrang. Born in America on the 29th March 1996, works at the ministry in London. A hard working man, with brown hair and green eyes like Ailsa.
Mother - Mhiari "Murray" Evans, mixed blood witch, attend Hogwarts Scotland, Ravenclaw. Born in Edinburgh Scotland, raised in Sussex on 15th March 1996. Works as a professor at the wizarding school in Iceland. An incredibly smart witch, brown, almost black hair with brown eyes.
Brother - Older, Kalvyn Evans, currently attending Hogwarts Scotland, Slytherin. Born in Sussex on 28th April 2021.
Sister - Younger, Meghan Evans, too young to attend school yet. Born in Sussex on 29 September 2027.

Ailsa has no pets, although she would really love a pet dog. She understands however that living at boarding school will mean she can't have a dog.

Area of Residence:
Aisla lives in Sussex in England but is trying to convince her family to move to New Zealand.

Blood Status:
Aisla is mixed blood, since her mother is mixed blood and her father is a muggleborn wizard.


Special Abilities:
Ailsa currently does not have any special abilities.

Interests or Hobbies:
Ailsa loves sports, she plays many at her muggle school, and she plans on playing quidditch at the wizarding school.

Additional Skills:
She is very good at many muggle sports, and can write with both her hands.

Ailsa is strong minded, strong willed and not likely to back down from a fight she wants to win. She is loyal to those she counts as real friends. Ailsa works very hard at the things she loves, and doesn't give up for anything. She can be nice if she wants to, and does try with people, just having always felt the pressure to be the best, that can cloud her judgement at times.

She doesn't always think about what she says, she just sort of does things. She can be rash, as well as not always thinking about what her actions might mean for others. She isn't overly hard working, and generally is incredibly stubborn

Describe your character in three words:
Stubborn, Behaved, Self-centered

Favourite place to be:
She really loves New Zealand. Ever since she first heard about both the school, and the place itself, she has always loved it. It just seems so perfect to her. So, any place which is in New Zealand is the favourite place for her to be

Ailsa has a number of friends that she is more than happy to leave behind. Despite having a muggleborn father, Ailsa does not like muggles and has her limits with muggleborns too. Especially those that think that muggles are better, or that carry too many muggle things into the wizarding world.

Hogwarts House:
Is unsorted, but Aisla is not actually fussed with what house she'd get. She likes the sound of all of them

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
She hopes to be quidditch captain of whatever house she ends up in.

Best school subjects:
Her best muggle subject is sports, but doesn't yet know about wizarding subject yet.

Worst school subjects:
Her worst subject at muggle school is computer technology, but once again doesn't know about what her worst wizarding subject will be.

Extracurricular Activities:
Currently, Ailsa takes part in many sports, such asa football, rugby, hockey and archery. She really loves sports, and can't wait to try them at hogwarts


Current Job:

Plans for your future:
To play quidditch professionally. For a national team, or just a small regional team. Ailsa just really wants to play quidditch after school.

Your Patronus:
Flying squirrel

Your Patronus memory:
The day she finally persuaded her parents that she should be allowed to go to Hogwarts, in New Zealand. As much as Ailsa is close to her family, she has always wanted to go to Hogwarts New Zealand rather than the one in the UK. She just thinks it's better, and she'll be without her brother. So, she can excel on her own without her brother and his achievements hanging over her head. She was just so happy about it.

Your Boggart:
What Ailsa fears most is losing the ability to fly. Either through an accident or just through a spell which means that she can no longer fly, and also therefore no longer be able to play quidditch.

Your Animagus:

Mirror of Erised:
She would see herself playing quidditch. The titles and who she's playing for don't matter, she would just see herself flying and enjoying herself, because she is honestly at her happiest point when she flies.

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