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Danielle Kenz Corelli; Under Major Renovation!
Topic Started: May 21 2014, 08:27 AM (552 Views)
Danielle Corelli
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Former Hufflepuff ☙ Class of 2045 ☙ Holyhead Harpies Keeper ☙ Changing ☙ Keep me Sane

- - I've been hearing symphonies Before all I heard was silence - -
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- - A rhapsody for you and me - -

     P E R S O N A L

     N A M E
          First Name:Danielle
          Middle Name(s):Kenz
          Nickname(s):Her parents call her Dani while her brothers call her Kenz. People often call her by her first name until they either get comfortable with her or they heard her family call her by her nickname. Only one person calls her by her last name Corelli because he finds her last name unique.
          Details::Danielle comes from her French maternal grandmother Daniella and also means "God is my judge" in Hebrew. Kenz means versatile and creative nature and this is what her parents want for her when they gave her this name. Corelli, of Italian origin particularly in the ancient and beautiful island of Sicily. Danielle's family are direct descendants of Arcangelo Corelli, a famous Italian composer. This talent is still in their blood because of Danielle's talent in song composition.

     B I R T H
          Date: 25th of May, 2027
          Birthplace: Venice, Italy
          Details: Born at exactly 10:15 am on the 25th of May, 2027, Danielle Kenz Corelli weighed six pounds and was a healthy baby with eyes of different color to the Corellis. It was later found out that her great paternal grandmother was a Metamorphagus, is a witch or wizard who has the ability to change their appearance at will, without the need for a wand, spell, or potion. It was still unknown whether the new addition to the Corelli also inherits the said ability.
          Blood Status: Mixed Blood

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- - Sometimes I just need a light - -

     R E S I D E N C E
          Current Location: HNZ, New Zealand From September 2038
          Previous Locations:
               Auckland, New Zealand From 2034 - August 2038
               Venice, Italy From 2027 - 2034
          Heritage: 75% Italian, 25% British English
          Dialect: Italian and English

     E D U C A T I O N
          Primary School: International School of Venice From 2030 - 2034
          Other schools attended: None.
          Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
          Favourite Class: Potions
          Most Loathed Class: Divination and Herbology
          Learned Credentials: TBC
          Wand:Straight 14 Inch Flexible Elm Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
                    Length:A little on the longer side of things, wands of this length are slightly more uncommon and not easily forgotten by others.
                    Style:Straight and smooth.
                    Wood:A complex wand capable of the most advanced magic, Elm does not often make a mistake or fuddle a spell - it is highly dependable to a well matched master.
                    Core:This wand core is popular with the dark wizards, but useful for all as wands of this nature seem to learn spells with more ease than other wands do. A wand with dragon heartstring will contain a great deal of power, so it is advised that the wand caster know how to handle such power.
                    Flexibility: Flexible: Not easily broken, this wand performs under strenuous circumstances with little effort - though how well it performs is ultimately up to its wielder.

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- - You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug - -

     P E R S O N A L I T Y
          Five Words:


          Five Strengths:


          Five Weaknesses:


L I K E S & D I S L I K E S
- - And let the words fall out - -

          Favourite Colour: blue and purple
          Favourite Number: 25
          Favourite Weather: sunny and cloudy
          Favourite Season: spring and winter
          Favourite Animal: cats
          Favourite Smell: oriental and woodsy
          Favourite Food: no special preference
          Favourite Drink: no special preference

          Least Favourite Colour: orange
          Least Favourite Number: four
          Least Favourite Weather: rainy
          Least Favourite Season: summer
          Least Favourite Animal: frogs
          Least Favourite Smell: strong floral scent
          Least Favourite Food: pumpkin pie
          Least Favourite Drink: mango juice

Thumbs up goes to Madz!
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