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Geovanna Volt 39 minutes ago Hulloooo
Teagan Maxwell Today, 11:12 AM Holy! i never log out from my work computer >.<
Elizabeth Wespurt Today, 10:57 AM I've made a open rp in the dungeons, everyone welcome to join for adventure :)
Daniel Rosemary Today, 7:20 AM I agree. I am currently multi-tasking at that xD
Beaubelle Waldgrave Today, 5:35 AM HNZ is too much attractive when you have to make homework
*Professor Justin Cliffeton Yesterday, 10:50 PM It's a welcome change :r
Camelia Kyle Yesterday, 10:48 PM My bad. Not used to this. :r
*Professor Justin Cliffeton Yesterday, 10:47 PM Kaitlynnnnn I know you're on our side but two people need to post before you can post a new number! :P
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 10:25 PM It was great <3 10pm to 3pm.. talk about a lie in ;)
Daisy Parker Yesterday, 9:44 PM Omg 17 hours sounds like a dream
Professor Christelle Benoit Yesterday, 9:35 PM 17 hours?! How?!
~Professor Kalif Styx Yesterday, 9:22 PM Open topics? How tempting.
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 8:24 PM I had 17 hours sleep last night and I'm still tired ;-;
Amber Chou Wilson Yesterday, 6:40 PM :wub:
Jessica Cade Yesterday, 6:33 PM Yes your Matt :r
Gabriel Rosenberg Yesterday, 4:53 PM yeahhh weekend
Amber Chou Wilson Yesterday, 4:09 PM My Matt ? :r
Octavian Vetrov Yesterday, 3:51 PM Sorry wrong Matt :r I'll just join :p
Matt Rosemary Yesterday, 3:28 PM Dan: I'm forgetting xD Reply to him for what?
Matt Rosemary Yesterday, 3:28 PM Awesome :) Daphne and I will open one (once we've talked about it on skype :) )
Lydia Archer Yesterday, 3:15 PM If you start an open topic with him Clara, I'll happily join it with Marcos
Liam Adams Yesterday, 3:07 PM I'm gonna reply to him I promise :r
Sophie Wilson Yesterday, 2:54 PM I could :D I've added you on Skype (didnt realize I didn't have you yet xD )
Matt Rosemary Yesterday, 2:36 PM anyone wanna rp with matt? An open thread? Or if you have any threads he could join? xD
Matt Rosemary Yesterday, 2:35 PM Hehehe
Amber Chou Wilson Yesterday, 2:34 PM I might use it one day
~Professor Kalif Styx Yesterday, 2:32 PM I have one with a k that is 10. So it is a good name. xD
April Ward Yesterday, 2:29 PM It's a good name :)
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 2:26 PM I know right xD You can blame me for that :r
~Professor Kalif Styx Yesterday, 2:25 PM Too many Isaac's!
Isaac Lee Kendall-Wu Yesterday, 2:19 PM *can
Isaac Lee Kendall-Wu Yesterday, 2:18 PM :lol: You cna say that again, Isaac isn't the violent type but he gets annoyed with others pretty easily. He can get possessive over friends and stuff though, depending on how close he is with them
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 2:17 PM No he doesn't xD He just chooses not to. I swear one day Kimmy is gonna have to come and sort your Isaac out ;)
Isaac Lee Kendall-Wu Yesterday, 2:09 PM Isaac Kain doesn't speak? xD
Isaac Lee Kendall-Wu Yesterday, 2:08 PM I just realised how much he (this isaac :p ) actually talks
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 1:52 PM Isaac Kain >>
Isaac Lee Kendall-Wu Yesterday, 1:49 PM Kaitlyyynnnn :lol:
Chyou Jin Howard Yesterday, 1:17 PM Kaitlyn :glare:
Viktor Styx Yesterday, 12:16 PM Isaac is trying to talk to him and Viktor throws sticks at him to answer his question. xD
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 12:11 PM Ah, that's like Isaac
Viktor Styx Yesterday, 11:59 AM Viktor can speak. He will to do spells, but he chooses not to talk.
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 11:52 AM Well yeah, he might not be very good at it for a long time >> But that would be your alternative I think
Elizabeth Chatwin Yesterday, 11:46 AM Isn't that like something people in the seventh year can?
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 11:37 AM Non Verbally?
Elizabeth Chatwin Yesterday, 11:27 AM How can Victor use spells, if he can't speak.. *question in my mind*
Wyatt Finch Yesterday, 8:23 AM I literally always read her name as Anime it's getting to be an issue i s2g
Aminia Macksimov Mar 24 2017, 10:16 PM I can't wait for Aminia to be just a bit older to change her PB xD
Professor Cyndi Kingsley Mar 24 2017, 10:07 PM That shows events happening in the next 7 days.
~Professor Kalif Styx Mar 24 2017, 10:07 PM It means that it is coming up.
*Professor Justin Cliffeton Mar 24 2017, 10:06 PM How come Important Events says there's a Quidditch Match today when it's next week? :lolwut:
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