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Naomi Keith 34 minutes ago D:
Amber Chou Wilson Today, 2:51 PM :wub:
Daisy Parker Today, 2:32 PM Nawhh if Daph was a spider, it'd be one of those cute cartoon ones that we all love :wub:
Liam Adams Today, 2:25 PM Nor did you deny it
Violette Lao Today, 2:25 PM Truth
Amber Chou Wilson Today, 2:22 PM I never confirmed that I am a spider :P
Liam Adams Today, 1:28 PM Damn. Pheeb is cold
Geovanna Volt Today, 12:50 PM If you're a spider I have no mercy =)) Sorry
Tristan Collins Today, 12:04 PM I appreciate it Jessica :)
James Cade Today, 11:51 AM Hi Daph
Sapphire Michaels Today, 11:45 AM You're the only spider I will ever like daph. I'll leave the flamethrower for your comrades
Odette Harper Today, 10:19 AM :cry: leave me alone
Geovanna Volt Today, 10:18 AM How are you
Jocelynn Moors Today, 10:18 AM Ah, the Spider strikes again.
Amber Chou Wilson Today, 10:16 AM Hello :D
Fleur Worth Today, 10:05 AM morning
Samuel Phillips Today, 5:41 AM morning :p
Geovanna Volt Today, 5:10 AM Good morningggg
Samuel Phillips Today, 3:46 AM how are you? :wub:
Daisy Parker Today, 3:13 AM Hello!
Samuel Phillips Today, 2:04 AM Hey :D
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 9:21 PM Yus :)
Sapphire Michaels Yesterday, 9:20 PM So can I reply with onyx then?
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 9:17 PM They are just lurking in the background right now :r But it's fun to bring them all in for once :devious:
Onyx Michaels Yesterday, 9:07 PM Pheeeb I'm on my phone at work you silly :) but it's okay, it'll be more fun in the long run
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 8:56 PM Yass! For Sure :D
Professor Cyndi Kingsley Yesterday, 8:53 PM There are so many fun RPs happening this break. ^_^
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 8:33 PM Sorry Jessica, I got carried away =))
Professor Matt Ward Yesterday, 6:56 PM :r
Fleur Worth Yesterday, 6:42 PM I'm 100% certain Daphne is an Animagus Spider though. She creeps through all the threads like a spider would :r
Theo MacEachern Yesterday, 6:41 PM =))
Amber Chou Wilson Yesterday, 6:39 PM wait, spiders don't hiss do they xD
Amber Chou Wilson Yesterday, 6:39 PM hiss
Daisy Parker Yesterday, 6:36 PM :teehee:
Ainsley Lynch Yesterday, 6:33 PM Having met Daphne in Human Person I can confirm she has the correct and appropriate number of eyes and legs and nobody trapped me in a web to make me say this :r
Daisy Parker Yesterday, 6:22 PM SPIDERS ARE SO FAST
James Cade Yesterday, 6:19 PM Because you'll scurry away? :r
Amber Chou Wilson Yesterday, 6:18 PM You'll never catch me
Casey Daniels Yesterday, 6:18 PM No denial. Daphne has sealed her fate
Sapphire Michaels Yesterday, 6:15 PM That's it. I'm getting a flamethrower. Better run Daphne ;)
Amber Chou Wilson Yesterday, 6:14 PM No comment
Daisy Parker Yesterday, 6:07 PM HOW MANY EYES DO YOU HAVE?!
Jeremy Thorne Yesterday, 6:06 PM How many legs do you have?
Daisy Parker Yesterday, 6:04 PM Do you make webs with your butt? :r
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 6:02 PM <_<
Amber Chou Wilson Yesterday, 6:01 PM I love water!
Theo MacEachern Yesterday, 6:00 PM You're avoiding the question SHES IN ON THE SPIDERS
Amber Chou Wilson Yesterday, 6:00 PM Do any humans like Basilisks to be fair
James Cade Yesterday, 5:56 PM How do you feel about Basilisks? :r
Geovanna Volt Yesterday, 5:55 PM Do you like water? :r
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