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Professor Monty Pendleton 2 minutes ago Subtle Dan :r
Georgina de Lacey 5 minutes ago He isn't the only one missing a Lagowski :r
Professor Sloane Stark 6 minutes ago Enough to think about him in the trophy room anyway
Professor Monty Pendleton 9 minutes ago He's probably just missing Rudolf :r
James Cade 30 minutes ago James has been a good boy :r
Lyra Potter 36 minutes ago Good behavior must be rewarded. :r
Professor Sloane Stark 37 minutes ago xD
Isabelle Marie 55 minutes ago =))
Nicolas King 59 minutes ago So is the trophy room where this alluded to "celebrating" occurs when James behaves himself?
James Cade Today, 1:24 PM :r
Professor Monty Pendleton Today, 1:23 PM :shifty:
James Cade Today, 1:23 PM Stays in the trophy room
Professor Monty Pendleton Today, 1:22 PM What happens in the trophy room...
Madeline Walden Today, 8:06 AM :shifty:
Felix Urie Today, 7:16 AM lol Lauren
James Cade Today, 6:11 AM :r
Madeline Walden Today, 5:56 AM Bros being bros in the trophy room
Amber Chou Wilson Today, 2:04 AM I didn't find RPing with myself that bad :r it was kind of fun for a bit
November Albertson Today, 12:58 AM :lol:
Nicolas King Today, 12:40 AM Don't let yourself down, Steph!
November Albertson Yesterday, 11:41 PM Ugh, I have to reply to myself, thanks for reminding me xD
James Cade Yesterday, 11:35 PM Actually. Its the best :r
Nicolas King Yesterday, 11:24 PM Hmm, fair enough. I hear RPing with yourself sucks.
November Albertson Yesterday, 11:22 PM I'm not gonna make November's future love xD
Nicolas King Yesterday, 10:59 PM Steph: 'cuz you haven't made her yet. ;)
November Albertson Yesterday, 10:58 PM Why is the newest member still not Dhaha?
Marisol Woods Yesterday, 10:56 PM Don't worry Daniel you can still get full marks if you post lessons in the makeup section ^_^
~Professor Katherine Alicastell Yesterday, 10:54 PM James is absolutely fed up trying to find this snitch =))
Christopher Soerens Yesterday, 10:38 PM Hey there Dan ^^
Evee Ruthaford Yesterday, 10:36 PM You guys are hilarious
Wyatt Finch Yesterday, 10:35 PM Just like people do with the actor Breadsticks Cocktail
Felix Urie Yesterday, 10:35 PM Like benefits cumberbins
Nicolas King Yesterday, 10:35 PM Makeup lessons!
James Cade Yesterday, 10:35 PM Hey Daniel
Wyatt Finch Yesterday, 10:35 PM The Zucchini family are far too hard to spell just replace it with any word that starts with z and we'll all figure it out like The Zygotes or the Zoosporangiums
Christopher Soerens Yesterday, 10:32 PM heh yeah, just sad I missed like the first week ^^;
Nicolas King Yesterday, 10:31 PM No bother, easily done now. :)
Christopher Soerens Yesterday, 10:31 PM Oh no, I had a big problem, was excited to roleplay on here again, and didn't notice you have to enroll as a 3rd year character ^^;
Nicolas King Yesterday, 10:30 PM Wait, no, this is what he registered.
Wyatt Finch Yesterday, 10:30 PM Or middle name Oprah just because
Nicolas King Yesterday, 10:29 PM I mean, Zach registered Zdablooptybloop after the April Fools joke... so it's not like I could make a fuss. :tut:
Wyatt Finch Yesterday, 10:29 PM It should be Dhaha Teeheehee Mwahaha
Flavio Morales Yesterday, 10:27 PM Sorting is still open, someone could totally do it :devious:
Icarus Ioannou Yesterday, 10:27 PM Comes with people being wizards :lol:
Felix Urie Yesterday, 10:27 PM What would be the middle name?
Wyatt Finch Yesterday, 10:26 PM HNZ already has some interesting character names so why not
Felix Urie Yesterday, 10:25 PM That doesn't surprise me
Flavio Morales Yesterday, 10:25 PM Dhaha Mwahaha as a full name?
Wyatt Finch Yesterday, 10:24 PM It'd be like mwahaha but dhaha?
Flavio Morales Yesterday, 10:20 PM =))
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