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[justify]It didn't surprise her when Lanithro walked into the apartment without knocking, and Lyra actually didn't mind it. She grinned at him, noticing that he was in a sweatpants and shirt, clearly not dressed to go out. She nodded her head at his comment as he flopped down on the couch next to her. "Oh you got custody? That's good news. Congratulations." she said, fully aware of Lanithro's three children with three different women. She knew one was Felix's ex, Georgina, but she didn't know the other two mothers nor did she really care. Her concern was for Lanithro and how he managed it all. Not that she could blame them. Lanithro had always been ridiculously attractive. Chemistry was never something they lacked in their relationship. Lyra's drink was empty, and she stood up to go to the kitchen. "I'm getting another drink. Would you like anything? A drink? Food?" the blonde asked as she made her way across the room.
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Thank you, Kaitlyn!!
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