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[justify]Having to help raise three kids were rough, especially since Lanithro Styx managed to get custody of his only daughter, Fayre. He asked Kairi to watch over her for the moment, since Kairi had a son her age, and seemed to be pretty good with kids. Lanithro had a date, not that kind of date, with Lyra Potter. Since his dad seemed to back off the whole Potter thing, as much as his entire family no longer really resented the Potters once some new evidence came up... Lanithro also did not appear to be prejudice like the rest of them. He started off that way, but now he had a pure-blood son, a part-veela daughter, and a half-blood son. He could not say a word. Lanithro put on some sweat pants and a loose shirt, wearing black and white. He apparated to the apartment, following her instructions clearly. When he got to her door, his brought his knuckles up to knock, before shrugging. He turned the doorknob, and opened it to see Lyra in shorts and a tank. Glad that she wasn't dressed to go out and party for the new year, he smirked a bit at her. "Glad we both want to stay in tonight." He walked over, closing the door behind him, and practically fell down onto the couch. He didn't sit too close to Lyra, but close enough to not cause any concerns. "Merlin's beard, it took me hours to get a hold of Kairi to baby-sit. I just got custody of Fayre. Good holiday gift for me I guess."[/justify]
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