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Syrus Stilinski
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qqs's assistance istp-t alt seeker future filmmaker, maybe sda

[justify]Syrus, your lip is bleeding. "What?" Syrus touched his lips, blood smeared on his fingertips. He was bleeding! Syrus looked around for napkins, "Why am I bleeding?" Syrus found some napkins by someone's plate. He took it and covered his mouth with the napkins. "I gotta go, I don't know why I'm bleeding?! What the heck is happening to me." Syrus made his attempts to dodge April, all together. He did this to himself, though he kind of blanked out without realizing it. He was thinking about the rose, and the note he sent her. Name or secret admirer, he forgot which one he had signed in that moment as he chewed out his lips.[/justify]

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