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Syrus Stilinski
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[justify]"I don't..." The fun left out of his voice, it's no longer fun anymore. Syrus looks down, then away, avoiding looking directly at his friend. Friend? Or whatever label they throw at each other. There is guilt in his eyes, and he feeling rather crummier than the last time. "You're right. I know you're good, you don't have to tell me. I've watched you play." He said it deflated and all. "And I maybe a little jealous, but I'm getting over it. Like I said, I wasn't at the game. Think I'm growing out of this obsession or whatever you wanna call it...." Syrus shrugs, he gets up to leave her alone. He open his mouth to say something, about the rose. If she got the rose, then he shuts his mouth dismissing that idea. "See you around."

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