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[justify]Stupid Syrus would've just shrugged and moved away from her. But as he recalled his third year, a certain girl doing the same when he had been in a bad mood. Maybe not in the same format, however, he wasn't gonna move on from her that easy. "Are you sure? Your dad smart then! Because if you're really hurt, the one that's going to have a problem is you at the end! For being stupid and ignoring the pain." Syrus pointed out. Syrus hit the table hard, "I'm not! I just, WHATEVER!" The Gryffindor won't admit he was jealous. But she didn't need to show off every chance that she was around him! "You're the one that like to prance around and stuff, I'm not jealous." Syrus huffed, lying to not only her but himself. He thought he's gotten over his obsession, he was working at QQS after all. He's around brooms all the time when he wasn't in school. Syrus decided not to respond to the incident, it was dumb of him to bring it up. She was right, she's always right! No, if he could go back there again, he'd probably reacted the same way. Maybe actually levitated that brat in the air or something. It would've been funny to him. "I didn't..." Syrus muttered. "I am concern, actually! My brother was hurt by not one, but two in his last year! So don't tell me what I am or what I'm not! You don't know how I feel, unless I tell you! Like I am now!"

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