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April Ward
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The quidditch match had ended in pretty much the worst way possible for April Ward. She had been hit by a bludger only moments before the other seeker caught the snitch. Even though she was usually a cheerful girl, she couldn't help feeling very down about this. Sure, James was by far the more experienced seeker, but she'd still thought she had a chance. For the first time, she was doubting herself. Was she even any good? What hadn't helped was how her dad had treated her like a child afterward. Usually, she loved that her dad was a professor here, but he overreacted about Quidditch quite a lot. She had to convince him for nearly ten minutes straight that she didn't need to go to the hospital wing. Though her back still hurt a bit from the hit.

Poking at her food, she let her mind drift back to the match. She tried to focus on the positive aspects. Like how it had felt to fly around in the gorgeous weather, and how her housemates had cheered her on. But that last thought just made her remember how she had disappointed them. She groaned, wishing for a distraction. As if summoned, one appeared. Though, it wasn't the distraction she wanted right now. She scowled as she looked up to Syrus, who came to gloat despite not doing any of the work himself. "If you're here to make fun of me for losing, go away." She told him, pointing her fork at him. "You didn't even do anything, so don't you start making fun of me."
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