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Welcome to Hogwarts New Zealand! We hope you enjoy your visit.

Hogwarts New Zealand is an interactive Harry Potter Role playing experience, set after the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in an assumed reality where a new branch of Hogwarts has opened in New Zealand!
What new magic exists now? What new events are occurring across the Wizarding World? What new forces oppose those of good?
Join today as a House Elf, Professor, Shopkeeper, Ministry Worker, Student or anything else and find out!

Join the magic!

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All Around the Wizarding World

Regular Forum Africa
Africa, a land where tribal wizards and witches have been known about and recognized for centuries, is perhaps the land with the most accepting muggles of the Wizarding Community.
Africa is also home of the dangerous and feared Nundu.
Bliss Oct 16 2016, 07:35 AM, By Gabrian Raven
Topics: 15 Replies: 188
Regular Forum Asia
The orient. A land of great history and promise, where only now are we starting to uncover the true mysteries of Magic and its history in the area.
Off The Map May 19 2017, 01:48 PM, By Sanctuari Ellison
Topics: 126 Replies: 1,427
Regular Forum Europe
A forum devoted to role plays in the continent of Europe.
Discover the ancient magic of the land where Wizarding has its longest recorded history.
A very family christmas dinner Today, 1:27 PM, By Nora Seville-Maxwell
Topics: 1,825 Replies: 24,546
Subforums: The United Kingdom, Durmstrang Institute, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Regular Forum Oceania
Oceania, home of Australia, New Zealand a a few smaller island nations.
With a second branch of Hogwarts having been opened in New Zealand, Oceania is gaining more attention from the Global Wizarding Community.
Accepting Fate Today, 5:00 PM, By Ponciana Brewster
Topics: 1,489 Replies: 22,940
Subforums: New Zealand
Regular Forum The Americas
America, the New World and a land where Native Wizards and Witches have been working with the nomadic and primitive muggles for centuries.
Now almost entirely ruled by muggles all Wizards and Witches are advised to be most cautious when in the Americas.
Nomad May 18 2017, 10:36 AM, By Tobias Fullerton
Topics: 348 Replies: 6,187
Regular Forum Azkaban
Prison of the Wizarding World
The Making of A Man Jan 12 2013, 07:15 PM, By Grakul Gellantara
Topics: 8 Replies: 19